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Just saw an ad of ‘The Archies’ by Zoya Akhtar with a handful of star kids dressed as Europeans, how disconnected from your country do you need to be to make such films?.

#SuhanaKhan in The Archies - A Netflix Film by Zoya Akhtar. The Cast announcement video with the old school nostalgia is already winning our hearts! We can’t wait to see more 🤍.

Zoya Akhtar Photo,Zoya Akhtar Photo by Shah Rukh Khan Universe Fan Club,Shah Rukh Khan Universe Fan Club on twitter tweets Zoya Akhtar Photo

Who is Dot: The new actor in the Netflix movie ‘The Archies’.

Iva Dixit
Iva Dixit

Lol the Archies discourse just made me remember that when I wrote this a few years ago about a Zoya Akhtar movie I liked a lot, a whole host of people got so viciously angry at me. Nothing else I’ve ever written has gotten me as much hate mail..


Zoya akhtar’s Made in heaven was literally deewangi deewangi moment for excel entertainment 😹.

Exclusive leaked image of the last scene of that Zoya Akhtar film..

Zoya Akhtar Photo,Zoya Akhtar Photo by Raj S || রাজ শেখর,Raj S || রাজ শেখর on twitter tweets Zoya Akhtar Photo

The Archies cast announcement video is winning over the hearts and how ♥️ #SuhanaKhan in A Film by Zoya Akhtar - The Archies on @NetflixIndia soon !.

Zoya Akhtar Photo,Zoya Akhtar Photo by Shah Rukh Khan Universe Fan Club,Shah Rukh Khan Universe Fan Club on twitter tweets Zoya Akhtar Photo
ARY News
ARY News

The Archies: Zoya Akhtar drops first look of Suhana, Khushi debut movie #arynews.

Zoya Akhtar ZNMD banake use hit bhi kara chuki hai. Aap pasmanda activism tak hi limited rahite Mandal sb. Kahan film critic banne chale hain. 🤣.


zoya akhtar is so powerful for putting a stop to mass movie dominance y releasing one teaser that has nepo kids in bangs and cardigans.

After The Archies, Zoya Akhtar should remake Scooby-Doo. I can think of a few star brats who can play the dog to perfection.

Oh there you go Another piece of garbage from Zoya Akhtar ..all star from the looks of tell me Suhana has been casted as 🙄..another generation of Nepotism!.


indians are always so miserable like y’all talking about zoya akhtar being “fake woke” for making the archies when all the takes you’re giving are the epitome of being fake woke w all the nationalism 😭😭 it’s a NETFLIX show for funsies… relax..

From one of my favourite directors from Bollywood, Zoya Akhtar ♥️.

@violet_in_black @nah_im_abdulla They who? Zoya Akhtar? I hope not! Some one in America, hopefully..

Zoya akhtar is the male version of Karan Johar. #TheArchies #BoycottBollywood.

Zoya Akhtar Photo,Zoya Akhtar Photo by So Called Dentist🌈,So Called Dentist🌈 on twitter tweets Zoya Akhtar Photo

Zoya Akhtar directed only to keep me in for 1st attempt watch.

@joogasama rich people movie Zoya Akhtar film nepo kids unrelatable not Indian fashion.

Thank you Zoya Akhtar for ruining my childhood memories #thearchies . KJo can take nepotism lessons from her. And only Netflix can bring such over rated puke worthy show. No wonder its loosing its subscribers..

Zoya Akhtar Photo,Zoya Akhtar Photo by •First Dé First Sho•,•First Dé First Sho• on twitter tweets Zoya Akhtar Photo

Zoya Akhtar is a good director. While this trailer looks really wannabe and an ultra version of what @baradwajrangan has called her “Listening Hindi, Hearing English” problem, who knows it may turn out to be a good watch. Amplifies a stereotype about Netflix India though.

If they teach a few good things to Indian youth, I am definitely rooting for the Archies by Zoya Akhtar!.

Shonda Rhimes has Black people pretend to be British aristocracy in Bridgerton - ooh lala so progressive alt history. Rip my bodice Rege Jean Page Zoya Akhtar has Indian people pretend to be US teenagers - chhee so desi nepo kids.

Here’s the brand new cast of Netflix’s The Archies directed by Zoya Akhtar.

@DavidQGray there are better things to lose your mind over than a netflix production by opulence representative zoya akhtar.

Zoya Akhtar has always been highly sus to me. These rich commies take us for fools. They are shrewd enough to justify their orgies and collabs with other mega stars while still positioning themselves as champions of the marginalised..

@outronvm zoya akhtar is releasing archies adaptation with 3 star kids, so they are crying over nepotism, culture and shit.

@KasaSaaz Mandal saab adha adhura gyan leke film critic bane hain usi Zoya Akhtar ne superhit Gully Boy bhi to banayi thi.

Genuinely thought this cast was all white kids :) obviously shonda rhimes can cast better than Zoya Akhtar.

@AmyStone2022 some say that Dear Zindagi & Billu are cameos, for me they are secundary actor roles. His cameo in Luck by Chance is the best that I have seen to the date, himself talking to someone who could be a younger we saw today his advice to Suhana. Zoya Akhtar mastered it..

The Archies Indian Adaptation to Star Children of Bollywood Legends — On May 14, Netflix announced the cast of its upcoming Indian adaptation of the Archie Comics, titled The Archies . #bollywood #ZoyaAkhtar.

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