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Alexis Popular Tweets On Twitter

How Twitter Reacted On Alexis ?

Alexis Popular Tweets On Twitter.

Alexis -

  • A superb pass by @Alexis_Sanchez sets the Reds striker clear again, and Rom makes no mistake with a cool finish. YES! #MUFC

  • 👏 @Alexis_Sanchez 👏

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  • #yearofthedog ❤️🐶🐶🐾❤️

  • Anna Walker, Hannah Lombard and Alexis Barnes are tough down low to guard. Smothering defense also forces Walker Valley into 19 turnovers. Bearettes are a different breed. Howard has strong weapons around her.

  • @ZartkFR @EvenTHwK Merci Alexis

  • @Alexis_najera_7 Al rato que? Jajaja

  • @mireyaortiz_ Who do you bank w/ ?

  • @_Keano16 @Alexis_Sanchez 🏳️‍🌈🌈🌈

  • @Alexis_Sanchez You made so many kids sad when you signed for United. 💔

  • @nitroaxtour what are the price for kids tickets for tonight?

  • Freshman Alanna Felan goes 2-3 with 2 RBI and hits her 1st varsity HR of her career in a big 6-0 win over Needville. Alexis G with the thumbs up photobomb.

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  • Voila Alexis qui perce dans le mannequinat, des que le 3ieme contrat arrive tu donne le numéro de ton agent que je suis @scofield_alex !! Le Quartier doit manger!!!

  • Podoba mi się film Maite Perroni - Como Yo Te Quiero (feat. Alexis & Fido) [Video Oficial] w @YouTube –

  • @Alexis_Sanchez Eres un grande Alexis!!!!!

  • Un couple mignon en 1ère ? En 2nd? En T ? — Première; Tanguy et Titine mes faaav❤️❤️ Alexis et Maëlle aussi! Seconde: Justin et Léa

  • @Alexis_isUGLY Lol 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ 🤣🤣🤣

  • My mom has been yelling at the Alexa for the past ten minutes “Alexis off, ALEXIS OFF” and i just heard her ask Alexa how to return an Alexis 😂

  • She takes his hand and shakes it with a grin. “Alexis. But you knew that already. Probably from hiding in the shadows”

  • La felicidad de un niño me hace muy feliz ❤️ #making a kid happy makes me happy too ❤️ feliz por…

  • @Sporf @Alexis_Sanchez @ManUtd @RomeluLukaku9 @htafcdotcom @EmiratesFACup Life bans

  • @dink2k5 @Sporf @Alexis_Sanchez @ManUtd @RomeluLukaku9 @htafcdotcom @EmiratesFACup So that kid deserves to be rewarded for running on the pitch? Let all the kids on the pitch because they all deserve a nice hug.

  • El Manchester United de Alexis Sánchez gana 1 a 0 al Huddersfield

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  • @FrancoisLePen @alexis_camus @FRjeunes69 @EMLYON @laurentwauquiez @Qofficiel Attention, en critiquant tous les élèves de l’école, vous généralisez vos propos à des centaines d’étudiants tous différents.

  • UN BUEN TIPO | El afectuoso gesto de Alexis con un pequeño hincha en el triunfo del Manchester United >

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  • @2010MisterChip @MerengueMaria Siempre lo protegen al Barcelona. Nada novedoso Alexis. Saludos desde México!!!!!

  • Two great finishes from @RomeluLukaku9 today. Enjoying the link-up play between Rom, Mata and Alexis. #MUFC #FACup #GGMU 🔴🏆

  • @kristenbabbs You know damn well if he was black or of any other ethnic group that the head line would be like “black kid charged with shooting up a high school” or some worse shit. media wouldn’t give a fuck about their background so why do we care about this white kids? He’s a murder period.

  • Alexis Texas is Inviting some Naughty guys to come over 4 some Naughty THREESOME?!...xo💋

  • @SHELSZN Yeah you’re right 🌝

  • The guy that just boarded beside me smells like piss. Why can’t people just respect themselves and bathe? Hot tub the second I get home.

  • Alexis Sánchez entrega una asistencia en triunfo del Manchester United en FA Cup

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  • @abbyalexsandra Idk who this was but I feel like I would get along great with her bc I come close to doing this more times than I would like to admit to

  • @0michal00 i fell asleep in a rabbit with alexis we were watching love live sunshine

  • My brother is on his 8th grade Washington D.C. trip and sends this to the fam 😂 I can’t #clout @BarstoolBigCat

    Alexis twitter.
  • #FederalC: 32ST Bancarios (7) 21PT Rodrigo Martínez; 35PT Leo Vallejos Juric; 36PT Enzo Pitau; 42PT Víctor Chávez; 8ST Alexis Zalazar; 14ST Enzo Pitau; 32ST Miguel Hageleit - Recreativo Toba (1) 12ST Roque Muñóz. #Zona7.

  • @Tender_Kisses_ Thanks Alexis . I really appreciate that😘

  • Soy hetero pero que buen pase de Alexis