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The series finale of game of thrones is about Arya coming home with the horse and Jon telling her no that horse is too dangerous I forbid you to ride that horse Arya but it teaches her responsibility and they win the rodeo.

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Yo: ¿Y si los ojos verdes que cierre Arya sean los de Tyrion? Si Daenerys asesina a Sansa ¿Le amarán poquito? Mi mamá: Ojalá así fuese la misma dedicación y pasión que tienes por la serie del gaymostrón por conquistar a tu crush. #GameofThrones.

#GOT theory: Dany beheads Jon- an homage to Ned- claiming he betrayed her (lol k). Arya kills Greyworm to take his face and uses it to kill Dany. Meanwhile Bran tells Sansa WTF is up and Brienne takes them both to KL where Sansa becomes Queen and Tyrion is her hand. @ me nerds!.

um fato que ninguém aceita GOT é uma série que tem uma fanbase chata pra cacete arya da uma facada sem emoção alguma fãs: O MEU DEUS ARYA STARK RAINHA DOS 7 REINOS O MEU DEUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS não cara, essa série não é uma inovação nem é algo nunca visto na história só isso.

@ReevesMatheson @al_adferguson nah. I think Gendry, being Robert’s, now legitimate, son he is the most likely. And I think when he gets killed (which he will) his baby in Arya’s belly will be..

@fariba312 نە گیاناااا لە مۆقابڵ شاهزادەخانم فەریبا کی تۊەنێ ڕقابەت بکەی.

@angelinemelyssa Exactamente. La verdad q esas vainas así cool te llaman la atención cuando las ves denuevo y t das cuenta q se t habían pasado. Lo del caballo blanco de Arya puede ser también una referencia del libro, o simplemente piquete de los show runners 😂. Vainas así engrandecen el show.

@ayaqaraxy @sanarsoran Axr bosta to haz akam bmxoy itr kasek namene ba nawy arya qsaw lagal ka w hamw rozhe attention’t bate?.

@HerrerosHh Si te das cuenta , cuando Daenerys empieza a quemar la ciudad ,de repente explotan barriles de fuego varylio por lo tanto Cercei tenía ese plan pero le salió mal. Lo único que han hecho es que Daenerys parezca una loca pero en verdad no lo es. No la defiendo. Para mi #Arya always.

don’t stop believin’ plays as arya and sansa eat a snack.

@BryndenBFish This season has seen Arya reconnecting with her humanity after being desensitized for seasons. I couldn’t be happier for her. Also Maisie is so good at showing emotion so I’m here for this development..

Esperanzas depositadas en Arya para que ejerza la necesaria acción antifascista; porqué si lo tiene que hacer el mermado de Jon Snow estamos apañados..

quem me dera voltar a ver a montagem da arya a andar no cavalo ao som de old town road.

@KeithGalvin Ya it’s up there, the Hound was the last of a few characters who stayed consistent, him and Arya and maybe Sansa even if the way her rape survival is written is gross.

Arya Carrow Wildes @AryaCarrow       ➣ Djerq / Jennifer Morrison.

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@damoj @gothincolour i kinda want to watch the seasons i missed after being told just how many people had their shit wrecked by arya.

@narendramodi 23 मई को चमचों के लिए एहतियाती उपाय 1. हल्का नाश्ता कर के BP की दवा ले लें। 2. Sorbitrate पास मे रखें । 3. इष्ट मित्र या परिजनों के आसपास रहें । 4. ढीला सूती कपड़ा पहनें । 5. श्वास गहरी लें । 6. संसार माया है - इसका स्मरण करते रहें । क्योंकि आएगा तो मोदी ही 😂😝😛.

@vongeima Arya Stark bir erkek olsaydı haremine girmek için her şeyimi verirdim.

@imstxphxnx stephani ela é uma personagem kkkkkkkkkkkkkk cersei sempre foi uma das minhas favs e era louca tbm, a gente tem que amar os personagens e suas complexidades é isso só não se pode deixar roteirista deitar pra agora é Arya e Sansa mandando na porra toda.

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@SoNinjaX That’s why I’m team NK and Arya. Gotta get all these weak bammas up outta here..

@Skullymack11 Wasn’t no damn overkill. She sent a message to the people of Kong’s Lansing. Arya and her worked together at one point and were on the same side. That’s the definition of betrayal..

The series finale of game of thrones is about Arya coming home with the horse and Jon telling her no that horse is too dangerous I forbid you to ride that horse Arya but it teaches her responsibility and they win the rodeo.

For like the 87th time, it’s not where the plot went, it’s HOW THEY GOT THERE. Dany can go crazy! Arya can give up revenge! But my god let these plotlines BREATHE. I mean but also tossing Jaime’s entire redemption arc out the window was not great. OK, OK, I’m done now!.

@elizabethmhyde @fangirlJeanne Brienne asks Tormund why he wants to find more wolves. He says that dire wolves need a pack, need to stay together. Sansa looks at the rookery again, just in case. Sam sees, and tells her how John made it back after the wildlings. Brienne tells her about finding Arya..

literally forcing myself through the last episode for sansa and arya next week thats it.

pintaram a arya de heroína por matar o rei da noite pra no penúltimo episódio acabarem com a coitada.

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