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@tommyinnit I’ll do one better, Happy MF’n Birthday Tommy, now go eat cake and drink Teremana with a splash of ZOA. 😂 (seriously, have a great birthday weekend) 🥃

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Marika 68%🐍🔥
Marika 68%🐍🔥 ()

Cristina: “Tommy è una persona speciale, seguite la persona giusta.” ✨❤️ #tzvip

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Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson ()

@tommyinnit I’ll do one better, Happy MF’n Birthday Tommy, now go eat cake and drink Teremana with a splash of ZOA. 😂 (seriously, have a great birthday weekend) 🥃

Rachel Weiner
Rachel Weiner ()

Lawyer for Tommy Webster, retired NYPD cop accused of beating an MPD officer with flagpole on #J6, says his client is in a dormitory setting with people serving time for inner-city crimes - for a middle aged guy whose never been arrested before this has been a shock for him

mils ☾˚.⋆
Mils ☾˚.⋆ ()

tommy is about to pull up in dreams discord messages again with all the sad songs hes been listening to

The Masters
The Masters ()

Straight into the hole! Tommy Fleetwood aces No. 16. #themasters

Chennai Super Kings
Chennai Super Kings ()

Thala vs Tommy at a game of Bocce! Italian version of Goli ! #WhistlePodu #Yellove 🦁💛

Sangiotisaninæ ()

Cele on fire per far fuori martina dopo che le hanno eliminato tommy #Amici20

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Icy ()

“Sono molto contento, molto molto contento, continuerò a ripeterlo oggi” Tommy 🤏🏼💛

sneegsnag lovebots
Sneegsnag lovebots ()

2. Predicted lore and stream title changed from OriginSMP to DreamSMP and he did semi lore with Tommy (stream title change was “saving friend”) while Ranboo’s was “people are weird”

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Fox League
Fox League ()

JUST IN: Rugby league great Tommy Raudonikis has died aged 70 after a long battle with cancer. Rest in peace Tommy ❤ MORE:

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Blake Harris
Blake Harris ()

The #Dodgers will wear their gold uniforms all three games this weekend against the Nationals Friday - Championship banner raised and rings given out Saturday - Pregame tribute to Tommy Lasorda Sunday - Honoring 40th anniversary of Fernandomania

theo ࿐ ˚ . ✦
Theo ࿐ ˚ . ✦ ()

what’s up with tommy and ranboo and just always getting into problems when doing things together /dsmp /rp

Robyn Angelea
Robyn Angelea ()

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Tommy Schultz
Tommy Schultz ()

(Updated h/t @DeAngelisCorey): Average K-12 per pupil spending in Pennsylvania: $18,238 Average private school tuition in PA: $8,160 #FundMyChildNow #SchoolChoice

Sebastian Stan Brasil
Sebastian Stan Brasil ()

🎬 Prontos pra essa dupla? Nesta segunda-feira é o início das filmagens da minissérie ‘Pam & Tommy’, estrelando Lily James e Sebastian Stan.

alliumduo updates
Alliumduo updates ()

Ranboo said that his stream with Tommy when they went to Dream’s bunker was kinda of a happy lore (minus the grief on Tommy’s part) and that it was also character development! /rp /dsmp

kiiwi 🦝 c!niki my beloved
Kiiwi 🦝 c!niki my beloved ()

and they both even found healing in c!techno and his winter the difference is c!tommy’s healing with techno was ruined because of the community house situation and his own (understandable) mistakes and new l’manberg and c!niki came at a great time with the syndicate and

Stephen Miller
Stephen Miller ()

A personal thread on the @MLB controversy: I’ve been a baseball fan my entire life. Almost every penny of allowance as a kid went to cards (all saved). Growing up in LA, my baseball hero was Eric Karros & my most my prized possession was a signed baseball from Tommy Lasorda (1/8)

Laurence Tribe
Laurence Tribe ()

“I have lost my son,” Jamie Raskin said, his voice trembling. “I am not sure at times that I even recognize the world.” But the world will forever be a kinder, gentler, better place because Tommy Raskin lived. Jamie and Sarah gave us all a great gift.

Gary (Mystic Mac) 🍀
Gary (Mystic Mac) 🍀 ()

🚨 🚨 NEW #giftagoblin GIVEAWAY!!🚨🚨 my dude @ohheytommy and I are giving away another iPad this weekend!! You know the drill! Comment down below as to how this will benefit you! Will announce the winner live on Tommy’s Instagram tomorrow evening! Let’s go!

FOX Sports: MLB
FOX Sports: MLB ()

I feel the responsibility to keep his legacy going. Every day he was wearing this uniform, he wore it with pride. @Dodgers pay tribute to the legendary Tommy Lasorda 🙏

robin 📓🐝💿
Robin 📓🐝💿 ()

@ranaltboo is tommy (and nobody else) gonna hang out in vc with you while you mine hahhahahahahhahah

Bethesda Beat
Bethesda Beat ()

Rep. Jamie Raskin said his late son Tommy “never lost his optimism and his radiant love of other people” but injustice in the world “haunted him and gnawed away at him”

jo 혜연 🌊 || yanfei my beloved
Jo 혜연 🌊 || yanfei my beloved ()

im finally catching up on the vods and please during the “dsmp finale” vod tommy; big q. lemme take off my hat for you quackity: tommy. lemme take off my shirt

Soccer AM
Soccer AM ()

Hitting the crossbar with a rugby ball? No problem for @TommyMak21 👏 But will Tommy manage to do it with a football when the pressure is on? 👀

Tommy Schultz
Tommy Schultz ()

Biden is proposing another $100B for schools, on top of the $197B in additional K-12 spending from Congress in the past Every family could have received a $5,300 check per kid to spend on K-12 education expenses. Bypass the teachers unions. Fund families #SchoolChoice!

BBHupdates ()

thinking about how my abusive ex is also into dsmp but I have no idea their opinions on any characters so I just like to think they have the worst takes on everything any ideas to add to my list? (Tommy deserved exile, techno isn’t the best, doesn’t like egg)

Tim Healey
Tim Healey ()

The Mets have a ...with veteran righthanded reliever Tommy Hunter. He opted out of his first Mets contract last week in search of a major-league job. Now, he’s back.

Ohio State on BTN
Ohio State on BTN ()

4⃣0⃣! DL Tommy Togiai (@Big_Tom72) puts up FORTY reps on the bench press at @OhioStateFB Pro Day. 😱

Tommy Schultz
Tommy Schultz ()

Nearly 50 school-choice bills have been introduced this year in 30 states. It’s a testament to how school shutdowns have made the advantage of education choice more evident, and its need more urgent. @WSJopinion

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