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Updated: January 20th, 2022 01:37 PM IST

You think China targeted Swalwell because he’s so “effective” or because they thought he was a moron?

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If we let “wokeism” define everything we do in America, China will surpass us militarily, diplomatically and economically.

Pra quem quer entender mais sobre o sistema de eleições na China.

Mientras China está construyendo la mayor granja de cerdos del mundo, el Gobierno ataca a los ganaderos españoles. La Agenda 2030 quiere acabar con nuestro sector cárnico mientras fomenta la deslocalización de la producción. Sólo VOX dará la batalla por nuestro mundo rural.

Novak Djokovic is being deported because the government were worried he would promote dissent against them. If you’re celebrating that, you should move to China.

Let’s help increase the ranks for Yibo’s songs on Fresh Asia Mainland China chart. Here is the guide. There are two songs (替我诉说 and 廿). All you have to do is play the songs on weibo and let them play while you can scroll through weibo or open other apps. #WangYibo

The United States runs a torture camp for Muslim men at Guantanamo Bay, where everyone is held without charge or trial— but wants you to believe that it cares about Uyghur Muslims in China.

@2022CUBANCOFFEE Lechona se queda jajajjaja, fíjate que dicen que ella no deja a Diazcarada estar en los tríos que hacen, el siempre está regañado por todos, Liz la China , el cangrejo ,Alejandro, mejor dicho no sirve ni pa kimbal Jajajjaja! Y Ojo ,dicho por la amiga costurera de Liz , mala oja !

How Beijing uses its billions to buy political influence #China via

So @pritipatel on the news talking about the need to act against China seeking to influence our democracy. Quite right too. Now can they do the same for Russia which funds so many of her MPs and helped her and Johnson win a referendum

美国会共和党人追责新冠溯源调查 推法点名制裁中科院 美国之音中文网 🤖

Whose great look, great smile made you so jealous? China has prompted all of their men, military generals, including Zhao whatever to distract me from etching some amazing inspiring military talks? You copy China too, Using fake Luke whatever? Shame on you.

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The World Bank said it has upgraded its expectations for India’s growth to in FY 2022-23 “to reflect an improving investment outlook with private investment, particularly manufacturing, benefiting from the Production-Linked Incentive (PLI) ”

US complains about China canceling flights over COVID concerns

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My analysis is that Mali’s hardening stance may be the result of China, Russia supports at the UN and the deployment of Russian training operators. The changing geopolitical environment will inevitably embolden and empower those countries to seek more emancipation.

Some people are more concerned about China’s feelings than discovering the truth about #COVID19’s origins.

@flexboxedu @Its_FalconFo Dumb fucks? 1958 1961 1969 1984 1996 2009 Dude we made u😹 Take more loans from china and go bankrupt

Casi 10 meses después, ni siquiera el habilidoso Mr. Shannon ha podido hacer brillar la imagen empañada del presidente salvadoreño Nayib Bukele

We will continue to deal with Chinese PLA in firm, resolute manner: Army chief

Cadê os militantes comunistas de IPhone pra fazer textão pelo povo Uigur na China? 🇯🇵

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@Sirexxx777 @nytimes you say wrong all main stream media is paid by china,canada and britian goverment

Ostrich run: more than 80 birds race through streets of Chongzuo, China – video 奈良市じゃん

Queen Elizabeth is celebrating 70 years on the throne. The only other monarch to come close was Queen Victoria, who ruled for 63 years. Which explains the new royal commemorative china. #LSSC

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波特兰先生的博客: 第8章 莫理循的嫖妓日记摘编 这是一个穷游世界的流浪汉, 从记者到民国总统顾问的传奇故事 This is a tramp who travels the world poorly, The legendary story from journalist to adviser to the president of the Republic of China

What does this tell you folks about our security apparatus folks? Owned lock, stock, and barrel by China.

So, Fauci is responsible for his perverse reaction to AIDS in the 80’s, killing puppies for research, and gain of function research in China that killed millions of human beings around the globe. Then, he lied under oath. What am I missing?

You think China targeted Swalwell because he’s so “effective” or because they thought he was a moron?

@LANACION China Xijinping la peor basura del mundo, la peor dictadura comunista, junto del brazo del parásito Cafiero, que asco. DEVUELVA XIJINPING URGENTE EL TERRITORIO DE LA BASE CHINA CEDIDO POR CFK-

#China #NEV Dec sales data on 11 Jan, Tuesday, post 4PM (Beijing Time). (CPCA)

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China has faced no international censure for demolishing a 99-foot Buddha statue in Sichuan (reportedly to teach Tibetans a lesson) or for spiriting away from Hong Kong University the “Pillar of Shame,” a 13-foot bronze sculpture commemorating the Tiananmen Square massacre.

Tidak dinafikan pendekatan China berkesan. Namun strategi mereka iaitu ‘containment’ atau ‘zero COVID’ bermaksud total lockdown bila ada hanya tiga kes positif. Malaysia tidak mampu dari segi ekonomi & kebajikan rakyat untuk lockdown. Strategi kita ‘mitigation.

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