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Pomerantz took down John Gotti and specializes in RICO cases. A good fit for this gang.

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Rep. Athena Salman
Rep. Athena Salman ()

🚨Insurrectionist supporter Mark Finchem said on the Arizona House floor that we should end vote by mail in Arizona. This is extreme and wrong! 🚨

claire  de  lune
Claire de lune ()

i thought this game couldnt get any worse and then the only sound i could hear was mark jackson and, as it turns out, it could get worse

Laurence Tribe
Laurence Tribe ()

Pomerantz took down John Gotti and specializes in RICO cases. A good fit for this gang.

Ben Crump
Ben Crump ()

Happy birthday, John Lewis! We will never forget the mark you made on our communities and will forever continue to get into some Good Trouble in the name of human rights and justice! ✊🏾

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Overwatch Path to Pro
Overwatch Path to Pro ()

Get ready to mark your calendars, because #OWL2021 begins April 16th! 🗓️ Read up on all the dates and changes so you know what to expect from the new season 👉

Bradford City AFC
Bradford City AFC ()

💬 REACTION | Mark Trueman praised the togetherness of his Bantams - following this afternoon’s 2-0 victory over high-flying @CTFCofficial. ➡️ | Read: #BCAFC | #CityForAll | @PethBassSols

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ً ()

their voices sound so good together i really miss mark singing voice <3

Ali Velshi
Ali Velshi ()

The Democratic Covid relief bill calls for an increase of the $ minimum wage to $15 on the following schedule: •$ upon enacting •$11 at the 1 year mark •$ at the 2 year mark •$14 at the 3 year mark •$ at the 4 year mark.

Koreaboo ()

GOT7’s Jackson And Mark Once Got Into An Argument When They Were Trainees Because Of Some Stretching

Ben Nelms
Ben Nelms ()

Deacon Alvin Rint sprinkles ashes over a parishioners head to mark the catholic day of Ash Wednesday outside of Holy Rosary Cathedral in Vancouver, British Columbia on Wednesday, February 17, 2021. (Ben Nelms/ @cbcnewsbc) #AshWednesday

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Ally🌩 ()

ok but like not only do i have the same birth mark as haesoo but i’m so EXCITED TI GET THE SAME PIERCINGS SOON 😣🤞🏽

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Sounds Like
Sounds Like ()

On social media, vaccine misinformation mixes with extreme faith

Dr. Noreen Naseem Rodríguez
Dr. Noreen Naseem Rodríguez ()

For anyone interested, this is my favorite saxophone solo from the last decade. It starts at the 3 minute mark and lasts a full ass minute long:

Saint ()

@MarkYetter hey Mark, when Brazil is going to have 300 challenger slots? The LP to challenger in Brazil is already 603 today (02/17) in 1 month of season still 9 months to go and we have almost the same amount of players as NA has. Last season challenger finished as 898 LP

ALM ()

@Outkick Mark Jones desperately wants black people to accept him as one or their own.

Sarah Grace
Sarah Grace ()

@EKatholik @PaulTheMartian There is the image and there is a mark. The world is being transformed into the image now, so that they will accept the mark.

#EndSARS ()

Don’t need 5. 4-nil win is enough. BUT! Not this team. Not this coach. The team is broken. This season should mark the end of the rebuilding process. Pique, Lenglet, Roberto, Pjanic, Braithw, Junior, Alba & Busquets should be gone by Summer. Messi, if he wants, can be retained


Not even surprised I actually knew my birthday was gon be a shit it didn’t even feel like a birthday at all!

Bren ()

che esta re lindo este lugar parece una playa, mark vení conmigo así caminos por la playa tomados de la mano 😍

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Irish Abroad
Irish Abroad ()

📋 Post Game Summary (1/1) Unused Substitutes Mark Travers Shane Long Trevor Clarke Kieran Sadlier #COYBIG #BOURUFC



SFHuntress👻 ()

Blue check mark until he hears about what happens when you lie on your taxes.

JCTrading ()

Coming up to the 5 week mark this Friday🤩 any minute now babyyyy Let’s have it @alpine4holdings $ALPP x

Valentina Piro
Valentina Piro ()

Mark Hamill : Luke Skywalker= Joey Tribbiani : Dr. Drake Ramoray

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Heidi Fang
Heidi Fang ()

The new buildings to be home to the Al Davis/Eddie Robinson academy will be built next to the Raiders HQ. Mark Davis says their new homes will be 80,000 sq. ft. and are expected to open in March 2022. #LVAces

Meros ()

Mel K & Mark Attwood 6: The One With The Hats via @YouTube

Gus Seford
Gus Seford ()

@DonaldJTrumpJr Dear cocaine freak: The majority of the nation disagrees with you.

Angel And Lydia Romero
Angel And Lydia Romero ()

@3MnB_ @UnnecRoughness 10-Michael Crabtree 10-Brian Orakpo 10-Mark Sanchez 10-Brian Johnson 11-Tim Tebow 12-Mark Ingram 13-RG3 14-Denard Robinson

mark franklin rossow
Mark franklin rossow ()

@perlmutations 1st heard him in County Hospital room of a High-Break quadraplegic man (a college job on weekends) totally taxpayers-dependent, and frequently in the hospital caregivers who had to Turn It On for him and listen to it whenever in his room were mostly Female + often non-White

Hugh Pym
Hugh Pym ()

Prof Mark Woolhouse tells MPs there was not a single virus outbreak linked to crowded beaches last summer

☚ Ben Barnes #Bayern3_racism ☛
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