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Updated: October 17th, 2021 08:38 PM IST

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Best game of #TI10 so far?? 😱 @T1 playing out of their MINDS to take Game 2 against @PSGLGD_! 🔥🔥 THIS is what you call Dota 2!!

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The Russian channel is surpassing the 626K viewers on Twitch! Damn! They were ~520k on game 1! Team Spirit is uniting all the russian Dota fans there It has more than the English channel with ~400k and obviously their votes are clear 👀 #TI10

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im nebenzimmer schauen sich 5 typen die dota meisterschaft an über mir rennt das hippie kind der nachbarn im kreis und spielt blockflöte ja es ist wahr: ich stehe kurz vor der züchose

#Dota2’s next hero is Marci, coming ahead of Dragon’s Blood: Book Two in January.

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@lizZardDota2 @DOTA2 malo je reći da sam fkt ponosna što je netko iz BiH uspio na Dota 2 scenu, a pogotovo International. Samo nastavi tako <3 :D

Eu olho o dota e não consigo diferenciar mob de herói, heróis entre si, lane de

@NoobFromUA GOAT of Dota youtube Thanks bro, i used to watch you (i still do now) when i cant catch up streams <3

@AxiesIammanager Hello po managermy gaming exprience : dota 1, dota 2 ,league of legends diamond 5, mobile legends mythic glory, adventure quest, ran online, MU, S F, era of celestial,Ninja Saga, and axie infinity 1200 mmr 120 to 150 slp a day hope you choose me one of your scholar. Thannk you

@memefess Itu mending pak nadiem makarim fokus ningkatin pendidikan Indonesia aja daripada main dota

People who been saying he throw the game can go die, no dota player wanted to throw single game in the road to winning TI. It just not his time yet.

É visível que a twich br prejudica o dota, mesmo sendo de longe o jogo mais assistido da plataforma nos dias de um dos campeonatos mais importantes de e-sports de todos, o dota não aparece na página inicial da twitch de jeito nenhum, tem que ir lá mas abas procurar.

literally all my knowledge of dota 2 is from @textureMonkey and its enough to make me want to play the game

@PPathole @elonmusk Demon Slayer, Demon Slayer Mugen Train, God of high school, Kuroko no Basket, Fire Force, Terror in Resonance, B: the beginning, Hellsing, Fate ( all series), DOTA, Devilman Crybaby, Baki , Kengan Asura, Yu gi oh, Inazuma 11, Revisions, Attack on Titan, Bungou Stray Dogs, Norgami

About to be the first woman ever to play by play cast the main stage of the Dota 2 International in English. Here goes nothing.

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Every #TI10 round leaves me simultaneously jazzed for the winners and bummed for the losers. They are all playing good Dota and I want them all to win.

Comemorei a derrota do EG e agora vai ser a hora de chorar a do Secret porque só os deuses do dota agindo pra esse time ganhar, eles curtem perder ahuahauahahahh

Even though @EvilGeniuses Dota is out of TI, I will always be an EG fan! We’ll get them next time

This tweet is just to show love to Dota 2, thee greatest game ever. It hits everything - grand strategy, randomness, mechanical gameplay, and of course the human element. No one plays perfect, what would perfect even look like? I love it all, so invigorating.

time to watch my boy Zai play some dota, will secret beat IG or will they fall to LB. i hope this series against IG deliver some cool fucking dota #TI10

@itsmeShepard @esatalparduska A mi me gusta mucho q Riot tiene un sistema muy bueno, en comparación a dota, d escalada para equipos profesionales y mantenerse aunque no sean los primeros. En D2, eso es muy difícil y hasta hace 2 años era aún peor No hacía falta el tocho, pro estoy en una reunión y me aburro

Mayan baru main dota lagi dapet win 😁

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Team Spirit vs OG: Match Prediction. Dota 2, The International 10 OG will win. Playoffs of The International 10. Team Spirit vs. OG in a blowout match.

Team fight de dota eu não consigo entender NADA do que tá rolando. É show de luzes e efeitos pirotécnicos com tornados no meio. #dota2TI #Dota2

@talflyaizik you did the best you can! I will always be an EG Dota fan due to your tenacity in becoming better! you’ll get it next time

@EvilGeniuses Now you niggas have tons of reasons to kick Bulba Fly and Crit and also Rtz from your team now Poor leadership Poor draft and for rtz, maybe,just maybe,dota is not for you.

Dota player malding on league ! Last stream before i go to dota next week! Dont mind room still in progress idk how to decorateee

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The International 10: Latinoamérica quedó fuera del Mundial de Dota 2

@lizardman301 For posterity I’m posting that I meant to respond to the NA dota tweet and Twitter scrolled my timeline when I wasn’t looking.


Family Spirit 3game pick Hero Spirit🤕 Everygame spirit hero LMAO @EvilGeniuses

@SirActionSlacks I have 9k dota still need help LOL. I want to buy your voice lines (and a lot of other talent’s lines). How do I do so?

Best game of #TI10 so far?? 😱 @T1 playing out of their MINDS to take Game 2 against @PSGLGD_! 🔥🔥 THIS is what you call Dota 2!!

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