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the human has made quite the sandwich for lunch. but when i placed my chin on their knee. and looked up at them softly. they only offered me. a piece of lettuce. nobody talk to me. for the rest of the day

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Didina.Mahyo ()

@Eliza38132841 I wish you an exellente day full of love my very dear friend Eliza ...thanks

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The Great Nana
The Great Nana ()

Crap. Waiting for my sister’s Covid test to get back. She is very sick and I was with her all day on Saturday.

JAE DESERVES BETTER || Theaaa 🐥🦊 || ()

Tawag niyo sa sarili niyo fans, my day, pero kayo pa nag aassume ng worst sa Day6 members?? Shame. Shame on those fake fans

GobalBaby ()

Day 9: God’s cruel jokes. Got my period this morning, the 30th, the same day that my mom has an appt with a in a waiting room full of pregnant women! They’re all so beautiful with their full wombs. I’m kind of jealous.

carson 🤍
Carson 🤍 ()

@Science_McTesty @dontwannabutily okay but like did i ask you? i was speaking to my girlfriend about a situation that we are having. now please can you leave our mentions? bye and thank you! have a nice day 👏🏼

Twenty Something in Orlando
Twenty Something in Orlando ()

Today is my first day back at my job that I don’t talk about. I was barely in the building before a guest yelled at me.

A L E X A N D R A ()

One of my soul moments in the day is sitting outside in the sun, reading some self-pivoting literature, with a cup of coffee at bay. Gratitude amplifies ✨✨

ProGd the Trader
ProGd the Trader ()

I do not put stoplosses with trade entry tweets because they are changed day by day, depend on the way how the positions move. just wondering how to tell SL effectively to my handful 🤔

Paden Pierry 🛩 MINDSET DESIGNER ()

🔥💻Question for developing my free software💻🔥 How many: Original tweets do you send a day? Retweets? Replies? 👍🏻

ᵃᶻᵉ | mal shut up
ᵃᶻᵉ | mal shut up ()

second day playing mafia (200630) ☑️ the mod forgot to dm me my role ☑️ i died the first night

Kimberley 🤗😘❤️
Kimberley 🤗😘❤️ ()

@BrexitGina I really hate fly tipping no excuse of it, I have crap beside my house from the shed clear out, I’ll keep here until a dry day then take the tip. This is so wrong, I hate seeing piles of junk all over of these low life’s. Turns the beautiful countryside into a wasteland.

Wendy Gan
Wendy Gan ()

The replies to this brought a smile to my face on a very grim day. Listed below are the many small pleasures that remind you how amazing this city and its people are.

MariusSchwarze ()

@Mengu09 @CalebDMTG I feel u mengu. My internet is perfectly running around 100k most of the time; but i keep on getting random ~2 min disconnects multiple times a day. That kills mtga and streamlabs everytime. For mtgo i at least dont loose my match, but still super annoying.

Bugi⁷ // KSJ1 //
Bugi⁷ // KSJ1 // ()

One I’ll post smth like that I am just waiting my lazy ass to be creative that’s all

Briana✨ ()

Me: *putting on sunscreen for pool day* My kid: “Briana, your tan is out of ” 🤔

TRF_lyrics ()

太陽はいつでも まぶしく降り注ぐ 君と僕のディファレンスこそ My way,your way そう とても素敵 ラグジュアリーな冒険 終わらないよずっと いくつになったって いつもmy heart,your heart を磨いて 【Good day,Sunshine】

Helolololo ()

@4DGaming3 one day is every day, you are a great, amazing, good hearted and inspiring person and i am proud that you are my friend :)

Adrienne Hoarfrost
Adrienne Hoarfrost ()

@NagissaM Nice! Its a nice frame too, where did it come from? My diploma is currently sitting in a tube in my office. Some day I will frame it! A girl can dream!

Bria Le’Shea
Bria Le’Shea ()

Brayden returning to daycare today !!!! & I’m getting in my bed watching my shows all day

Ulane V.
Ulane V. ()

@gaoluinn I love eating new potatoes boiled, with salmon maybe. Or boil also gauliflower & bit of butter on top. I boil a lot and fry some next day. My granny made made potato pancakes like that, but new potatoes are not good for mash.

Kokki Kumaru Official ™
Kokki Kumaru Official ™ ()

The Most excited Big day has Today is OUR day we own it and we gonna Rock it in Dhanush Style🔥 Tag: #DhanushBdayMonthBegins Advance HAPPY Birthday My THALAIVA♥️ #JagameThandhiram •|• @dhanushkraja

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Cainã Nunes
Cainã Nunes ()

Making my day better. Do you want separators in your Chrome bookmarks? Check this out! #tweettip via @manski83

Ad Lib Queen, MSW
Ad Lib Queen, MSW ()

Having a dream that your car got stolen on an extremely important day is only the devil’s work 😡.. You cannot take my joy!

BeeQ ()

🎶If one day we have to say good bye My love will belong to you until the day I die🎶 #PantipxMewGulf

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Grog Wilson 🦇🦂 🕷
Grog Wilson 🦇🦂 🕷 ()

Tbt to when I went to my job in corporate America dressed as Karl Marx for Halloween and spent the day reading the Communist Manifesto to my coworkers

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AMPS 🏁 ()

Happy independence day my Congolese people 🇨🇩 Some of my best moments involve your culture ❤️

Remz. ()

The pineapple my Nan brought the other day was phenomenal. I hate that fruit is a hit and miss kmt

Charly Rowe
Charly Rowe ()

From a day shift nurse on my floor. This is real. Do your part.

Akira ()

speaking of hooters i can not believe my dad let me a 12 year old back in the day to take a picture with the girls working there ☺️

Thoughts of Dog®
Thoughts of Dog® ()

the human has made quite the sandwich for lunch. but when i placed my chin on their knee. and looked up at them softly. they only offered me. a piece of lettuce. nobody talk to me. for the rest of the day

☚ #kumhampasti #HYLT2ndPAK ☛
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