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Arsenal are close to completing the signing of midfielder Willian from Chelsea on a three-year deal.

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olalekan salami
Olalekan salami ()

@jiddy203 Meaning you are not intentional, how can you be as Arsenal fan and your son will be a Chelsea fan ? How ? My kids are full Manchester United fans, I didn’t force them but that is what they see me watch almost every only watch other team play “live matches “

Chris Mears
Chris Mears ()

Happy 43rd Birthday to Jesper Grønkjær scorer of that billion pound goal in 2004 #Chelsea #CFC

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WordStream ()

🆓 ! #freemarketingwebinar! 🆓 Tomorrow (Thursday 8/13) at 2pm EST Learn from our very own Chelsea Guida how to 🚀 your Google & Facebook ad conversions. Register now!


【今日のトリ】 『トロピカルガール』の歌詞にもある「アマゾンの空飛ぶ宝石」とはオニオオハシのこと。クチバシ内部は空気を含んだスポンジ状で、見た目より軽いそうです。 1stLIVE舞浜公演、会場全体が一緒になって盛り上がったアンコールはすごく楽しい時間でした🕊️(あ)

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ORCA Media
ORCA Media ()

@TheFrequencyVPR @radiofinn Wow and neither are from the county seat Chelsea or the largest town Randolph

⚽️ Vanderplas
⚽️ Vanderplas ()

@WusijiX It fucking pains me because I love that but I need him to lose. It’s like Pulisic when we were chasing Chelsea

B/R Football
B/R Football ()

OFFICIAL: Chelsea confirm Pedro is leaving the club after five years

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I dont think y’all understand how much I’m in love with my man 💕 this man is God sent he loves me unconditionally and treats me like queen every day 😭💙

Engr. MBS 💜💙
Engr. MBS 💜💙 ()

يقول الشيخ المغامسي : من يعاني من تعثر أمور حياته و يخشى من شيء فليردد اللهم ياولي نعمتي و ياملاذي عند كربتي أجعل ماأخافهُ و أحذره برداً و سلاماً عليّ كما جعلت النار برداً و سلاماً على إبراهيم

Fuera de Juego
Fuera de Juego ()

🤩 ¡Vuelven para #FIFA21! 🤩 🇪🇸 Xavi Hernández 🇨🇿 Petr Cech 👏 Los icónicos futbolistas de Barcelona y Chelsea estarán disponibles en el próximo videojuego de @EASPORTSFIFA

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Daily Star Sport
Daily Star Sport ()

Pedro sends farwell message to Chelsea fans ahead of Roma transfer | #CFC

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Invictos ()

Willian con Chelsea: ▪ 63 goles. ▪ 54 asistencias. ▪ 339 partidos. ▪ 7 años. ▪ 2 títulos de Premier League. ▪ 1 UEFA Europa League (líder de asistencias). ▪ 1 FA Cup. ▪ 1 Copa de la Liga. ▪ 2 veces MVP del club (elegido por sus compañeros). TERMINÓ SU ERA COMO BLUE.

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All Things Chelsea
All Things Chelsea ()

Willian has today left Chelsea after over seven years of service to the club. Tom pays tribute to the Brazilian Magician 🇧🇷 👇 📝 Tribute | @tovers98 #AllThingsChelsea

Sav 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 🇾🇪
Sav 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 🇾🇪 ()

@guus_real @JHart88 You just don’t see it do you. If Chelsea fans say HE has lost Hazard (which he hasn’t because he never had him in the 1st place) then you have to say HE’S spent the money 😂🤷🏼‍♂️

zack 🦠
Zack 🦠 ()

Wtffff Pulisic and Mount were friends even before Pulisic joined chelsea

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Daily Star Sport
Daily Star Sport ()

Chelsea, Spurs and Barcelona battle for top-rated young full-back at Watford

ちぇる ()

3年前、長崎に行った時は台座が修復中?でした。世界からたくさんの人が来られてました🌏今年は日本人ばかりかもしれませんね。 平和祈念像は、 天を指した右手は“原爆の脅威”を、 水平に伸ばした左手は“平和”を、 軽く閉じた瞼は“原爆犠牲者の冥福を祈る” という想いを込めているそうです🕊 #旅

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Absolute Chelsea
Absolute Chelsea ()

🇪🇸 Pedro | Chelsea 2015-2020: 👤 206 appearances ⚽️ 43 goals 🅰️ 28 assists 🏆 Premier League 🏆 FA Cup 🏆 Europa League 💙 Thank you, and good luck for the future! #CFC | @ChelseaFC

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Chelsea_kun ()

@REDPEN_akaiare バイトあるからあんま派手にはしないつもり 本当は赤系のメッシュにしたい

IndiaTVSports ()

#ChampionsLeague: Bayern Munich rout Chelsea to reach quarterfinals on 7-1 aggregate

B/R Football
B/R Football ()

Bayern on aggregate vs. London: 7-1 vs. Chelsea 10-3 vs. Tottenham 10-2 vs. Arsenal ☠️

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OptaJoe ()

79 - Chelsea conceded 79 goals in all competitions in the 2019/20 season, an average of  per game - their worst ratio in a season since the 1990/91 campaign ( goals per game conceded). Problematic.

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Don Epifanio
Don Epifanio ()

@jeremie__nk Sari is very wack for a big club like that, Chelsea should’ve been the Biggest club he’s ever he’s fine there by Napolis and them

Rosanna Palomo
Rosanna Palomo ()

S-A-B-A-D-O de champions⚽ La cita es a las 3:00pm Barcelona vs Napoli Bayern M. vs Chelsea ¿Quienes serán quien complete la última llave de 4tos de Final?

fire Luke Walton and Vlade Divac
Fire Luke Walton and Vlade Divac ()

@MagicVagberg What’s happened since the Napoli stint? On paper his Chelsea Juve teams were just about as well equipped for Sarri-ball as his Napoli team? Or am I vastly underrating some of the Napoli players?

K^NG ()

Even if I don’t believe Frank will make it to the very top of management, I think he might prove me wrong because that’s what he’s done all his career. Too much doubters from when he started as kid till he got to Chelsea & Now. Love him. Work ethics always triumph.

Dallapartedeltorto ()

@pisto_gol Maurizio, ci ho creduto tanto in Sarri. Tantissimo. Però dopo il 4-2 col Milan, forse nel suo momento migliore, non ha saputo recuperare la fiducia della squadra. Forse è stato un suo limite anche al Chelsea non riuscire a farsi seguire fino in fondo.

BetKing Nigeria
BetKing Nigeria ()

Champions League Tonight 🔴 Bayern (3) vs Chelsea (0) 🔵 Can Chelsea pull off one of the greatest Champions League comebacks? Probably not, but let’s allow kingmakers like @woozzaabets to dream 😎 #ChampionsLeague #PlaygroundforKings

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Fabrizio Romano
Fabrizio Romano ()

Voëller (Bayer Leverkusen director) to Gazzetta: “Havertz? We know that Chelsea are strongly interested in but we’ll not sell any player before the end of the Europa League. If Chelsea want to sign Kai, they must pay what we ask. No lower price because of Covid”. 🔵 #CFC

Sky Sports News
Sky Sports News ()

Arsenal are close to completing the signing of midfielder Willian from Chelsea on a three-year deal.

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