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According to the Soros minions, my fellow American Ying Ma @GZtoGhetto is also a white nationalist for opposing illegal alien sanctuary policies & supporting #StandWithICE ==>.

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Kev/Koh semangat buat pertandingan nanti, semoga tuhan memberikan kemudahan dan kelancaran. Step by step semoga kalian bisa melaluinya. God bless us minions🙏💪.

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manifestação do dia 13, por mais que tenha sido flop, me proporcionou risadas com os minions incomodados na rua e um gado balançando a bandeira dos EUA na janela o auge, sabe.

@thehill Ya With the Government as big as it With both sides armed to the teeth and ready to eat Both sides are fully installed with minions at the ready. Why not do both? Goose Gander, ya.

【セール】ハロウィン 衣装 子供 キャラクターなりきり着ぐるみ 【あす楽】 #ミニオン #ミニオンズ.

@StopWithUrBS @Oteachjohn Exactly. What the actual fuck is that about? Turd Way has millions of minions to do that, why should Bernie surrogates defend #WFP sellouts? Does that mean they also sold out like Symone Sanders?.

@renato_mariotti I don’t see any consequences for him ignoring subpoenas and telling his minions to do the same..

@TOAdamVaughan @vankayak Lisa is light years ahead of any of you corrupt minions. #LiberalsMustGo #TrudeauMustGo.

Día 17 A dueto (...), en un karaoke, o berreada por cientos de mamíferos y minions. Esta canción es un himno para ser compartida!!!! Loooo lololo lolo La Polla - Txus.

El besamanos que los minions llevan todo el día diciendo que no sucedió..

Rindo e lembrando de todas as vezes que the monio foi escroto com repórteres 🤣 os minions tão loucos.

@lani_fieldsxo Why can the pups talk, but none of the other animals? Why is the Mayor of Foggy Bottom always in Adventure Bay? What is UP with Mayor Goodway and her chicken? Why are the cats both human pets, and evil minions? Where are Danny X’s parents???.

So sickening clear that Democrats & their media minions, like NYT, no longer believe in “innocent until proven guilty”. They hide exculpatory evidence, like NYT in its lame Kavanaugh accusation, all the Trump people investigated by Mueller & 1st described in “Licensed to Lie”..

@realDonaldTrump If ANYONE is guilty of raping Lady Liberty, that would be you and your minions, Miller and Cuccinelli. And Kavanaugh is ready to jump on too..


We need to stop allowing ourselves to be distracted by all the hype and bullsh*t that the Trump admin slings at us, every day, and stay FOCUSED on finding the solution to this problem! We all know that #Trump and his minions are horrible. Let’s not forget WHY they’re horrible!!.

se aparecer print do wpp só vai ta lá eu mandando fds pros minions do zack e cody.

@CarlosBolsonaro Depois dos eleitores de Bozo ser chamado de Gado, aos Minions só resta um mugido.😂🐂🐃🐄.

Imagine if you went to the movie theaters to see the new minions movie but it was just me on the screen for 47 minutes taking about why all cans should have the indented edges on them so they stack properly.

Full team of similar skill we kinda shat on the other team pretty hard xD we ace them, sit at their nexus and dance while minions crawl in, ace them again, rinse and repeat.

@ateezdestinyk sis was out there discriminating and invalidating black atinys, asked her minions to send them hate and we’re problematic for calling her out? yikes,,, do you have braincells left?.

@Sadiegirlcc @mkraju Let Moscow Mitch and his minions have to vote against impeachment after a thoroughly damaging series of hearings. That has quite a bit of practical value..

@Boss_CR_ @ClashAddictsYT Which giant deck would you suggest for 5-6k range and not extremely high skill cap? I’m current using giant triple with witch mini pekka minions and musketeer.

@cristiano_kardo @MiriamLencina10 Noa aeua longas anos de jornalismo alexandre garcia, augusto nunes , guzzo, entre outros, ja devem ter sido retrucados, rebatidos, contra-argumentados, numca os vi hamar ninguém de gado, minions , etc Ja os q mal sairam do andajar no jornalismo se sentem os.

@Tesscatbird @RepSwalwell Because #FatNixon and his ignant minions attack them as Fake News..

According to the Soros minions, my fellow American Ying Ma @GZtoGhetto is also a white nationalist for opposing illegal alien sanctuary policies & supporting #StandWithICE ==>.

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