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minghao, how does it feel making “dreams come true”? do you have any plans of doing more 8music? #SeventeenOnYoungHollywood.

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#SeventeenOnYoungHollywood dino did you know that we are so proud of you and how you have grown into such a beautiful, talented young man. keep thriving <3.

do you know that a lot carats are orbits too? they are the fans of the girl group loona and it started thanks to this cover of thanks! #Seventeenonyounghollywood.

wonwoo said he wants to visit london, what cities/countries would other members like to visit? #SeventeenOnYoungHollywood.

jihoon what if we were to kiss in my minecraft haha unless?? #SeventeenOnYoungHollywood.

#SeventeenOnYoungHollywood How would each member confess to a person they like?👀.

VERNON!!! who is your favourite stranger things character? #Seventeenonyounghollywood.

minghao, how does it feel making “dreams come true”? do you have any plans of doing more 8music? #SeventeenOnYoungHollywood.

Smile !! We love you all so much 😔💞 #SeventeenOnYoungHollywood.

Love you so much guyss 😘😘#SeventeenOnYoungHollywood.

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Jeonghan are you going to grow your long hair back because the fans miss it #SeventeenOnYoungHollywood.

vernon how was it working with tobi lou? has everyone heard the holiday remix? #SeventeenOnYoungHollywood.

scoups what if you say hi to haha just ? #SeventeenOnYoungHollywood.

how does it feel knowing seventeen is the group with some of the best vocalists and dancers and performers in the industry right now and that im proud of u all for coming so far 🤔 #SeventeenOnYoungHollywood.

#SeventeenOnYoungHollywood pls ask Jeonghan to dance his solo purple rose! Or if he wants to become an actor pls!!!! Thank u!!! ❤️.

Jeonghan if you will have a solo album what will be the title, theme and genre? And why? #SeventeenOnYoungHollywood.

you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life. what song would it be and why?? <33 #SeventeenOnYoungHollywood.

Who’s most likely to be caught eating a midnight snack? #SeventeenOnYoungHollywood @pledis_17.

What inspires the tone of a song when composing? Or the key signature? #SeventeenOnYoungHollywood @pledis_17.

can you please just ask if any of them can lick their elbow #SeventeenOnYoungHollywood.

Would you rather have a rewind button or pause button you could use in life? #SeventeenOnYoungHollywood @pledis_17.

Can you guys dance a little bit of your favourite girl group choreography? #SeventeenOnYoungHollywood.

do y’all have any interesting facts to tell carats? for example did y’all know that a hummingbird’s wings can beat up to 200 times a second 😳😳 #SeventeenOnYoungHollywood.

do you have cartoon which you was obsessed with when you were child? #SeventeenOnYoungHollywood.

As a member of seventeen, what are you most proud of? #SeventeenOnYoungHollywood @pledis_17.


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