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The Last Watch. The two-hour #GameofThrones documentary premieres Sunday, May 26 on @HBO..

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Знаете, от кого точно нужно бежать? Те кто считает, что Дейнерис поступила правильно, сжигая Королевскую Гавань #GameOfThrones.

The writers make dany worse season 7 and 8 got is the my most loved and most hated show the make daenerys worse because they want to make jon likable .I am waiting for the books #GameofThrones #daenerys.

Este fragmento de un artículo de Vice me tiene riéndome como loca. Se los recomiendo: #GameOfThrones.

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The Last Watch. The two-hour #GameofThrones documentary premieres Sunday, May 26 on @HBO..

This is all I feel right now! #hurtful #youcrazybitch gameofthrones.

I think the unexpected ending for GOT would be that it was all for nothing. It will change nothing for the realm. The fighting, the killing, will all be for nothing because the wheel keeps turning and people will always be playing the game of thrones. #GameofThrones.

Non seguo da molto #GameofThrones  ma credo che questo numero si addica bene a #Cersei 😈.

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#GameofThrones #DemThrones Tyrion: When the bells ring it’s over. Call off your men, okay? Dany:.

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ถ้าอาร์ย่าจะฆ่าแม่ ดิชั้นก็ไม่เกี่ยงค่ะ ถึงดิชั้นจะเป็นทีมแม่ก็ตาม แต่การดันอีจอนขึ้นก็ไม่ใช่เรื่องว๊อยยยยยยยย อีเหี้ยยยยยย มันดูเป็นคนดีเพราะมันไม่ได้เป็นเฮดฝ่ายบุกในการนำชัยชนะครั้งไหนเลยไงไอสั้สสสสสส #GameofThrones.

Thank god @BacheloretteABC comes on tomorrow night. I really need a show that knows how to treat women after watching tonight’s #GameofThrones 🙄😬.

That single tear from Cersei’s eye. Lena is such a good actress 😭 #GameofThrones.

If the #GameofThrones writing was gonna be this bad, they couldve at least kept #BadPoosi on the show..

@stillgray #GameOfThrones  fans watching the final season is how I imagine it is to believe in communism and live in Venezuela rn..

No tengo idea de quién es este personaje de #GameOfThrones , pero me sentí identificada 🙊.

I had hoped that there would be a happy ending in #GameOfThrones. How silly was I?.

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This just in: The Motjer of Fragons just made the top of Arya’s list #GameofThrones #GameofThronesseason8episode4.

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So who was Varys sending the note(s) to? Sansa? Yara? Someone else? 🤷🏻‍♀️ #GameOfThrones And with him having been so mysterious all these seasons, that was not how I expected things to go at all..

#Cersei: Our army will die fighting for us Lannister army: #GameofThrones.

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I think the long wait between seasons made people forget how cold Dany really is. #GameofThrones.

Finally saw Avengers Endgame. Perfectly good wrap up to a very long journey. Talk about whip lash watching Game of Thrones the same day. Yikes. #GameofThrones.

Just gonna did see Danybwakjing through thebIron throne room that was covered in ash season 1 (or 2 one of them. Way back then anyway) #GameofThrones.

Cersei needed to die in the most epic and expensive and satisfying way possible. This ho BEEN OWED a brutal death. What do we get? Tears and a bunch of damn rocks. Ugh. #GameofThrones.

I mean ’s just throw away 10 years of character development nbd. I’m mad. It was so epic and beautiful but the writing has me gagging. Ok that’s my rant for the night. #GameOfThrones.

#GameofThrones I’m very satisfied with Cersei’s story conclusion. Literally I’m sipping wine as my main goes down her way. 😅.

Que vaina más complicada está! #gameofthrones ya no sé ni qué esperar ni pensar de el final! #TeamStark.

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