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I was an extra in the Dark Knight Rises, one of like 500 Gotham city cops in the Wall St Brawl scene. We had plenty of chairs and tables in our staging area, in an abandoned building an anarchist tried to blow up in 1920, blocks away from Occupy Wall St.

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Podcasting’s Michael Bailey
Podcasting’s Michael Bailey ()

Andy and Mike continue their look at the Jim Starlin run of Batman on the latest Overlooked Dark Knight with the third and fourth chapter of Ten Nights of the Beast! More political intrigue! More action! More music from Rocky IV! #Batman #FOBNetwork

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Brian ()

@buff985 @joostinrextin Katie Holmes turned down returning as Rachel Dawes in The Dark Knight so that she could film Mad Money with Queen Latifah.

Eoghan R #GBTZ
Eoghan R #GBTZ ()

@ODEONCinemas Lord of the Rings trilogy Man of Steel Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition The Dark Knight Star Wars Saga

🦁 ()

@Yasser_Rahmo Omg the dark knight too! Ugh there are too many movies I watched way too many times. W L NAZERRRRRR 😂😂👏🏼👏🏼

dilay phalange
Dilay phalange ()

The dark knight beni cok yaraliyor cunku heath ledgeri dusunmeden aptal agliyorum filmi izlerken

Tayyab ()

@VanceKauffman WATCHED: Dark Knight The Exorcist Halloween A Nightmare On Elm St “Dream Warriors” Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)] But that was a long time ago. I have to rewatch these.

Lintang Enggang Geghana
Lintang Enggang Geghana ()

@djaycoholyc - The Dark Knight - Batman v Superman Ultimate Cut - Kingdom of Heaven Director Cut - The Lord of the Rings Trilogy - The Hobbit Trilogy - Troy - The Perks of Being a Wallflower

crush sakti
Crush sakti ()

@djaycoholyc Spiderman 3, the dark knight, Fast and forious, Transporter 3, Home Alone, Srigala terakhir.

Jordan Carroll
Jordan Carroll ()

@tomwilko1990 Fair enough mate. Have to disagree like. Good film though infact the whole trilogy is. Just feel The Dark Knight is a masterpiece tbh

Installation00 ()

@NakaiCanon Was thinking more so, the Nomex survival suit from Batman Begins or the newer Dark Knight suit from Dark Knight / Rises

Jesse Huerta
Jesse Huerta ()

@LiveLoveLupe It’s one of my favorite movies. So similar to The Dark Knight Returns

Josh LeGuern
Josh LeGuern ()

It is, technically, the 2nd best Batman movie ever (after The Dark Knight) but I think I love it more than I do TDK. Michael Keaton is the best Batman, Jack Nicholson turns in a colorful, maniacal Joker & the production / set design is top notch. it’s pretty close to perfect.

Justin Jones
Justin Jones ()

Taken up the advice from @H2Daniel’s stream and started a Cubase project with that car chase scene from the Dark Knight. Defs a great scene to practice scoring to. 🤙🏻

Sub_Bee ()

And finally the Scavenger Queen @ablazingmodesty submitted this new location Suit of Armour #NaughtyScavengerHunt

ًchanel ()

underrated opinion: batman the dark knight is honestly so aesthetically pleasing like some of the scenes to me are just really pretty

Dark magician girl lover@Looking for GBVS giveaway
Dark magician girl [email protected] for GBVS giveaway ()

I probably need to reconstruct my deck so that Dark Magician Girl the Dragon Knight will be much stronger and fortified that she can take on three Blue eyes white dragons.

🐧♡ ()

🎥 Film 🎥 I watched The Dark Knight on #Hulu 🦇 Country:US, UK(2008) Director:Christopher Nolan Cast:Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Heath Ledger, Gary Oldman, Aaron Eckhart, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Morgan Freeman 🐧

🔞 Shawn Saint
🔞 Shawn Saint ()

Think of a combination of these three other characters. The Highlander. The Shadow. and that dark knight from Record of Lodoss War.

elia ♡
Elia ♡ ()

@opalizing_ u kno i still haven’t seen the dark knight because i wanted to avoid feeling thing about heath ledgers death when it came out. to this day, can’t face it. another aries King, gone too soon


Captain America TWS Avengers Infinity War Avengers Endgame Thor Ragnarok Doctor Strange Home Alone Kung Fu Hustle Kung Fu Panda Toy Story The Lion King (1994) Star Wars IV Rogue One MI Ghost Protocol MI Rogue Nation The Dark Knight Green Book

Netguide ()

The Dark Knight Rises : Christopher Nolan dément être un tyran avec son équipe

Hammerica ()

@durth_mol Ακόμα περιμένω για το πότε θα δεις το The Dark Knight. :/

Chris Hanmore
Chris Hanmore ()

Day 17. Movie With The Greatest Villain. The Dark Knight #30DayMovieChallenge

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CapnJustice ()

@DannyAbbott94 Damn, 16 years?! Agreed though, still the best live action Spidey, and possibly my favourite superhero movie ever (near tied with The Dark Knight)

Waaaaaaa ()

@keitelfilms block amanda for saying the dark knight wasn’t good so then ches blocked me as justice for ha ass 😑

Speaking of Football
Speaking of Football ()

@3rdandShortt @ffb_bbq I would say Winter Soldier, Ragnarok, Black Panther, Infinity War, Iron Man, and Civil War are all better movies. Now if you said The Dark Knight, none of them come close, but I think Man of Steel is like the 4th best DC movie.

Jono Ezmuts®
Jono Ezmuts® ()

@djaycoholyc lokal : 3 Hari Untuk Selamanya, Pintu Terlarang luar : You are the apple of my eyes (taiwan), Memories Of Murder (korea), Love Strike (japan), 500 days of summer, Batman The Dark Knight


Some people are like the joker in Dark Knight returns, they just want to watch your world burn. And their nacks dey sweet better avoid problem when you see it.

Jeff Jensen
Jeff Jensen ()

I don’t mean to cause trouble, I was on the sets of both “The Dark Knight Rises” and “Interstellar,” and people, I’m telling you, there were chairs. I even sat in a couple.

Aaron Stewart-Ahn
Aaron Stewart-Ahn ()

I was an extra in the Dark Knight Rises, one of like 500 Gotham city cops in the Wall St Brawl scene. We had plenty of chairs and tables in our staging area, in an abandoned building an anarchist tried to blow up in 1920, blocks away from Occupy Wall St.

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