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Pogba absolutely bosses Jorginho and Kante there. Wants it more. Fabulous throwback football. World-class. #mufc.

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@_EIPipita @mufcIeo Lj acting like I was even talking about pogba. Was on about kante and Willian.

@Amzo_Kante @BSebastie C’est la mode depuis un moment. Les gens sont révoltés !.

@Amzo_Kante @BSebastie Je ne justifie pas les actes, juste pour dire que ça rien à voir avec gor hein, les africains( ancienne colonie) sont pratiquement tous remonté contre la France et leurs autorités supposés dictateur en France. Ils vont les huer chaque fois qu’ils sont en mission là-bas.

@Amzo_Kante @BSebastie Ils ont aussi gifle un proche de Bongo à paris qui était assis au calme ds un café, un groupe d’activiste congolais ont fait interdire les concerts des artistes congolais sur Paris t’es au courant non? Eux ils sont plus fou que nous, ils frappent leurs artiste et leurs autorités.

Kita semua pasti punya satu teman yang menjengkelkan 😉 Bagi Kante, Pogba mungkin salah satunya 😂 #CHEMUN.

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Someone said sarri has changed Kante from a Lion to a domestic 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 #CHEMUN.

The wank fest when Kante starts as a DM in the next game under our new.

@IJCDCFCTILLIDIE @stefdcfc89 Didn’t see it, but the tackle on Kante was worthy of a yellow and would of been his second yellow 🤷‍♂️.

Pogba absolutely bosses Jorginho and Kante there. Wants it more. Fabulous throwback football. World-class. #mufc.

@trancevoyager Chelsea’s midfield doesn’t really help either. No kind of protection from Jorginho and kante is played out of position so can’t cover the bases.

@Skjerra_ Kante er ingen enkel mann å gjøre seg spillbar rundt nei. Men samtidig ser en jo hvor vanvittig god Pogba er, når han får litt tid og rom. Enorm assist..

@OshodiBreed @ChelseaFC Another liability. Kante is far better in that position. Sarri’s play isn’t working..

I think Sarri is deliberately trying to get sacked, otherwise how come he can’t change anything at all? Is he capable of playing a bit different? He plays the same system and same players and expect things to change,Specially seeing Kante in that position again. #Chelsea #ManUtd.

@ohwhenthe_reds Be much better with kante in there and him looking to influence the game, as it is hes hindering Chelsea.

DDG Azpi Bailley Lindelof Shaw Kante Herrera Pogba Hazard Martial Rashford.

@SebC__ Cahill 1v1 against anyone worried me last year, when we had 2 other centre backs and Kante to cover imagine with no one to cover him 🤯.

4 stunden den trockner repariert. lief. zusammengebaut. läuft nicht mehr. duschdichtung genau auf kante ausgemessen. zurechtgeschnippelt. kleiner zwischenraum. alles läuft aus. der motor der heizungsanlage ist schrott und beim abendessen hab ich noch mein weinglas umgekippt..

Man Sarri seems incredibly stubborn. Play Hudson Odoi Play Ruben Loftus Cheek when fit Play Kante as CDM Drop Jorginho Drop Alonso #CHEMUN #FACup.

Voilà mon maillot de Kante qui est parti. J ai envie de pleurer😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭!!.

Why does Sarri insist on playing Kante on the right instead of CDM 😂😂 Jorginho is fucking crap, Italian equivalent to Jordan Henderson #CHEMUN.

I still don’t get why this Chelsea coach plays Kante in attacking midfield while the team keeps conceding lazy goals. Anyway, let’s keep beating them. #CHEMUN.

Goal 0-1 Man united winning even without martial and lingard. If sarri doesnt change his Dude take kante back to 4 & move jorginho to Stubborn man #CHEMUN.

Chelsea needs to sack Sarri for a whole bunch of reasons but first and foremost for continually playing N’Golo Kanté out of position.

maybe if kante was playing where he should he would’ve tracked herrera and that goal wouldn’t have happened.

Mais não só Alonso é culpado pelo gol. Azpilicueta estava aonde? Rudiger, Jorginho, Kante e David Luiz deveriam ter feito melhor, mais uma vez..

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