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Updated: January 14th, 2022 03:36 AM IST

One question that needs to be asked, why is the @DailyMailUK republishing Andrew Neil’s article today, an article that is a MONTH old. An article that’s calling for unvaccinated to be punished. Who asked them to do so?

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Yo sigo que esperando que #DisneyPlus nos de la cara de Andrew Garfield para ponerla como avatar en el perfil. Solo pido #MakeTASM3 btw

@MailOnline People Harry choice to give up his HRH ,however, good old numphy Andrew had his removed great pair bookends. Andrew as you sow you reap about time he was put in his place creepy piece of work.

Prince Andrew stripped of military affiliations by Queen Elizabeth

The British press and tabloids did their best to keep lies about Meghan and Harry at the forefront to cover up and shield Prince Andrew. Aint no lie there. Now that Meghan and Harry got the hell out, they have nothing to drive shame away from him. #PrinceAndrew


Time is up for Prince Andrew and the Queen knows it. Shame on her for protecting him this long— especially after stripping her grandson for less.

@mrjamesob and have you seen that Andrew Bridgen thinks Johnson is a moral vacuum and has sent a letter?

HM The Queen decreed that heretofore Prince Andrew will be stripped of the title of Your Royal Highness and is to be addressed hereafter solely as Your Royal Lowness.

In other news, Prince Andrew was stripped of his royal entitlements and now have to battle his allegations as an average person. Oh my how I love to see these sickos fall.

@isexton The Queen is only extending an olive branch to the British taxpayers only to shut them up to make future royal occasions meaningful again! Prince Andrew still has his security and lavish lifestyle and all the PERKS given by MOMMY and she will continue to do so in PRIVATE!

@aventador_0105 逆にちんとしさん初カービィ痛車ですよね!?!?

Prince Andrew has been Stripped of Royal & Military Titles by his mother. Probably a bad time for him to move back in and live in his parents basement!

Prinz Andrew: Queen Elizabeth nimmt Sohn alle Dienstgrade weg

@RepublicStaff @mdf200 The Andrew formally known as Prince… I wonder what his symbol would be… 🤔

I see Andrew Windsor is slowly getting his comeuppance. Not that anything will reverse all the harm he has done.

@Andrew_Adonis You & your party - Labour want to make Brexit work 😂😂😂😂😂

@theJeremyVine Whatever Andrew has done, he is still her son. I can’t see his mother, the Queen, cutting him off without a penny and evicting him

Je příznačné pro úpadek britské monarchie, že namísto mladého krásného prince na bílém koni se v královské rodině za peníze britských daň. poplatníků ukrýval nejspíše prachobyčejný starý sexuální zvrhlík, jenž ovšem byl titulem princ až dosud oslovován.

@saints_gambit Sorry… I have clearly confused you two with Prince Andrew. He’s clearly acclaimed.

#entain@prince andrew @jetty nygaard-anderson well what’s your opinion jetty not like your opinion counts for much ,waste of time

If I was making a musical starring andrew Garfield I would also set a song in a swimming pool tbf

Renounce? More like mommy pulled the trap door lever. #Andrew


assisti tick, boom! a música pro Michael sozinha é incrível, se somada à atuação do Andrew Garfield fica absolutamente fantástica de verdade, que filme emocionante

@CameronSmith probably has to hurry up and get this over because they have a bass fishing tournament in his home town that starts in 15 hours. @PGATOUR #SentryTournamentOfChampions

@evanroyconrad @markhaynesnba andrew wiggins is an all star wtf are you talking about

@OwehsBurner andrew booth jr is very good too. don’t be so down. they might take him over Sauce

jeno liking andrew garfield’s spider-man the most is just another reason why jeno deserves all the rights

VIDEO NUEVO 👉 CONFIRMADO: ¡Tobey y Andrew SE QUEDAN en el MCU y The Amazing Spider-Man 3! Batfleck se retira y mas ➡️

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« Relation de karaté » eh à la place d’Andrew j’aurai bu de la javel laye

One question that needs to be asked, why is the @DailyMailUK republishing Andrew Neil’s article today, an article that is a MONTH old. An article that’s calling for unvaccinated to be punished. Who asked them to do so?

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