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The same people who got us into the Middle East mess are the people who most want to stay there!.

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Good night Pesan ku malam ini singkat kok Jangan pernah berubah tetap lah stay with.

@TheWaspResists Either Putin intervened or Trump promised Erdogan a stay at his properties. Maybe both..

1st @txzys Doing another pfp tomorrow! STAY TUNED!!.

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@nkule_kay So great ntombhi. Keep your head up and focus on improving your life. Stay blessed.

Grenfell disaster: London fire chief calls for review of ‘stay put’ advice.

stay with youのランキングが499で埋まったらしい.

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@Therealherself I kept asking you did you wanna stay where we was at but nooooo😭😭😭 and bitch cause I was tired bye 😭.

May you always have dreams,🎉 May you never have worries and fears,😊💕 Happy birthday to the best person on Twitter 😍 Today is a great day On Twitter because of your birth!😂😂💓😝Enjoy The wishes Buddy 💓stay Blessed and khush May You have many more🤫🎉🎉🎉🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂@its_wasif.

Stay in peace, your time is coming. Doors of opportunity are going to open. You’re going to see vindication, promotion, opportunity. No one can’t keep you from your purpose..

Brexiters, not having fought in the war: “We didn’t fight in the war to stay in the EU” Man who actually fought in the war: “We didn’t fight in the war for a terrible idea like Brexit”.

your new fav duo that you didn’t know you needed 🙏🏻 I LOVE YOU 3000 II Music Video with Jackson is out now 🔥 We are also gonna open up our very own friendship advice hotline soon 🥰 stay tuned for that 🤟🏻.

Sometimes you have to do housekeeping in your life. Stay protected..

@thickimusprime stay your authentic self and t e l l t h e m. such a lame excuse and blatant way of erasing people. yikes @ people who still use that.

Hey Wolfies! I hate to do this but I’m thinking I’ll have to cancel stream tonight. Emergencies at work are causing me to stay way later than normal and I’ve got to take care of these issues..

Almost every single person I know talked about me behind my back or lied or showed disloyalty so when I stay to myself don’t ask me why.


@nyooomgi @maashallahBTS The op was like apologise why the fuck would i? I dont care if she is here or not. Coz if she fucks up again, i will bash her again. If she wanna stay goody shoes and use twitter like a civilized human , she can do that. I literally wont give a fuck then.

On this Thanksgiving Day, I remember with thanks my favourite Teachers’ College Prof. of The History + Philosophy of Education, Peter Cremasco, who inspired + encouraged me to become + stay a teacher. You were so has been an amazing journey..

Stay known for a shit footballer and a wife beater or embrace opportunity to be a beacon. not sure you’re understanding the opportunity blessed with a platform and throws it back, idiot..

Petition to make Fortnite stay as a black hole for the rest of its existence- Name- __________________ Email- __________________ Name- __________________ Email- __________________ Name- __________________ Email- __________________.

DAD MADE IT TO ELIZABETH CITY, North Carolina! he’s gonna stay there for a couple of days and he’s gonna go to Sarasota, Florida next!.

BREAKING: NEW @Project_Veritas Video of CNN President Jeff Zucker: “Let’s just stay very focused on Impeachment” #ExposeCNN.

The same people who got us into the Middle East mess are the people who most want to stay there!.

There are calls for @piersmorgan to be fired over his views on gender. Should he stay or should he go?.

Dealing with @LindseyGrahamSC and many members of Congress, including Democrats, about imposing powerful Sanctions on Turkey. Treasury is ready to go, additional legislation may be sought. There is great consensus on this. Turkey has asked that it not be done. Stay tuned!.

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