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Oh my knew u r involved when I saw this good luck machi and to our dear @Dir_Lokesh 😎😎😎 and finally our Alwarpet andavar 🥰

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Impsea ✌🏻 😷
Impsea ✌🏻 😷 ()

Dear @sanstocktrader bhai, pls spread d word. 1 of my frnd is organizing Free trading training. Only for full time r as follows : (1) Stock selection methods (2) Price action concepts (3) Entry, stop loss and exit methods (4) psychology: low of large numbers

❤Sonali❤ ()

Dear @StarPlus Stop retelecast of old Trp of new shows is decreasing n its totally unfair to the actors n team whi r working in this Atleast think about their hard work

Kiekie¹⁹💚 ()

Dear eggies , We r at end today thanks fr coming along with me through this beautiful journey I LAND U all 🙆‍♀️💚💚💚💚💚💚🥺 gonna miss this months :(

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H☮PE ()

@0117shigeru1 Good morning my dear Shigeru, beautiful Friday! I send you sun rays from Corsica! 🙏👋😊🔆🌺💮🌷🌸🥀🕊️

olivia˚³ hates twt (was @FOOLF0RSHE im locked)
Olivia˚³ hates twt (was @FOOLF0RSHE im locked) ()

dear @Harry_Styles, how r u? i cant believe u might be in another movie ! even if u arent in it im def gonna read the book. it looks amazing. i had some veggie lasagna for dinnner and started an ink print. have an orange for some vitamin c. i love you so much sincerely, olivia

𝗸𝘆 ⁷
𝗸𝘆 ⁷ ()

dear 14 year old weebs and 27 year old jobless white men, if your idea of humor is being racist, homophobic, sexist, and r*pe jokes you simply aren’t funny. saying weird obnoxious things that bring shock value doesn’t mean you’re funny it means you are disturbing.

𝙖𝙡𝙚𝙘 ()

cês viram q o ebook em inglês CARTAS PARA MARTIN tá saindo por R$9 na Amazon?

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Nabila Asad Khawaja🇺🇸🇰🇼🇧🇩🏳️
Nabila Asad Khawaja🇺🇸🇰🇼🇧🇩🏳️ ()

Dear Makers of #Yehrishteyhainpyaarke I understand u r trying to show some modern twist in ur show but nothing can be modern if u r not correcting ur facts Pls don’t misinterpret science. TV is a medium u can educate & entertain ppl but ur TRP is showing that u r not succeeding

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Blessing Aigbe
Blessing Aigbe ()

@2muchAkanni U r too much too, love your spirit towards the young man, God bless you, more strength and grace dear

yehuda_P.A.E #ProudToBe🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾
Yehuda_P.A.E #ProudToBe🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾 ()

You are awesome dear L O R D J E S U S. Lead us today! We want to PLEASE YOUR HEART. 🕊️🌿 A M E N 🌿🕊️ 💗💖 Morning From Me 💖💗 🕊️🌿 G O D B L E S S A L L 🌿🕊️ 🙏🏻🙌 Stay Safe Be Safe 🙌🙏🏻

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PJ ()

oh god i just saw ________ was trending and i thought they were talking about the celebrity ________ thankfully they were just talking about their dear beloved family member thank god that’s all it is nothing important phew that could have been bad 😅

Ronnie Martin
Ronnie Martin ()

Dear Church, The Holy Spirit told Paul to tell us to stop treating each other so crummy. Your paraphraser, Big R.

Tavishi ()

Dear SSRians,you have been strong since day was no PR team back then. Now that they r trying to create a divide,donot fall into will get justice,stay here!#HomicideAngleExplodes

Françoise Jacob
Françoise Jacob ()

A big thanks to my dear colleague and Unicef representative @R_DeDominicis, @unicefsrbija, for everything she has done here in the past 2 years #ForEveryChild! Congrats and good luck in your new functions, we will miss you!

