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  • Last time out at Anfield in the @premierleague... ⚽⚽

  • Meet Mohamed Salah: First Liverpool Premier League hat-trick under Jürgen Klopp. First Premier League hat-trick at Anfield since 2013. First Liverpool Premier League hat-trick since 2014. First Egyptian to score a Premier League hat-trick. 🎩

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  • Anfield awaits. 💫 🆚 @WatfordFC 🏆 @premierleague ⌚ 17:30 GMT 🖌️ @TheGerrardEra & @lloydart_

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  • Ya hemos jugado en Anfield, Bernabéu, Camp Nou, Etihad y Juventus Stadium… En 3 de esos estadios fuimos campeones y a 3 de los 7 posibles rivales en cuartos de @Ligadecampeones, le hemos ganado una final. Sí, somos el #SevillaFC ¡¡¡Buenas noches y a seguir soñando!!! 🌛💪

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  • Mohamed Salah is the first Liverpool player to score a Premier League hat-trick under Jürgen Klopp. The new King of Anfield. 👑

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  • Already annoyed about Sky Sports News showing only highlights of the game at Anfield, as if thy game at the Etihad has been stricken from the record. Weird reaction to that game, like it was the first red card in history to absolve everything that came after it.

  • Liverpool-City, la ida en Anfield y la vuelta en Manchester

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  • We may not be as rich as Man City but this is something money can’t buy. Anfield is magic #LFC #UCLdraw

  • Minuto de aplauso en homenaje a John Molyneux en Anfield. 🔴

  • Perrie com fã no Anfield Stadium hoje. #LittleMixBestFans

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  • @orniastic Good time to wear it at Anfield see how hard you are then..

  • Perrie con una fan hoy en el estadio Anfield.

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  • 🇬🇧⚽ Quand les Reds ont fait chavirer tout Anfield 🔥 ! #PL #PremierLeague

  • El faraón Salah convierte a Anfield en su propia Guiza

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  • Perrie y Deborah hoy en el estadio Anfield.

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  • بالمناسبه تكسيكي برشلوني سبق ان عمل مع لابورتا .. تعابير وجهه نفي مندوب البرشا عندما وضعتهم القرعه معنا 2007

  • @gabrielcosta077 Kkkkkkkk principalmente no anfield.

  • Time to break the anfield jinx?? #UCL #SharkTeam.

  • Someone who is at Anfield tell Mo Salah I love him please and thank you..

  • @MxhamedSalah @owlstrikegaming Lol ok but when Evra played at Anfield a few weeks ago your dirty fans all sang Suarez chants and booed him even though Suarez was a racist cunt towards him. Torres was a great striker but i think, speaking on the behalf of all spurs fans, he has fuck all on Kane..

  • Anfield’s so alive right now I freaken love the sound Mooooooooooooooooo Mooooooooooooooooo Mooooooooooooooooo 🔴 #LFC.

  • Have you ever seen a footballer so pissed off that he scored from a rebound, because Danny Ings missed........a lot more love for Mo Salah.... what unbelievable player. #LFC #LIVWAT #PremierLeague #PL #Anfield #BTSport.

  • @ManCityArmy1894 Imagine had he done that vs United they would write scriptures on the walls of Anfield.

  • I cannot believe my favorite player scored this goal on my first trip to Anfield BLESSED BEYOND BELIEF Thank you Kopites, thank you Liverpool and thank you Bobby for a day I will never forget

  • @ConArtistLFC @LFC @KopJaffer_LFC @Jhiggins3 @JamesPearceEcho @ThePaulMachin @TheRedmenTV @Tino_LFC @Anfield_Talk @BenWebbLFC @TheAnfieldWrap quality lockscreens mate, love it 😀😀.

  • المطلوب تحضير كلاين من الان قوي بدنيا وخبرة كبيرة أفضل من العصفور الناشئ ترينت أرنولد عديم الخبرة #ليفربول_مانشستر_سيتي.

  • Liverpool playing home game first.. and ukr City will be out if they don’t kill them at Anfield 🤚🏾.. @LFC also need to kill all their games coming up, just so they don’t get distracted by the #Chelsea game💯.

  • Juve x Real #UNIAOKAYNOPAUSSICA Nem 9 Stephen Hawking Anfield Suzano e Fibria Rodrygo Rio de Janeiro

  • She having a laugh!!! Gotta take Chelsea as the prime example here, use your home leg to build your advantage to take away! Granted not giving away an away goal but have the balls to go at them at Anfield!!

  • Anfield The Key To Securing Top Four Again - - By @TomHolmes19

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  • Kompany-Otamendi at anfield, Laporte-Otamendi at the etihad.

  • Drawing UCL: Head To Head Liverpool Vs Man City, Anfield Neraka bagi The Citizen

  • you think pep will play the same way he did at anfield knowing how we’ll play ? 😂 not even being negative but some of you are really deluded.

  • I can see people writing off Liverpool from todays draw. We are the only team in the league that has beaten them and we put four pass them. We have the Anfield crowd as well. That is our 12th man. Bring it on!.