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New Queensland tourism slogan: beautiful one day, sending Australia into a hellscape of xenophobia, sexism, classicism, populist cruelty and environmental diseaster as this country disappears into the water and destroys itself, the next #ausvotes.

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Labor’s failure in Queensland was the fact that instead of communicating their plan for these workers they tried to have it both ways and people smelled the bullshit.

Will go nowhere as they are toothless & defend their own. Personally think Police should be addressing. If a member of public mocked this up and sent to a politician they would have Queensland Police or AFP on the doorstep quick smart. Jo Cox or Gabrielle Giffords anyone?.

@nedfulmer Go to the queensland zoo home of the crocodile hunter, an visit the irwin family, learn about anml conservation an capture a croc..

@HPluckrose It’s not just that Aus is nine hours ahead of us. It’s that - especially in Queensland - they all get up at about five in the morning..

Huge thanks to @Pudge_Aus for the incredible event and the insane crowd for their support. I had an awesome time getting to see everyone and I’m glad I could put on a show. Still pretty stoked about it all, it didn’t really sink in until I woke up today. Let’s go Queensland 🥳💖.

Meanwhile in isolationist Queensland- someone finds a dragon glass dagger buried underneath an weirwood tree and pricks their finger on a root and the dagger picking it up. Her eyes turn blue and she smiles as in the distance Bran in his tower screams. Close..

He renamed the country Queensland. They become isolationist. Drogon Heads back to the ashes of the old Valyrian hold. Deep into the cavern, where the dragon eggs remain- breathes fire and births a new generation of Dragons..

According to the data, Townsville, Thuringowa, Mundingburra, Keppel, Rockhampton, Maryborough and Mackay would fall. Yarn: #qldpol.

I asked people about the fake news “death tax” scare campaign that was waged against Labor on Facebook. Amazingly, it appears to have had heavy distribution in Queensland. Have a look through through all these comments. #auspol.

In the words of the re-elected Prime Minister, tonight we pay tribute to the quiet Australians, not just in Queensland but in every state and territory, who spoke up with so much force on Saturday night. MORE: #credlin.

Thank you Queensland for your vote that safe guarded our future. I will definitely be buying more food from QLD, hopefully spending some time up there (this year) and purchasing shares in QLD business as well.

@Loquacities Because the greens are a arrogant cult of politically ineffective nincompoops who literally cost us the election in 4 Queensland seats by physically driving a carnival of the worst possible hippie stereotype straight into it. Next question..

I’ll be doing performance + meet & greets this week in Queensland! Queen Street Mall, Brisbane City (Wed May 22nd – 4:30pm) Beatniks Records, Broadbeach (Thu May 23rd – 4:30pm) Come down and say hey! I’ll be singing some songs off my new album “LIFE” 🙏🏻.

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@clairlemon @GrayConnolly Before voting for a new leader, I think the whole caucus should spend a few days in Barcaldine sitting under the Tree of Knowledge, reflecting on the irony that they lost an unloseable election by ignoring regional voters in Queensland, where the party was founded..

Right-wing Sen. Fraser Anning of Queensland has failed to gather enough votes to keep his seat in Australia’s Parliament..

A former Queensland Labor member has warned Premier @AnnastaciaMP that her government is on track to be turfed from office over the Adani coal mine..

Driving a car in Queensland already costs around $200 a week, but motorists are about to be slugged even more. Registration and licence fees will jump from July 1, and the @RACQOfficial says drivers are being used as cash cows. @EmArnold_7 #7NEWS.

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Por cierto, un estudio de la Universidad de Queensland en Australia, ha demostrado que las personas homofóbicas son menos inteligentes, como podemos corroborarlo en tu tweet. Te paso el dato. De nada..

So amongst all this classist, elitist BAN QUEENSLAND shitslinging, some actual facts: The Greens just saw a rise in their senate vote in QLD, second only to SA in terms of biggest gain for the party. AND they came out ahead of One Nation..

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One perplexing thing is how so little anti-Adani action emphasised how a big foreign company admitted—under oath—that it blatantly lied about how many jobs they could provide*. Queenslanders hate elites, but they also hate foreign interests lying to them..

Some Australians want to ditch Queensland after election result #Quexit.

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There are so few jobs in mining in Queensland compared to tourism, and so many of those tourism jobs depend on the reef..

New Queensland tourism slogan: beautiful one day, sending Australia into a hellscape of xenophobia, sexism, classicism, populist cruelty and environmental diseaster as this country disappears into the water and destroys itself, the next #ausvotes.

“Queensland is what the problem is,” Antony Green with a phrase that may as well be in the constitution..

Petition · Bring Priya and her beautiful family back home to Biloela, Queensland · #HomeToBilo.

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