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@itsLaycon Talking about We Stan If you stay around Lugbe go to shoprite, free recharge card dey for Of lay lay @itsLaycon

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JDH 🎯 ()

Monica I like you and I love your persona come with me I’ll buy your hair by the bundle we go back and forth just like a runner lay beside ya keep ya warm like a mama - Thug is different 😂😂

black boy
Black boy ()

I love finding other Black people with my same last I just know we came from the same plantation cuzzo 🤞🏽 so nice to lay my eyes on you

G💕 ()

when me & lay get in our lit argument we go to the EXTREME, bitch if i’m mad you gon be mad TOO🤣🤣😂 it’s all love though! don’t ever think we leaving eachother. it hurts fr. 🙄

Al E- Animal crossing maniac
Al E- Animal crossing maniac ()

@MarieBlinku @lisaaabanana I think we are both right you may not agree but in the Bible I think it says man is not supposed to lay with man but the he says love other the way god has loved you meaning: accept people for who they are (I’m sorry if I was rude in my other comment we all have our own opinions)

✧・゚: *Karis*:・゚✧
✧・゚: *Karis*:・゚✧ ()

This is all of the ideas I had that I could lay out for now. Let me know what theories you guys have! I love discussing these kinds of things. And please remember to have fun with it, none of us know just what we have in store for us. :)

Coach Murray
Coach Murray ()

OWL NATION, please remember Zaine Moore and his family this week, as they lay his Grandfather to rest. Zaine is one of our Freshmen players. We love you, miss you, and are here for you.

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Diane Toucan
Diane Toucan ()

@morethanmySLE Be well, dear! Lay down, stay warm and watch some good TV. Jerry and Natasha love you and so do we. ❤

Drew Gordon
Drew Gordon ()

@HillaryClinton @Steve_Sailer It is with great reluctance that I have agreed to this calling. I love democracy. I love the Republic. Once this crisis has abated, I will lay down the powers you have given me! But we can’t have both. Facebook, Twitter, and Google can and must act before the damage is done. 🤡

Jimmy ()

@time2moveon2 Well I’d love to wine and dine you and actually have a good conversation first. But then once we get home and changed (preferably into the exact lingerie you’re wearing in this video), I’d take good care of you. Lay you down on the bed with some slow tunes playing, spread your le

Nard ()

@trentbigcity Just make sure you lay low in the beginning because I would love to see you win or in and then we’ll see you back for all stars 3

Allie B
Allie B ()

Friends, we can’t be silent on issues of racial injustices. Christian friends, you cannot say you love your neighbor and not be willing to lay down your life (and use your words) for our black and brown brothers and sisters. You can not be silent right now about Julius Jones.

emma ✌︎ | drowning imf era
Emma ✌︎ | drowning imf era ()

“I love zuko more than I fear you” is more than just mai‘s uncomditional love, it’s also mai deciding she’s ready to put their rifts behind and lay her life down for him. plus we learn that mai doesn’t hold grudges despite being taught to keep her emotions to herself.

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SpongeBob ()

@itsLaycon Talking about We Stan If you stay around Lugbe go to shoprite, free recharge card dey for Of lay lay @itsLaycon

☚ #lapakcot Jutek ☛
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