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Updated: September 18th, 2021 10:36 PM IST

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Auburn left 13 seats open on Saturday for the soldiers who lost their lives in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan Twitter

@saleemkhaliq Expectations Pak beat India Pak beat NZ very badly Pak beat Afghanistan Pak in the Final Pak won WC Reality Pak lost to India Pak lost to NZ very badly Pak lost to Afghanistan Pak out of tournament in group stage ! 🙃

@ShivAroor Karma will serve them sooner or later, everywhere they have set foot they have left a mess from Vietnam, Iraq, Syria to Afghanistan.

The situation from the humanitarian point of view is pretty desperate. ~In Afghanistan, UN High Commissioner for Refugees @FilippoGrandi calls for life-saving humanitarian support.

Nog effe en er zitten meer Belgen in Afghanistan dan in 🤦‍♀️ Nog honderden Belgen vast in Kaboel

Cancelling Addison Rae and JoJo Siwa because they didn’t make statements on Afghanistan or the France/Australian/American Nuclear Submarine Deal 😡😡😡😡

Breaking news from the Pentagon regarding the drone strike in Afghanistan last month. On @cnn now.

Joe Biden heads off to the beach as Americans are still stranded in Afghanistan and 12,000 migrants are living under a bridge in Texas.

قطر: له افغانستان څخه لسګونه نور بهرنیان واېستل شول 

Pakistan has gone out of its way to help western nations rescue their citizens from Afghanistan . However, we continue to face a situation where decisions which should be based on health & sports seem to be sacrificed at the altar of global politics. #PakvsNz

My remarks at the SCO-CSTO Outreach Summit on Afghanistan.

There was a bounty put on Harry’s head when he served in Afghanistan as an attack pilot. He chose to still go. That doesn’t sound very beta to me

We must pray for the safety of those Americans left behind and the good people of many nationalities who have not yet secured safe passage from Afghanistan.

Rep. Gregory Meeks just made a compelling argument for why we should regard the selective outrage on the Afghanistan exit from the right with a grain of salt. They were all for it before they were against it.

More covid deaths in FL in the last TWO WEEKS than in the ENTIRE 20 YEARS for military deaths in Afghanistan

Guess what? The WTC bombing of 1993, the WTC center demolition of 2001, Mumbai blasts of 1993 are all linked. The nexus between middle east, pakistan, afghanistan is also brought out beautifully by @ShekharGupta in this @ThePrintIndia Cut the clutter.

How to slowly and peacefully push armed Taliban back. Lessons from Afghan women #1. #Afghanistan

CIA Chief Met Ajit Doval In New Delhi Amid Taliban Government Formation

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Actually the first time when I saw the beautiful Afghan land… I was so excited. Those mountains and the shape of houses, the color… I can’t wait to go again. #Afghanistan #Kabul

Afghanistan Photo,Afghanistan Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

The ‘Americans’ still ‘trapped’ in Afghanistan. Sure everyone I know has taken not just one vacay to Kabul. Who are these people

@CCowboy723 Sure has. Some people are just holding hard that Biden is better than Trump. I had someone say they were happy to pay more for gas if it meant Trump was out of office. This was before the Afghanistan shitshow.

“I set out very clearly what humanitarian agencies need to operate anywhere in the world ..they need to operate independently addition I discussed with him our the fundamental requirement of the freedom for women and girls” @UNReliefChief #Afghanistan #Taliban

Video shows BBC reporter looking stunned when Lindsey Grahams said the US would reinvade Afghanistan to fight Al Qaeda Lindsey has no authority to say something like that ! He is truly in a coma ?

Trump Pals Say Afghanistan Cinched 2024 Run Against Biden: ‘He Smelled Blood’

Près de 300 enfants non accompagnés évacués d’Afghanistan : le chiffre peut encore augmenter

@FlorianRotzer Bei den pakistanischen Drohnen handelt es sich um Fake-News, die ungeprüft von unseren Medien veröffentlicht werden. Empfehle Ihnen @Emran_Feroz zu folgen, wenn Sie sich wirklich für Afghanistan interessieren.

BIDENS BODIES, think how many People this President has let die or some would say killed. Our southern border ( political) Afghanistan ( OUR ALLIES ) MARINES NAVY 13 OF OUR PRECIOUS, WE THE PEOPLE OUR FAMILIES 😡😡😡 OUR SONS and DAUGHTERS

@ramnikmann @calxandr This guy is a Pakistani who is planning to rule Afghanistan as a proxy.

Fitting that it’s #MilitaryFamilyDay today as families of @10MTNDIV welcome their heroes back home from Afghanistan after 9 months! Savor those hugs! ♥️🇺🇸💙

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Journalist being abducted in Afghanistan now. I thought Taliban was all for Freedom of Speech no?

Auburn left 13 seats open on Saturday for the soldiers who lost their lives in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan Photo,Afghanistan Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
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