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[email protected] is expected to sign with Sony/ATV Music Publishing, marking a bold move for chairman/CEO Jon Platt.

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@shenanigans052 @PauliesSleepers Trying to get christian kirk for waller first. If that fails, I wil pivot to another trade: sony and waller for fournette. Lets see, fingers crossed!.

Sony tiene los derechos de Sunset Overdrive, a ver si pueden sacarlo para ps4 pronto..

@Darth_Jay I own a PSVR. I play Beat Saber. Just bought Astro Bot Rescue Mission. I played so many: RE7, Tetris Effect, etc. I really love what Sony has done with the hardware.

こちらはマニュアル撮影(色温度5000K)したものです📷 蛍光灯は5000Kで外光も入る部屋…雲が掛かれば少し暗くなります😐 シャッタースピードは手ブレ回避の為、1/250にしています。 SIGMAレンズは、SONYレンズと違い手ブレ補正が無いのです。 先程のオート撮影のシャッタースピードは1/60だと思います⁉️.

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@majorhayden @Sony If you’re after a recommendation, I can thoroughly recommend the pair he is wearing..

@JCdaGUNNER I also had Sony last year. Aside from injuries I was really happy with him on my team.

El polémico video de Fox News: Argentina está en caos por la vuelta del socialismo #News Suite.

Detuvieron a Maguila Puccio, el hijo más enigmático del siniestro clan, en Brasil y con documento falso #News Suite.

@_laynaw Now that Sony lost the Destiny deal they’re probably trying to hold onto the CoD one for dear life.

Un cordobés amenazó a Juan Schiaretti y fue detenido: Voy a ser el primero en meterte un tiro en la frente #News Suite.

Voy a maldecir a Sony hasta el fin de mis días por lo que han hecho. Aquí Peter no es Tony Stark Jr; aquí Peter tenemos a un Peter que no sabe que ya está en camino de ser el mayor héroe del UCM.

@majorhayden @Sony That’s easy; he can afford to spend a lot on headphones. Ergo, he can afford the hairspray required to hold that lot in place..


Sony (Spideverse) (Emoji Movie) See guys Sony is in the middle of trash and dominant movie quality because of these two films)).

@SpecSpiderBen @SpiderManMovie that’s not even the real full story disney offered them like back in october 30% but sony never responded and then they came back with the same deal, disney asked 50% sony just declined without even trying to make a new deal, also they didn’t even pay feige for his work.

Thank you @playstation for the private tour of your facility in San Francisco!🎮🕹🎮🕹 @Royals en Sony Interactive Entertainment.

¿Si digo que The Last of Us 2 me da igual por cómo está haciendo las cosas Sony pasa algo? Pregunto..

@getFANDOM @SonyPictures When it said “I face a lot of deception, and I’m tired of the lies, I was hoping for a press release tell the fans exactly what happened between marvel and Sony, and not from some secondhand source or rumour! 😂😂.

And the best value in streaming services, Sony PlayStation Vue, never gets mentioned or included in graphics. #TV #FILM.


आँसु झार्ने धेरै कुराहरु थिए मन ले भन्यो त रुनको लागि जन्मिएको होइनस यहि कुराले हिम्मत दिन्छ ।.

Sony lança trailer do Homem Aranha para divulgar o lançamento do DVD e Blue Ray do filme Canal Nerdmovies do youtube Clique para ver o trailer.

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Sony Walkman® | 40th Anniversary via @YouTube. Everytime someone I listen on YouTube talk about something 2 to 3 weeks earlier a video pops damn all could have use this a couple of week ago @kenfoulmouths.

@ReturnPro @StarGinSC2 ¡Claro!... Y por eso al final del año, cuando sales los resultados de los juegos mejor evaluados en el promedio global de Metacritic, Nintendo en 2017 y 2018 ha logrado un mejor posicionamiento que Sony.🤔 DxM han sído hasta youtubers Nintenderos que lo han tachado de regulero.

[email protected] is expected to sign with Sony/ATV Music Publishing, marking a bold move for chairman/CEO Jon Platt.

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