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R2 MD: Mohammad Ahsan/Hendra Setiawan (INA/2) vs Takuto Inoue/Yuki Kaneko (JPN) 18-21 21-17 21-16 YESSS DADDIES QF!!!! #ChinaOpenSuper1000.

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I’m tired of these “sugar daddies” coming in my dms and not giving me money..

If any sugar daddies out there wanna just give me like $500 I’ll send you all the feet pics you want 😂 please and thank you. Just need to pay this ticket.

When your best friend gets all the Sugar daddies by doing nothing 😂 @uhpriskilla.

@pulte I rarely get a mass of dm’s or send them. I get more “sugar daddies” and scammers but I just delete them. If they aren’t following the any of bye birdie. Blocked..

Lawan Jepang gas! Meski pun kalah sama kemot, tapi klo MD nya poin semua yakin deh bisa nyuri poin dari 1 MS. 🔥 Lawan cainak? MS kita bisa berjaya lur asal pas aja Jona vs Yuqi, Onik vs CL. MD nya? 😏 Sana mau pake HanZhou? Sini pasang FajRi/Daddies dong. LiLiu? Ada KevGid💃.

sugar daddies who don’t wanna give you up front because you wanna see if they’re real<<<<< THIS WHY YALL DONT HAVE A SUGARBABY..

the way no sugar daddies have pulled through and helped a girl out 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺.

If the mother of your kids allows you to see your kid :please take advantage of that. We got a lot of baby daddies out here STRUGGLING to see their kids..

instead of tweeting ‘iM LegAL 😈🔞’ to your sugar daddies & boyfriend of 4 yrs now, let’s register to vote today x.

wa time me message one ah denya sugar daddies bc i mi want some papaz to right and da madafucka wa tell me i haffi send wa amazon gift card fi his “run man” then he wa send me my d talk but da nuh ass d listen 🥴.

Pekan depan, 24 September 2019, the Daddies akan menembus rekor pribadi poin ranking mereka: setidaknya 91337 POIN, melebihi catatan sebelumnya di tahun 2013 (91020). Dan masih bisa LEBIH TINGGI LAGI!!! #ChinaOpenSuper1000.

@BadmintonTalk Daddies mengamankan posisi di Olimpiade dan WTF 🤣🤭 Pointnya udah tinggi bgt,.

@mollyleahjanex thanks a LOT for copying me now everyone knows we have been discussing sugar daddies,. nr😓.

Any sugar daddies out my bday is coming pls take me on a shopping spree I’m tired of being poor.

Why are all y’all scared of sugar daddies please use the patriarchy for your own benefit! This is a heroeslibrary approved message.

Me when I first started twitter: Oh this is fun! I’ll make so many good friends from around the world and laugh at their jokes. Me now: Where the heck are the sugar daddies? i can’t keep doing this lame shit for free..

@KINGSLEYxo dont let a keyboard jockey who prolly lives in his Daddies basement get to ya girl, your better than him!.

today i’d like to discuss the reasoning behind nonlesbian wlw finding masc so attractive that they headcanon every lesbian character as stone butch daddies.

one of my fears of having non-premium spotify is if a cute girl asked me what im listening to n i flirtingly gave her an earphone n suddenly a man shouted HEY THERE HAVE YOU BEEN TO LIDL :( fund me sugar daddies.

it just dawned on me that Ben Shapiro and Charlie Kirk both effectively have sugar daddies who pay for their vanity project careers.

Im tide of y’all fake sugar daddies in my dms .. leave me tf alone 😗 ..

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@_maia_magnolia Sugar babies have no obligation other than to provide sugar. And sugar daddies have no obligation other than to provide compensation. Housewives have agreed to take care of all domestic labor and have an emotional obligation..

R2 MD: Mohammad Ahsan/Hendra Setiawan (INA/2) vs Takuto Inoue/Yuki Kaneko (JPN) 18-21 21-17 21-16 YESSS DADDIES QF!!!! #ChinaOpenSuper1000.

Daddies mulai main di pertengahan game kedua Ginting dan game ketiga baru 6-3, udah beres aja bapak-bapak #ChinaOpenSuper1000.

R1-MD Ahsan/Setiawan (INA/2) vs Attri/Reddy (IND) 21-15 21-15 YASSS DADDIES #ChinaOpenSuper1000.

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