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“วิษณุ เครืองาม คือความผิดพลาดของผม” — Tony said

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Dossiê Comics
Dossiê Comics ()

BILIONÁRIO, MAS SEMPRE TONY STARK, O HOMEM DE FERRO ! Hoje Homem de Ferro 2 completa 11 anos desde sua estréia nos cinemas. Nesse filme foi apresentado ao público Natasha Romanoff como Viúva Negra e o James Rhodes de Don Cheadle. #Homemdeferro

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⍟⃝CaptRegina I Mandy
⍟⃝CaptRegina I Mandy ()


REN🍡🐹∑(O_O;) ()

Well its okay if you wanted to blame tony. Now in the end everyone is suffering. You should worry more about your fave lmao. 😂 blaming tony wont make your fave debut. But maybe if you address this to 😂😂 like its their show, if you wanted debut night, ask them.

Tony⊿ ()

@phi_PESmobile ユニフォームとかなら、買う人は買うし、本物使うのは選手だしってとこですかね笑

The Celtic Jew of Gallifrey🇮🇪🇮🇱
The Celtic Jew of Gallifrey🇮🇪🇮🇱 ()

@Toomeyfan347 He’s like the demeanor of Tony Blair with the policies of Jeremy Corbyn

Ė 5’6 ¥ ¿œ
Ė 5’6 ¥ ¿œ ()

Mood Board: it’s 2012 and FSU is about to tell me they are rescinding their offer after you’ve been to orientation and signed up for your fall classes

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Ralph ()

@shaneewarden i mean, iron man’s team won, but tony lost the final fight for the plot

Max Blumenthal
Max Blumenthal ()

Tony Blinken made a big deal about his stepfather’s survival of the Holocaust when he was nominated for Secretary of State. Now that he’s in Ukraine to pledge more weapons & aid, he has nothing to say about the officially backed Nazi march that took place in Kiev last week.

Jared Carrabis
Jared Carrabis ()

The White Sox are tied for the most wins in the AL Central and have the best run differential by a lot, but I would still fire Tony La Russa anyway. I really would. You’ve got a shot to do something special this year and your manager straight up doesn’t know the rules. See ya.

ᴅᴇᴇᴩᴜ ᴀɢᴀꜱᴛyᴀ ʀᴀᴏ❤
ᴅᴇᴇᴩᴜ ᴀɢᴀꜱᴛyᴀ ʀᴀᴏ❤ ()

Tera badan poora tera ilaka Mene na Maana tu lady gaga Main dakhu nahi hu Na dalunga daka. Par jar sardi mein garmi mein Jaade me baarish mein Tum meri tum meri Shona meri shona shona ~ Legend TONy😷❤️

Tony Espín™
Tony Espín™ ()

@SirArturo3 Yo vi el otro día la de The Predator me quedé con cara de no me he enterado de nada. Salía predator y molaba, pero su imagen ha sido brutalmente distorsionada y mal entendida y ya no puede salir nada bueno de ella, y del final, seguro que Tony Stark tiene algo que

What the Shot?
What the Shot? ()

2 min left and shot #344662 is still unsolved! The movie was directed by Tony

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Kieran Devlin
Kieran Devlin ()

Spoke to Tony Pulis for background on Liam Shaw, who is in the curious position of being a Hammond/Lennon signing - but will arrive at Celtic when neither are any longer at the club. Will he benefit or be left in flux by the hard reset.

Bob Newhart
Bob Newhart ()

Tomorrow night!! with hosts, Seth Rudetsky & James Wesley - 8 PM EST / 5 PM PST! Join Bob, Julia Duffy, Peter Bonerz, James Burrows, Tony Papenfuss, William Sanderson and John Voldstead as they talk all things Newhart!

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Sabrina ()

from employing tony deangelo to releasing this statement ... this is some character development arc

Teddi Turnbuckle
Teddi Turnbuckle ()

When is Tony Khan going to signed Diamante?? Leyla Hirsch vs Diamante REACTIONS w9th @Simply_c_ok #AEWDark #AEW

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☀️ ()

they kept tony stark in the iron man suit because if he got dressed up he’d be the hottest one i understand it was for the good of everyone else there 😔

Tony Medicina
Tony Medicina ()

@lopezobrador_ El mismo que Biden se cago de risa en tu cara cuando estabas rebuznando de migración en una cumbre de cambio climático? O este ya el mundo lo aplaude?

Tony Garcia
Tony Garcia ()

Check out my broadcast from my PlayStation 4! #PS4live (Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare®) live at

วันดี ()

@tanawatofficial ไอ้สัสสสสสสส วิตนุ ได้ยินปะ tony เค้ารับผิดไม่น่าเอาไอ้สัสสสวิตนุ มาเลย มันช่างเหี้ยมากๆเลย พี่น้อง

JaQ - E4003B
JaQ - E4003B ()

@davelawson35 @PaulWilliamsLAB I love Tony. But your response say more about you than anyone else.

Liz McKinley
Liz McKinley ()

@TonyKim_CRE Hi Tony. Looking forward to hearing more. Also, not CRE but I have a residential (detached house 2/1) listing in La Jolla that could be great for investors you know.

ester 🧈
Ester 🧈 ()

O JK realmente fez um tweet lamentando a morte do Tony eu jurava q era invenção de army KKKKKKK q bonitinho 🥺

Crazy8mike ()

@aed_forge Tony’s parents have be related to drug and prostitution cases years ago, just be exposed in the last several days, ppl now don’t want him to be an idol, YWY3 couldn’t make the deal to let Tony withdraw from the competition, now the show be shut down.

Csack99 ()

@klynch_10 @670TheScore So you just said three players should not even be on our team right now yet Tony gets blamed? He has a horrible bench to deal with. How are you guys not seeing that the ownership/front office is the problem here?

Voice TV
Voice TV ()

#ย้ายประเทศกันเถอะ ในสายตา Tony Woodsome #VoiceOnline

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Krittaphorn M.
Krittaphorn M. ()

“วิษณุ เครืองาม คือความผิดพลาดของผม” — Tony said

CARE • แคร์ คิด เคลื่อน ไทย
CARE • แคร์ คิด เคลื่อน ไทย ()

“สลิ่ม” (Tony Woodsome, 2021) #นายกในดวงใจ

Voice TV
Voice TV ()

CARE Clubhouse x CARE Talk : คิดเคลื่อนไทย พลิกฟื้นวิกฤติโควิด กับ Tony Woodsome ติดตามชมได้ที่

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CARE • แคร์ คิด เคลื่อน ไทย
CARE • แคร์ คิด เคลื่อน ไทย ()

CARE Clubhouse x CARE Talk : คิดเคลื่อนไทย พลิกฟื้นวิกฤติโควิด กับ Tony Woodsome. คมชัดทั้ง “ภาพและเสียง เผ็ดและเด็ดกว่าเดิม แบบเบิ่มๆ!!! ในรายการ CARE Talk อังคารนี้ เวลา น. แล้วเจอกัน #คิดเคลื่อนไทย #พลิกฟื้นวิกฤติโควิดกับพี่โทนี่

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