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We’re staring into the barrel of Trump’s racism. He’s inciting a civil war and Putin couldn’t be happier.

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Salma⁷ -‘’✌︎ yoongi jtm ()

Bon poto en 1semaine tu t’es co 27 fois Je change le mdp 27 fois et t’es encore là Tu veux quoi putin

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Torcia Politica ()

@Esagramma_56 Ovviamente. E nella testa di qualche mentecatto sarà Putin ad aiutarli.

Andrew Weinstein ()

The fact that Trump spoke with Zuckerberg on Friday and Putin today but still hasn’t addressed the American people tells you pretty much everything you need to know about him.

Adam Parkhomenko ()

Trump spoke to Putin today. Then he got on a call and told governors to get tougher and dominate the streets. Probably just a coincidence.

Ricardo Marquina ()

El referendum para cambiar la constitución rusa se programa para le primero de julio. Uno de los cambios que incluye permitirá a Putin ser presidente otros 16 años más.

Uncle Grumpy calls more Bullshit. ()

Monday, June 1st; 154 days until the November election: *Global Pandemic *104,000 dead Americans *Record Unemployment *Looting *Riots *Curfews *Military presence in our streets * THIS is exactly what Trump and Putin planned from the very beginning. Trump is the real enemy.

土俵の冨만세! ()

@evelyn_Bordeaux 5分ですか! ご飯作ってました そりゃあ聞こえないわ

Wojciech Jabłoński #WojciechJabłoński ()

Już wiem, po co Kanał na Mierzei. Putin chce odwiedzić Elbląg na pokładzie własnego jachtu.

ßለα∂นʍนթ Пуτนн Ⅻ ()

Названа новая группа риска по коронавирусу

ßለα∂นʍนթ Пуτนн Ⅻ ()

В России проведено более 10 миллионов тестов на коронавирус

Andres Botero ()

Para todos los que están felices por qué se está destruyendo la entrada de la Casa Blanca, yo si prefiero vivir en un país donde se puede protestar en la cara del presidente que no poder salir a la calle ni con un cartel por qué Putin, Castro o Maduro los desaparecen.

МК ()

Кремль сообщил, когда Путин объявит дату голосования по Конституции

Serge Van Steenkiste ()

Trump, Putin and Bolsonaro find their populist playbooks are no match for coronavirus (COVID-19 is immune to intimidation, fear-mongering, and propaganda)

Amy Klobuchar and Kamala Harris are both cops 🌹 ()

@koshersemite @georgesoros Liberals are blaming Putin and Republicans are blaming soros lol

Tom Rogan ()

If you think Russia is responsible for this (and I say this as someone who understands Putin ops ), you are an idiot. Is Russia throwing fuel on fire? 100% yes (and I know from v. good source Russian-IC also). But the fire is, ultimately, our own.

Sunuk ()

Putin must be very happy now. Who would have known that psyops over social media would be so powerful?

Tmutch ()

@mommamia1217 The GOP is in a back room serving champagne! They are on the phone with their leader Putin. Sir Mission going as planned we have started the last phase to destroy democracy in the USA , thank you Vlad the GOP couldn’t have done it without your help!

Richard Almeida ()

Trump, Putin and Bolsonaro find their populist playbooks are no match for coronavirus - CNN

Saúl ()

@BarbMcQuade Can you people shut the fuck up. Putin wishes he had half the power you morons attribute to him

JEEP14 ()

Just think, somewhere in Russia Putin is laughing at what he helped accomplish three and a half years ago. Electing a “Orange Buffoon” to spread hate and discourse in the US. Which in turn has made us weaker here and around the world.

Charles Thompson Pro EU Pro Scot Ind ()

@Michael_Heaver @seamusalba Whoare they really? Who benefits? Become the victim oppressed by a mob Typical from the Putin play book.

Mau ()

I think I hate liberals more than conservatives at this point. Like holy fucking shit they think every problem in this country is some grand scheme orchestrated by Putin. This country was a racist divided capitalist hellscape long before Putin was making facebook

Petronila ()

@marcorubio Putin knows that he has succeeded in destroying America just by putting a Trump in the White House! Can’t the rest of the Republicans acknowledge this???

Mark Clackum ()

Everything Trump has done has been exactly what Putin wanted. Divide & conquer. Divide us from our allies. Divide us from each other. Divided we fall.

Kots ()

Putin is reading the news and literally laughing his freaking ass off while simultaneously injecting more fake American trolls to fan the flames on every social media platform. Be careful who you argue with.

Davey Gravy believes Tara Reade ()

@Jon_ThinksATYou @mustachetoilet They really believe it. They think Putin invented racism in America

Tig ()

It has to said that we are living in bizarre times, whether #Anonymousisback is a hoax or not. Cummings, Trump, Bolsonaro and Putin. I remember how boring the Nineties where, with nostalgia.

⭐️⭐️⭐️#MAGA #KAG ()

@Jonnyca9 Ihr braucht dringend Veraenderung! Ich hoffe Trump spricht mit Putin darueber.

Oʙɪᴛᴏ🎲 ()

Putin c tellement mérité après tous ce qu’il font c rien sa

Rob Reiner ()

We’re staring into the barrel of Trump’s racism. He’s inciting a civil war and Putin couldn’t be happier.

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