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25th October 2019: Southampton 0-9 Leicester 11th January 2020: Leicester 1-2 Southampton Revenge. 😇.

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@EtienneShkPnk @LCFC Fallait pas parier sur Leicester , ssouthampton et tout le temps très bon face au premier 🤷🏻‍♂️ RIP la côte à 60.

@oj_Utd Leicester played Maguire the week before we signed him tbf that’s why I said 50/50.

@will_frost no chamce now,thought leicester might av pushed us but burnt out now i reckon and for me peps got eyes on champions league but they just dont av the same cohesion as last year,we could lose 6 games and still win it,how good would be to seal it at everton away though 👌👌.

Revenge, is, sweet, sorry Leicester if you thought that you were going to turn us over again. We march on and on..

@kirazsoner Bence filip benkovic olabilir ama tecrübeli Leicester kiraya vermek istiyor sakatligindan sonra 🤷🏻‍♂️.

Leicester fans hating on him forgetting they wouldn’t of won the league without him..

I HAVE GREAT AND AMAZING from Jon Glackin who leads #StreetsKitchen ( a group that feed 4-500 people a week to the people in leeds and manchester, leicester, and all across the Jasper Thompson.

@RubenCalvo8 Hostias buena pregunta. Actualmente te diria con el Kanté del Leicester pero se asemeja mas a Kroos en el Madrid ahora por asi decirlo. No sabría hacerte una comparación actual que sea 100% igual 😂.

@LordQuak Didn’t Leicester win it? You’ll have the same number as Leicester, is it a lie?🤷🏾‍♂️.

@NickTriggerlips If it wasn’t for the fact I’m a Leicester fan, I’d have been pleased for them too..

Ndidi’s injury update: relief for Leicester and Super Eagles Download Now.

THIS GUY. IM HOWLING. HE’S ACTUALLY JUST SENT ME HIS RECEIPT FOR HIS JEWELLERY BECAUSE I SAID HE COULDNT AFFORD A SCARF I CANT BREATHE 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 have you ever known anything like it, WHAT are Leicester I am honestly dissapointed 😩😂😂😂.

El Liverpool de Klopp cada vez más cerca de llevarse el título, salvo una debacle reds. Perdió el Leicester, y mañana juega el City, quien esta muy lejos de la punta..

#Liverpool up by one against Spurs. Meanwhile another loss by Leicester helps increase the lead to 16 if we hold on here. #TOTLIV.

not letting Leicester have their free scarfs at Villa Park, is incredible shithousery; gloriously petty. Leicester fans up in arms about not getting a free scarf is killing me..

25th October 2019: Southampton 0-9 Leicester 11th January 2020: Leicester 1-2 Southampton Revenge. 😇.

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