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I liked what Dany did, I didn’t care about those randos, I would’ve done the same, should I be tweeting this.

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dany‘s death lasted about 20 unemotional seconds to end the journey of the most iconic character of the i get it we needed to save time so tyrion can move chairs for 5 minutes.

Jon: *devastated after killing Dany* Meanwhile, The Starks:.

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Highlights der finalen Folge Game Of Thrones: 3. Die letzte Szene 2. Das Bild von Dany mit den Drachenflügeln 1. Nie wieder den Sky Jugendschutz-Code eingeben müssen.

What if Bran was actually the most evil person on the show? He uses the threat of the Night King to knock off a couple of Dany’s dragons, then randomly spills Jon’s lineage just in time to prevent a happy ending and precipitate Dany going nuts and Jon killing her. Boom, king!.

SPOILERS HERE IS HOW #GoT SHOULD HAVE ENDED - Dany is queen - Jon snow exiled to Castle black - sansa and arya disagree go back north ENDING - Jon snow asleep in his bed at castle black, gets by the children of the forest, turns into a white cycle continues..

Just quickly: I’ve loved every second of #GOT this year and I especially loved Episode 5. I hope the finale ends with Dany feeding all of our favorite characters to her Dragon..

@milayjoesw Y nosotros agradecemos el tiempo que se toman en leernos y respondernos Gracias por ello Eres un muy linda y sexy mujer.

if robb & margaery were still alive, the series would’ve ended like a four seasons ago period. they would’ve been the king & queen and dany would’ve never stood a chance.

@johnsmith401875 @nuovoatlantide Ya o Sansa her şeyin müsebbibi abi QUENN olacam dedi babasının başını yedi.Şimdi yine tuturdu Quenn olacam diye ,kelin başını,Dany nin başını belki Jon un bile başını yiyecek bence en cok o hak etti ....

Legit I kept wondering why Yara did not appear again so far. (Also, sorry not sorry but the real powerful ship that could have been Yara x Dany. Such a missed opportunity).

@Driversuberscl Durante veremos como anda el apoyo de [email protected] para organizar una gran marcha en Chile.

#GoT predictions. Arya kills Dany, Jon is sad and makes Drogon melt down the Iron throne to make gears and spoons for the people launching the industrial revolution and hipster cereal bars.

Siempre en Defensa del Obrero. Avanti Dany con toda la fuerza, vos podes llegar.

@Bulela_ True, he probably wants Jon to see Dany for who she is and make his own judgement.

@AraceliA_J98 Acabo de ver el último capítulo. Inesperado la reacción de Dany o por lo menos así 😪 jajaja.

@TCejohierro @CarlosAlbornoz 2 traidores a la casa Tyrell por lo tanto traidores a Dany, ella les da a elegir entre volver a su bando manteniendo sus tierras y titulos o morir, Robb hubiese ofrecido trato a traidores?. Y para rematar Tyrion denigra su autoridad delante de su ejercito. En fin..

@Mikan_0827_ まだ大丈夫なんだ!! それは一安心だけど、、、 お話聞くことだけはできるから 何かあって気が向いたら言ってね!!!.

işin özü şu .dany john snowa kızdı.ona krallık yapacak bir halk bırakmadı.kadın bu reddetmiyecen..

@DerWebschreiner die Familie entscheiden. Die einzige, die keine Familie mehr hat ist Dany - die entscheidet sich dann für den familieneigenen Wahnsinn - und bleibt damit auch der Familie treu. It´s all about the family :-).

@javandongen @karaschlegl Maybe this is dark of me but I’m hoping him & Dany kill each other or something? & then they decide to do away w royals altogether?.

I don’t care that Dany burnt shit down. Frankly it mirrors Cersei lit KL up with Wild Fire. Instead I’m livid that Cersei gets taken out by a fucking rock! A rooockk? With no one there to witness it. A rooockkk? What the actual fuck happened to the writers? #Gameofthrones.

@khaleesiklaus Oh ya it was totally the writers fault. It makes me so they literally assassinated dany’s character. There’s really no coming back from that😭.

@whochiodi Eu acho que ela só fez jus ao nome Targaryen. Rhaegar tinha 3 dragões e foi assim que ele conquistou westeros: queimando todo mundo que se opunha. A Dany tá reconquistando da mesma forma..

Caught up on thrones. I think I saw so many extreme takes on both sides that I inevitably fell in the middle. Don’t think Dany going mad was as forced as some are claiming..

I liked what Dany did, I didn’t care about those randos, I would’ve done the same, should I be tweeting this.

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