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🔵 Kanté back for Chelsea in a three-man midfield alongside Barkley and Kovačić, while Abraham starts in #UCL

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バークレー ()

あったかご飯に目玉焼きの黄身(ちょっとの塩胡椒と醤油かけ)つけた海苔を巻いて食べる 至高

₂₉ ()

If Barkley scored that penalty against Valencia we would’ve faced Atalanta instead of Bayern 😭😭 get out of my club man

UncleJune ()

@RUMINT79 Brian Barkley- Director and (I think) Go on IMDB and check out his other this Gem- Revival of Evil - investigates the growth of the occult in the United States from New Age religions and Dungeons and Dragons to heavy metal and psychic powers.

Anita ()

I told my boy that Barkley penalty will punish us this season. He said nah we’re good 🤬

Blues 🌎
Blues 🌎 ()

@mickyy_utd Yeah I know. Some people are all about the agenda. It’s okay though, one might not achieve everything. It’s fine if there’s a reason. Like we came 2nd in our group because Barkley hijacked and missed a penalty. We might’ve been in the quarters otherwise. Improvement needed.

Juan ()

Necesito que boten a todo el equipo y comiencen con la base de Kante, Ziyech, Pulisic, Abraham, Mount, Werner, Azpilicueta, Barkley.

Cancheros 🏀
Cancheros 🏀 ()

En 8 partidos anotaron 938 puntos, tuvieron solo 350 en contra y en promedio anotaron 117 ptos en cada partido, su líder anotador fue Charles Barkley promediando 18 ppj. ¿Recuerdas a todos sus integrantes? #Legends ⭐️🏀🔝

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🇺🇸Vize🇺🇸 ()

This girl asked whats more elusive. The for you page on tik tok or a successful relationship. Me: Saquan Barkley

Sean ()

Anthony “better PF than Tim duncan KG dirk Barkley” Davis 😤

Tasha Barber
Tasha Barber ()

@ClaymoreKwaram1 Bro I had to retype this -but Barkley had comments on this years ago. Entertainers and Athletes should not be used as pawns to train up our children. If children are that heavily influenced by such individuals, then parents are not doing their jobs.

Joshua House
Joshua House ()

@jfruh Are we supposed to believe Barkley would survive the Academy in the Mirror Mirror universe?

Seventh Son
Seventh Son ()

Clyde Drexler, Scottie Pippen, Michael Jordan, David Robinson, Charles Barkley

Knormzzy ()

@talkchelsea @nglkante He did well, and even played Barkley does not deserve to be in the Very pathetic player he

Bob ()

Any other manager is getting stick for not giving these kids a run at a time they couldn’t do any worse than what we were watching Barkley Mount and co do.

👑 ()

@mochapela Bayern didn’t give us a sniff. It don’t matter how the team was suppose to play cos we lacked personal. Who did we have to bring on from the bench to make an impact. Barkley is a squad player - we have numerous players injured. It’s not easy mate - they have a world class team!

Ricardo🇵🇹 (previously Zappa🇮🇹)
Ricardo🇵🇹 (previously Zappa🇮🇹) ()

@gaffer_el There’s a lot of filler players at Chelsea currently. Ross is one of them. At our full strength, Ross Barkley comes on as a sub. Compare Bayern, who bring on Coutinho

HavertzVelli ⚡️
HavertzVelli ⚡️ ()

If we don’t bring @kaihavertz29 next season and still have Barkley playing for

Ditebogo Kgothatso.
Ditebogo Kgothatso. ()

- First few min of 2nd half, Chelsea tried. Kante and Kovacic swap worked but didn’t last😢 - Annoyed by Barkley robbing Mount of the free kick - Expected more substitutions for Chelsea - Bayern Munich will beat Barca Chelsea need a LB, CB, goalkeeper and Havertz. Yes Havertz!

Bibo ()

Ross Barkley, Jorginho, Andreas Christensen, Bakayoko, Batsuayi and Drinkwater must go

Lvsso ()

Ross Barkley, Mason Mount, and Mateo Kovacic | Bayern Munich Highlights (A) 8/8/20 | The Dynamic Trio?? 😱😱😱

John Obi Mikelélé
John Obi Mikelélé ()

@MannHandledCFC Mount tried regardless if he tried or not why are people not saying he was poor? Barkley tried but people are quick enough to let you know he was was poor aswell imo besides his admittedly good youth players get away with so many fraudulent performances.


@MozzieStark True, I think Odoi & Barkley failed this test. Lampard has to move them on. This was like a trial to Odoi and, Palmieri and Barkley.

Everton Ribeiro
Everton Ribeiro ()

@AnselmoTheSaint Mano do time de hoje eu conhecia poucos, o Kanté é monstro mas Barkley é fraco, Hudson-Odoi fraco, Abraham fraco, Mount fraco, Kovatic fraco, esses caras são jogadores pro Chelsea não

Marvthegreatest™ ()

@_OfficiallyNat @PBX1_ChelseaFC That was a disgrace, everytime Barkley takes a dead ball it results in failure

AW48 ()

From the GRIND? LMAO ask Trout, Barkley, Marino etc how that shit went 😂

Royal_kas ()

@CFCkay @Blue_Footy Barkley should get his contract terminated ffs, mount played better even on the wing.

Señor Femi🔝🌍
Señor Femi🔝🌍 ()

@Capitan27034102 Definitely keeping Zouma, azpi and James but others are shit. Jorginho and Barkley should be sold abeg😡

Mandar_gunde ()

Changes required next season big And Lampard definitely needs to Defensive setup after a year or so has got worse .. Need to set midfield .Jorginho kovacic Kante RLC Barkley many players with no shape #CFC

Nizaar Kinsella
Nizaar Kinsella ()

Chelsea top scorers in 2019-20 (all competitions): Abraham - 18 Willian, Pulisic - 11 Giroud - 10 Mount - 8 Jorginho - 7 Batshuayi - 6 Barkley - 5 Azpilicueta, Alonso - 4 #CFC

UEFA Champions League
UEFA Champions League ()

🔵 Kanté back for Chelsea in a three-man midfield alongside Barkley and Kovačić, while Abraham starts in #UCL

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☚ Besok Senin #9yearswithbogum ☛
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