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@MissingLuci Some swifties are looking for clout let me expose

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✧・゚: *✧・ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ elie
✧・゚: *✧・ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ elie ()

@nannadress let me ifrst begin b saying im so sorry i have let you down. in the midst of my social media cleanse (so as to achieve spiritual enlightenment) i completely overlooked the fact that it is scorpio season. and mroe importantly - that it was your birthday two days ago.

Michael Puente
Michael Puente ()

@JeffreeStar Ok but Miss Lynn this hair is everything. Let me know when I can have it, ok?

AcuarelaAriana ()

Esto me lo envia una amiga desde Texas . Hilo We cannot let the left win. We need to fight now, so that our next generation do not have to via blood, sweat, and tears. They will ask why we let this happen. Prayer lots of prayer. No podemos dejar que gane la izquierda.

Serene ()

Me: I’m gonna let my hair grow long *hair grows* Me: Ugh, my hair is long now, it’s so annoying, i have to cut it 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

Buddhu ()

Everyone with a political opinion wants to shit on the timeline let me enjoy arsenal fans crying no fuckers

Andrea ()

my high school bff just got engaged to her asshole bf and I cannot let the enticement of a Post-Covid Wedding distract me from sabotage

BigB ()

What y’all doing @MsRyanDanielle @pstreetbaby come up to my job with me let’s drink and stuff

Vote For Taylor!
Vote For Taylor! ()

@MissingLuci Some swifties are looking for clout let me expose

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Mair ()

If Erik a person who gives no F**** about anything agrees you’re tripping and that you’re out of line that’s serious then. Bc let me tell y’all this individual never cares. But the moment he does you better know you dead done did something wrong.

pleasant ghoul 🗡️
Pleasant ghoul 🗡️ ()

*goes into a single player rpg* uh devs why cant you let my friends play this with me this is really unfair to players who have friends to demand i finish this achievemnt by myself

🐉 ()

Everybody tried to take my tag off my purse last night 😂 no bitch it says I paid $ let me stunt 😭😭

K.M.O. 🇳🇬
K.M.O. 🇳🇬 ()

I want them all to die. Let them perish. Let them sleep and not wake up. Let their children know it was because they fucked with my destiny and God lead me to withdraw my fixed deposit. Let there be mass funerals. Let the village be in confusion.

Sile🌺 ()

@PrimroseNyathie 😂😂😂yes mntase can you imagine!!!! Ngilokhe ngisithi accelerate umdududu wathi let me show you what I am made of 😂

🏁🦉lets roll friends!
🏁🦉lets roll friends! ()

lakers watched & let boogie still train at the facility after he was cut for what? don’t tell me that was all cap 🥴

Corona Virus
Corona Virus ()

American healthcare is weird. They let poor, Mexicans, Blacks suffer and die from my infection while rich white people never die. It’s very odd to me.

hey stop that
Hey stop that ()

all my tweets this weekend are sad and chaotic and probably cries for help whatever my life is in shambles and the adrenaline wore off let me be

Fr. Stephen Vrazel
Fr. Stephen Vrazel ()

When you’re doing a baptism, reading the Let the Children Come to Me gospel and the little baby starts playing with the embroidery on your cope, you let her play with the cope.

Mel ()

@VistaSlay let me see if i can get a pic of them to show you, happy to post one to you :) x

JManly ()

I want all of my friends to let me do a early 2000’s type of radio promo for their businesses. That is a dream of mine lmao

Cloudlynay ()

Let me in kok enak banget yaa. Omg luv sekalii😭💜 THE ALBUM PREVIEW IS OUT NOW #BorderDayOne_Medley #ENHYPEN @ENHYPEN_members

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Griffin Maldonado
Griffin Maldonado ()

@Apple love your shit and all but let me delete contacts at a better rate than one at a

Intrusive Thot 🍑
Intrusive Thot 🍑 ()

No one was sending me flowers or cameos so I started sending them to myself and I’m here to let you know, that’s totally allowed.

Nerd Wonder
Nerd Wonder ()

@Sushiimii_ @Fresherluke Then do you just let them go free nd just say mean things to them on the internet? Oh no! Epstien is molesting a lid right in front of tweet about this and not call anyone to do something Call the cops if you have info

chantal / norrismatcha
Chantal / norrismatcha ()

i am so annoying with caps tweets i’m sorry let me keep tweeting in lower

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arson ♡︎
Arson ♡︎ ()

Your Hands are Cold (Let Me Help You) by yhuuubie - 原神 | Genshin Impact (Video Game) via @ao3org

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LL Cool Gaye
LL Cool Gaye ()

I forgot I had these blackened salmon in the freezer let me pop them in the oven because when I tell you it’s a lazy day today

• ()

@Tashalee_xox Baby girl we have the same condition. Let me tell u, eating out less & training your body to stop eating at a certain time will help u out. I lost 20lbs

Mollie ()

@jodyizm he doesn’t ever let me take a good photo of him bc he likes to put his face directly in the camera. adding the last one though bc it’s one of the rare good ones and he’s just so pretty :’)

Let Me Photo,Let Me Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Diorr Doll🥵
Diorr Doll🥵 ()

I’m just let love find me & stop looking it’s draining😒& I’m hurting my own feelings😩.

Lesedi. 🕯️
Lesedi. 🕯️ ()

My friends and I spend bo ma 5 months re sa boledisane but let a man not text me for two minutes 😂

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