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Updated: July 23rd, 2021 08:43 AM IST

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Zomato shares to list on NSE, BSE today: Will share price open in three-digit? Know more

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ऑनलाइन फूड ऑर्डरिंग प्लेटफॉर्म जोमैटो के शेयर्स आज स्टॉक एक्सचेंजों पर लिस्टेड होंगे. इसके शेयर्स पूर्वनिर्धारित कार्यक्रम से पहले लिस्टेड होंगे. #ZomatoListing #ZomatoIPO

One of the most popular food delivery service platforms in India, Zomato, is all set to hit the market on Friday. @anulekha_ray reports

Zomato shares to list on NSE, BSE today: Will share price open in three-digit? Know more

Nobody can teach valuation better than @AswathDamodaran sir. Here is his take on Zomato.

@Pavan_07goyal Nop this time I not invested in Zomato Mera money block hai already ek jagah 😥😊

Zomato FMV @ 40 , while offer price @ 70 ….. technically stock should open in red, especially looking at the Monte Carlo simulation graph . But finding rationality & efficiency in Indian markets is like finding needle in a haystack these days.

Ready for Zomato IPO drama today (ಠ_ಠ)━☆゚.*・。゚

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Interviewer: tell me more about your achievements Me: a restaurant once rejected my order on Zomato

Earlier exited about Zomato IPO registration Now, exited for getting rejected #ZomatoIPO

entire year if you do not get IPO allotment and finally you get one that too for Zomato, what does it think think :)

Let me predict the #future now Soon in less than month you will hear it .. Bhai , got #Zomato at high price ..listing gain nahi le paya? Kya latgta hai , badhega ? ..bahut jada loss hai

@SwiggyCares Call me tomorrow after 11 am also want to talk what happened with me i have to again order the food but this time i choose zomato over proof 👇🏽

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Hey @zomatoin, here is your owner having 195 shares 😎 And today I announce free Biryani to every Zomato user 😝 #ZomatoIPO #ZomatoIPOAllotment

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@zomato Please look into this matter and talk to the delivery guy, we cannot imagine the mental and physical trauma he must be in. The man in yellow should be punished, no human deserves such treatment, no matter what.

@zomato Mil gaya mujhe Odar Ham Zomato ke Bharose the Bharose Nahi tuta Dhanyawad Zomato Good Food Delivery Service

#Zomato Photo,#Zomato Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Now that I have been deployed Zomato’s shares its gonna be listing on discount. Didn’t really want to invest but this hype made me ffs.

@Disciplined_Inv Zomato wanted to reduce debt burden & this ipo season was the most favourable time to do that . Rest all is gaslighting

I ordered a non veg loaded pizza and I got a veg loaded pizza from @dominos Botanical Garden. Their phone is off. @zomato is not even reverting or giving a coupon or a refund. #Dominos #Zomato

#Zomato Photo,#Zomato Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Mass internet outage! Zomato, Disney+ Hotstar, Steam, PSN, Fortnite, Paytm and many others are down, shows Downdetector

@zomatocare there is no response from zomato chat please solve my problem

#Zomato Photo,#Zomato Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

#Zomato #ZomatoIPO listing Please note this 👇 The second option is for future time which is not mentioned in vote due to words limitations.

1/38 is a really bad probability, why are people even disappointed on not getting #Zomato

Branding and marketing has become so important. ZOMATO IPO has been subscribed times whereas valuation of Zomato is around times of SAIL. Not to forget, Zomato is a loss making company and SAIL is expected to earn 30,000 crores EBITDA.

निकोटिन की लत लगा रहे हैं।

Popular restaurant aggregator #Zomato also reported impact due to the #outage. The company tweeted. Our app is down, due to a widespread Akamai outage. Our teams are working to ensure all orders placed are delivered asap.

29,000 websites, including Zomato, Paytm & Amazon, down in widespread outage⁣. Some of the major websites experiencing issues and outages include Zomato, Paytm, PlayStation Network, FedEx, Steam, UPS, Airbnb, Home Depot and Amazon.

#Zomato Photo,#Zomato Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Zomato was down so ordered from @swiggy_in The app says order delivered but nothing has reached me. No calls. Executive not answering. This is how Swiggy usually is?

# One important thing . Why so much hater for zomato as if market allowed bad ipo for first I feel all hater want to buy zomato at lower making negative 🤔

A @zomatocare @zomato delivery guy in Danapur, Patna was brutally slapped & abused by a man for not receiving the the ordered quantity. He kept repeating that he ordered from zomato. The man took away the keys of the guy and kept slapping him

Will a loss making company make a strong debut? Surely, due to the hype. But will it sustain? #Zomato

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