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The Lakers and the Celtics are alone in first place on the same date for the first time since Jan 7, 2010. (via Elias Sports Bureau).

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The Lakers and the Celtics are alone in first place on the same date for the first time since Jan 7, 2010. (via Elias Sports Bureau).

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Phoenix 🆚 LA Lakers🏀 Karşılaşmada toplam kaç sayı olur doğru tahmin et, 100 TL bonus kazanan 10 şanslı üyemizden biri sen ol!🎁 * 3 arkadaşını etiketle✔️ * Paylaşımımızı Retweet yap ve beğen✔️ * #Matbet hashtag’i ile tahminini K. adınla birlikte yorum olarak yap✔️.

@1892SamV2 I don’t know who’s good or not. Lakers are very well known maybe they are good.

@BigShotLeonard Last year was just a bad year for Lebron and the Lakers lol they were 4th in the West until Lebron had his injury, then everything started falling apart.

Fell asleep in the middle of the game last night. Thank God cuz clearly the Lakers were trippin.

And we still won 7 in a row with tough road wins. Every team has issues and bad games will happen. Lakers were up 8 at the half with 60 on the board, and just got out worked in the third and fourth..

@Lakers they gave up on ingram for kuz, and now look what ingram is doing 🤷🏻‍♂️.

@chrisboucher (Montreal) had 15 pts,2 rebs,1 ast,2 stls,3 blks in 24 mins in @Raptors 113-104 win over the Lakers. #CanBall (PHOTO: Getty Images).

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ENORME victoria de los Raptors de visitantes contra los favoritos Lakers.👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Llegaban a este partido sin Lowry y sin Ibaka, dos jugadores fundamentales y NO importó. En gran parte por el señor Paskal Siakam: 24pts, 12Reb, 4ast.🔥🔥.

Man today’s been The Cowboys lost, the Lakers lost and I also lost all of my fantasy games 🥺☹️☹️☹️☹️.

Lakers do that BS every game, chilling and coasting until around the 4th quarter lmao like bruh Lebron only had 13 points wtf?.

LeBron to Troy for 👌 LeBron to Troy for 👌 LeBron to Troy for 👌 (📺: @SpectrumSN ).

Kareem Abdul-McGee! @DwightHoward provides the good vibes from the bench 😂😂😂 (📺: @SpectrumSN).

So panalo ang lakers kaninang umaga, dapat manalo din ang smb ngayong gabi! Lets go!! 💪💪.

As much as I’ve always disliked the Lakers (kings fan here) I love how hyped the fan base gets off really is a baller.

Naka agi ko ug mga bata ga praktis ug basketball. LAKERS Team daw NBA Team ang.

the lakers are smacking teams and our offense isn’t even sorted out yet.

@AoX_Mariano Lakers will fasho go over the cap for him and with boogie on the roster i think Vale prolly takes a chance elsewhere tbh. He may not ever get PT.

Davis, James send Lakers past Heat for 7th straight win.

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Attention Twitter World: The Los Angeles Lakers are 7-1. They have LeBron James and Anthony Davis. That is all..

Lakers should’ve never ever gave up D’Lo. Damn shame.

@Aj_Winnington @DragonflyJonez Name 3 teams with a better supporting cast than the Lakers..

@drgonzo777 clippers are gonna be a threat once they integrate PG but the Lakers are definitely in the equal of title contender.

@DieRichBoss @Lakers Tonight, yes, he finally played more. But he’s averaging roughly 6 minutes more per game on the season. Bradley is another issue on its own. I wasn’t a fan of that signing with his production grading worse with each progressing year but I can live with him. KCP? Nah..

Heat took 24 free throws to the Lakers 8. Lakera committed 18 turnovers and still won.

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