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@FoxBusiness @FoxNews Oh yea like they are really going to tell the turth. 不不 There needs to be an audit and investigation into BLM asap.

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Kindness Matters
Kindness Matters ()

@maricopacounty @MaricopaVote This is a joke. Your audit wasnt forensic. Your leadership has failed us. What are you hiding??

Casino Over Under 簧
Casino Over Under 簧 ()

@kfocht @jeremyduda Slow your roll there Kat. I agree that there are privacy concerns that must be factored into to the audit. It has to be done the right way. However the United States constitution gives plenary power to each states legislature. Senate wants an audit. They will get that audit.

8 hour sleep is for the weak
8 hour sleep is for the weak ()

Sebelum kontrak sama klien sebaiknya KAP kasih dulu daftar kebutuhan data untuk audit, kalo ada yg nggak disetujui klien ya mending gak jadi Tapi cuan semakin menjauh kalau seperti itu bwang Wkwkwkwkwk

Space Force Fan Group
Space Force Fan Group ()

@FoxBusiness @FoxNews Oh yea like they are really going to tell the turth. 不不 There needs to be an audit and investigation into BLM asap.

Susan Adams
Susan Adams ()

Calling all SMU Accounting Students! HM&M will be doing virtual interviews for Spring 2022 Audit & Tax Internships on March 18th. The deadline to signup is March 1st. Details are below

Kindness Matters
Kindness Matters ()

@SecretaryHobbs Liar. Your audits were nothing more than a surface look. You are a coward. Give us a forensic audit and Ill gladly apologize. What are you hiding, Katie?

8 hour sleep is for the weak
8 hour sleep is for the weak ()

Digital audit biar fee audit murah, tapi kliennya gak mau kasih data transaksi dan subledger, tapi tetep pengen fee murah

Areev ()

@Bramtea17 @PutraWadapi Di Suruh audit Disuruh ngitung jumlah cebong??hahhahaha

John Cosstick
John Cosstick ()

SEC Charges Two Former KPMG Auditors for Improper Professional Conduct During Audit of Not-for-Profit College: The Securities and Exchange Commission today suspended two former KPMG auditors from practicing before the SEC in connection with settled

Cristina Gecolea 劾
Cristina Gecolea 劾 ()

Join Live and be entered in the draw for a messaging audit valued at $1000 USD. Invite here

Greg ()

@scrowder The lack of ability to hand audit the votes that came in supposedly from those ballot machines, but looked like a ream of computer paper. I believe it was MI, and it would have taken absolutely no time. Just look at it for a fold mark. Never happen though. Too easy to prove ()

@jude5456 @MattHancock Well done that man, I would like to see the audit for these funds being returned. there is skullduggery going on within the Cabinet and Treasury in the hands of these deceiving, lying, fraudulent and corrupt individuals. If this was a working class person he would be in prison

Liz Duncan
Liz Duncan ()

@Douglas4Moray Is there nothing you can do this is totally disgusting. Need suspension an investigation and an audit. Get this news out there. Why are the papers not reporting on it.

Radiant Katie
Radiant Katie ()

@ktumulty @theabstoddard What is this Big Lie? The election was certified not verified as stated in the article. Currently there is no verification. Why not have a ballot audit with signature verification in the six contested counties or states to satisfy that the election was free and fair? Resolve it!

尹 ()

Never has an election been decided in the late night / early morning hours with so many irregularities. Completely unprecedented, but calls for a thorough audit will get you censored by banks, media, big tech.

LEX 18 News
LEX 18 News ()

In the Statewide Single Audit of Kentucky, Kentucky Auditor Harmon outlines problems with OUI and the Unemployment Insurance fund as deeply concerning to taxpayers and those who have filed for UI benefits.

Gerry Murlianda
Gerry Murlianda ()

Cara audit air mudah Dengar aja lagu Bengawan Solo,, Air mengalir sampai jauh, akhirnya ke ,,,

Audit Photo,Audit Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Victoria ()

Instead of platforms choosing how to comply with the code, ... that the responsibility should fall on an independent public regulator who can inspect and audit the digital giants algorithms and issue notices, fines, & additional civil penalties.

DespicableDeplorableConservative ()

@ErrolWebber We did re-elect Trump. Our mistake was that our GOP did not stick together and fight for a forensic audit of the election.

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