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debating Adam Driver’s work on Girls vs. his performance in Marriage Story.

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I certainly will be raising it to colleagues, because I think it’s important for all of us to see. @hunteryharris has a conversation with the real-life divorce attorney who (maybe) inspired #MarriageStory.

I will NOT apologize for thinking Laura Dern is brilliant in Marriage Story and that is quite simply that on that!!.

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Remove-Marriage Story Add-The Peanut Butter Falcon #Oscars  #OscarNoms.

i can’t stop thinking about marriage story literally best picture winner ☝🏻☝🏻☝🏻☝🏻☝🏻☝🏻☝🏻☝🏻☝🏻☝🏻.

📣📣 Quien será el ganador al mejor film? Ya está la lista completa de los nominados a los Premios Oscar 2020. Vos cuál elegís? Ford v Ferrari The Irishman (El irlandés) 1917 Marriage Story Jojo Rabbit Little Women Érase una en Hollywood Joker Parasite #Oscars2020.

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O IMDB “acertou” o vencedor do Oscar no ano passado. Será que acerta de novo? 8,7 1917 8,6 Joker 8,6 Parasite 8,3 Ford v Ferrari 8,3 Little Women 8,1 The Irishman 8,1 Marriage Story 8,0 Jojo Rabbit 7,8 Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Scarlett Johansson obtuvo la doble nominación en las dos categorías de actriz, principal por Marriage Story y de reparto por JoJo Rabbit, en los #Oscars2020 . La última ocasión que esto sucedió fue en 2010 con Cate Blanchett 🏆🏆.

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Both Marriage Story and The Irishman seem to be parodies of themselves. How do people take any of this seriously?.

Netflix scores several big Oscar nominations with Marriage Story, Two Popes, and The Irishman..

They nominated adam driver for a marriage story and not seb for I,Tonya and i will forever be salty about that.

marriage story i dont know bc i have yet to see it but in jojo was good. but i dont think oscar worthy whatsoever.

⭐Mejor banda sonora⭐ Joker Little Women Marriage Story 1917 Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker #OscarNoms.

assisti marriage story e ratifico que o twitter eh insuportavel com qlqr coisinha que de burburinho.

The Best Picture nominees, ranked by how good they are: 1. Parasite 2. Little Women 3. Marriage Story 4. Once Upon a Hollywood 5. 1917 6. Ford v Ferrari 7. The Irishman 8. Jojo Rabbit 9. Joker.

@erulissae achei que ela tinha sido indicada pro marriage story HUEHUEHUEHUE e pô, além da lupita injustiçada teve a greta gerwig de qualquer modo: pau no cu da academia.

marriage story for best picture???? are you guys ok????? #Oscars2020 #OscarNoms.

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Parasite > Little Women > The Irishman > Hollywood > Marriage Story >>>>> 1917 > Jojo Rabbit >> Ford v. Ferrari >>>> Joker.

@imheathergraham Irishman, Marriage Story and Joker are seriously the best movies I’ve seen in years. This has been a great year for film. Wtf are you complaining about?.

Little Women > Parasite > Marriage Story > Hollywood > Joker > Irishman > 1917.

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Scarlett Johansson hace historia y se convierte en la primera actriz desde el 2007 en recibir doble nominación en los Premios #Oscars : Mejor actriz de reparto por Jojo Rabbit y Mejor actriz por Marriage Story, ¿ganará alguno? Todas las nominaciones:.

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I’m dead Adam Driver got a best actor nom for Marriage Story but nothing for Bradd Pitt in Ad Astra.

#OscarNoms by Film: 11 - Joker 10 - Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, The Irishman, 1917 6- Parasite, Marriage Story, Little Women.

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The #Oscars nominees for best picture: 1917 Ford v Ferrari The Irishman Jojo Rabbit Joker Little Women Marriage Story Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Parasite.

#OscarNoms: Best Picture Ford v Ferrari The Irishman Jojo Rabbit Joker Little Women Marriage Story 1917 Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Parasite  .

debating Adam Driver’s work on Girls vs. his performance in Marriage Story.

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