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  • BJP has suffered humiliating loss in the Lok Sabha seats held by the CM & DyCM of UP. Congratulations to SP & BSP for this historic victory. Unity among the non-BJP parties has played a key role. Perhaps Yogi Adityanath should spend less time lecturing Karnataka on development..

  • BJP lost by a narrow margin and Yogi says it could be due to overconfidence and they must introspect. While Congress candidates lost deposits in both #Gorakhpur and & Phulpur and RaGa is celebrating with his team. Tells a lot about the two parties...

  • Why is the @IASassociation not holding candle marches & protesting this disgraceful official? Easy to attack @ArvindKejriwal difficult to take on Yogi?

  • Before blaming Yogi Adityanath for the defeat in bypoll, don’t forget that he is the man who demolished Congress in Uttar Pradesh!

  • Αν οχι τον Γιαννη τοτε ποιον ??Ο μουρουτσος μας την εκανε...οποιον και να ελεγε το ιδιο θα λεγατε..#SurvivorGR.

  • @bainjal No. She is yogi no.

  • Gorakhpur results: BJP’s rising star Yogi Adityanath eclipsed on home turf @meetuttam reports

    Yogi twitter.
  • @yogi_adityanath @kpmaurya1 आज़ की हार से बहुत निराशा हुई,मै भी पार्टी का एक सेवक हूँ , दिन भर परेशान रहा,जब ऐसे परिणाम आते है तो दुख होता है.

  • Gorakhpur ka DM yogi ka bhakt h. Ab guru ki har ho rahi thi usaka chasma hi gayab ho gay.... Jab tak chasma milta tab tak SP BSP kaphi aage nikal gye the......

  • The agitated members accused the Uttar Pradesh government and its Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath of attempting to silence the media

  • Çiftlikbankın sahibi dombili şişko patetes ayı yogi buymuş la cjdjdjdndjdbdb ama iyi beyin bide ben uyanığım diye geciniyom ya en saf biziz aq

  • Over-confidence, chaal, charitra, chintan: Yogi Adityanath, party seek reasons

  • #ExpressEditorial | Milestone Gorakhpur

    Yogi twitter.
  • What is wrong with you people 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • #BatanaToPadega : विपक्ष ने जीता UP-Bihar...क्या ये Modi-Yogi की हार ? @sumairakh #ZeeVideo via @YouTube.

  • @ashutosh83B If kaliya can see that I will make cm of panjab, but yogi is cm now, sorely can see as pm in 2029..

  • PM Modi lost his home seat in Gujarat, CM Yogi lost his home seat in UP. अपना घर सम्हाल ना पाए, चले है देश को सम्हालने. @SimmiAhuja_ @ShamaAyyub @DesiPoliticks @jeblootli @alamgirizvi @gurughantaal07 @KilaFateh @i_theindian.

  • Losing in Gorakhpur is bad omen for Yogi!.

  • With BSP-SP combination in place, even if yogi transforms UP into Europe he is gonna lose..

  • Ye yogi bhi le lo, ye modi bhi le lo Bhale chheen lo hamse jaitly, irani. Magar ham ko lauta do ghar vo hamare Jinhe gaur ne na dene ki thani. #SAVEJPWISHTOWN.

  • Do you know that for last three decades on an average, daily five kids are dying in that same Gorakhpur hospital? Heard of Japanese Encephalitis? No doubt Yogi has made some big mistake but im not able to find what is that.

  • @OfficeOfRG Samajwadi Party leader Ram Gopal Yadav has claimed that the results are display of non-confidence by people of Uttar Pradesh on the Yogi Adityanath government..

  • @toddreed789 Yea that’s true but I’m taking my chances on giving those carries to Barkley.

  • Yogi = Next Modi, ppl with this thought 💭 pls sleep and thinkover how NaMo was/is handling each and every state. His connect and word carry everything for public, they reward him.

  • @AlokTiwari9335 BJP ke karyakarta aur khud Yogi ji kis guman me baithe the, भूल तो हुई है, Narendra Modi ji ke bharose election jeetne ke liye??.

  • Indicator of #ByPollResults . "YOGI IS NOT MODI" he has to learn so many things from #Narendramodi [email protected] @Dilip_Deshmukh.

  • @OfficeOfRG Samajwadi Party and BSP supporters have started celebrating in Yogi Adityanath’s Gorakhpur..

  • @bharat_builder I believe Gorakhpur defeat for BJP was by design.. to keep Yogi in check. But Phulpur wud have misfired..

  • MEET YOGI THE HUMAN-FACED DOG: A photo of this 1-year-old poodle-Shih Tzu mix went viral after Twitter was left in awe by its human-like features! Do you agree?

  • Yeah. In a seat which Yogi won without even any party help in the past. Emperor can do nothing wrong. Lol