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  • Get your #WandsReady. #FantasticBeasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald arrives in theaters November 16.

  • #FantasticBeasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald arrives in theaters November 16.

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  • Introducing: The Scamander Brothers. #WandsReady #FantasticBeasts

  • Welcome back. #FantasticBeasts

  • Something to look forward to in November (besides my Birthday)!! Also, Jude Law is 😍😍😍😍😍😍!!!!! #CantHardlyWait

  • Saw the @FantasticBeasts trailer came out. first thing that came to my mind, how the hell does the auror’s apparate on hogwarts grounds?! That can NOT happen! Plot holes don’t happen in #HarryPotter world. You want plot holes you go look to #starwars 💩.

  • breaking news: lass found dead in a ditch is me

  • Come on, Warner Bros.! Fans deserve it. #SherlockHolmes #FantasticBeasts

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  • Apparating is isn’t possible on Hogwarts grounds, so how is it possible in the #FantasticBeasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald trailer? 🤔 #ThursdayThoughts

  • Can’t wait until my hottie Newt returns to our lives again .💖🌱✨ #happygirl #FantasticBeasts #hufflepuffpride


  • @FBAWTFTmovie @Arabelladaho @BeastsMovieUK @WarnerBrosUK @tessanetting @FantasticBeasts @AFEOHBr @H_PotterFreaks @iamwill @nathan_lewis Yeah !!! And we assume that the name of this french wands sellers is top secret?.

  • ¡Accio Noviembre! #FantasticBeasts.

  • Y’all always have something to say about anything. Why don’t you just enjoy it and shut the hell up #FantasticBeasts.


  • #FantasticBeasts Me gusta el icono de la reliquias ❤❤😍😍😍😍.

  • Can’t wait to see this!!!!! #FantasticBeasts

  • #FantasticBeasts Me muero con el ícono de las reliquias.

  • @Alex_MPierce @FantasticBeasts Nope. That’s his original wand before he defeated Grindelwald and claimed the elder wand..

  • Had to reread #FantasticBeasts today. #obviously.

  • #FantasticBeasts awww a esta linda pareja les gusta mucho correr juntitos ;3

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  • Magical

  • #FantasticBeasts Queenie en donde estas?... MACUSA no es tal vez sea como el ministerio de magia de Francia. Hey! Queenie tiene la maleta de Newt 😂 otra vez!

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  • #FantasticBeasts.

  • @LeggoMyMeggo_12

  • ฉากนี้เท่อ่ะ @wasipwk รอ

  • @FantasticBeasts Hey, @FantasticBeasts, how’d you get the sign of the deathly hollows in your text?! #AskingForAFriend #WizardingWorld #deathlyhollows #WandsReady.

  • Holy macadamia nuts am I hyped for this!!!!!!!!

  • all that matters to me is that Jacob and Queenie are in this movie


  • I literally keep noticing things about this picture. If you zoom in really close to where Credence’s name is, you can see the name Corvus Lestrange again. It appears that he was originally named after his father #FantasticBeasts

    #FantasticBeasts twitter.
  • 絶対観に行くけど、邦題が「黒い魔法使いの誕生」ってださくて悲しいな〜 原題はthe crimes of grindelwaldでわくわくできるのにな〜 #ファンタビ #FantasticBeasts.

  • @sofiacamposss @Rackqqel we watching this

  • ภาคเเรกยังดองดูไม่จบสักที สงสัยต้องกลับไปดูให้จบ 55 #FantasticBeasts.