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Clio ()

dear men, what is the sexual or visual appeal to fish? like what is it? why all y’all have fish pictures on t!nd€r? for what?

Nash ()

@Datezz1 @delnorsy U r very might have joked but spoken the started with Erica now it’s Dora who knows wen Dora leaves they will look for someone dear this blogger Elija Glory spreads hate wen she doesn’t like a am not from that blogger’s Ctry.

Rabbia Shahzad
Rabbia Shahzad ()

How can one assume something on his own without fully knowing the other person r whats going on in their life. How can you conclude or make a whole story just on the basis of your own assumptions, your own thoughts. Dear! you don’t know whats going on in someone’s head,

ɴɪᴠʀᴏᴜᴡ ✿
ɴɪᴠʀᴏᴜᴡ ✿ ()

Apalah Dear R Dear R muak gw denger si R, banyak banget drama hidupnya. Pengen ku tak hih🤏 Mo nanya dong, Btw si R udah jadi hantu belum y ? soalnya ngilang tiba-tiba🤔

Khairunnisa ()

Dear R selain kamu tren di tweet kamu juga tren di hti ku🤪

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DoReDo| DoRenDoy
DoReDo| DoRenDoy ()

Dear R Inget gak dlu waktu kita ujan2an bareng? Smph itu knangn yng blm bisa gw lupain Klo diinget2 kdng lucu tpi kdng ksl knp gw harus knl sma lu kalo ujungnya gini huhh Semoga langgeng sma yng baru ya, perlakukan psngnmu yng skrng dngn baik

Ressa Muhammad Fauzi
Ressa Muhammad Fauzi ()

Dear R terimakasih masih tetap berusaha walau belum berhasil:) buat diri sendiri

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Detta ()

Dear R, Makasi ya udah selalu nemenin sijeuni, makasi udah selalu bikin ketawa sijeuni, makasi untuk banyak pelajaran yang bisa sijeuni dpt, trimakasi juga kepada Tuhan telah menciptakan manusia ini, trimakasi juga kepada bunda R karena telah melahirkan R ke dunia ini we love u

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Ddewww ()

Dear R kamu dulu pernah ngelempar sendok ke jidat aku sampe aku gamau sekolah 2 hari ,astagfirullah kamu berdosa Banget

Cewe jawa 🐳
Cewe jawa 🐳 ()

Dear R Jika kamu bahagia bersamanya aku rela, tapi saat kamu menangis olehnya, ingat! Aku orang yang pertama menghapus air matamu

Meng. ()

@subtanyarl Dear R, apakabar woi? kangen banget buset😭 gak kangen balik apa gimana? mau chat duluan tapi takut, gak di chat kangen. woi elah peka kek chat duluan😭😭 kangen😭😭

Lil ()

Dear R Tolong banget nih ya gue orangnya gampang baper, padahal lu nya biasa aja. Stop jangan soft banget jadi cowo👉🏻👈🏻

AmaaiiaS ()

Dear R , enggak ada kata yang bisa aku bilang ke kamu selain terimakasih dan minta maaf, terimakasih karena kamu udah ada di hidup aku,terimakasih karena cuma kamu yang mengerti aku, memahami aku ketika pms ku dateng,Dan minta maaf karena sering ngambek gk jelas ke kamu,luvyu

Krishna ()

Oh my knew u r involved when I saw this good luck machi and to our dear @Dir_Lokesh 😎😎😎 and finally our Alwarpet andavar 🥰

Emerald Robinson ✝️
Emerald Robinson ✝️ ()

Dear Christians: take note that in the 116th Congress was COVID-19 Testing, Reaching, And Contacting Everyone (TRACE) Act.

Suchitra Krishnamoorthi
Suchitra Krishnamoorthi ()

& if ur really trying to help #RheaChakraborty dear feminists. Have the guts to spill the names of the men u think/know r involved in this. Pls dont hide behind ambiguous terms like #patriarchy .You want to help a woman you think has been wronged? Have the guts to name &shame

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