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Whisper Challenge Ft. Surbhi Chandna & Namit Khanna |Sanjivani 2| |Exclusive|.

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@lunachrissy Hey lil mama let me whisper in your about the shit going down in Antarctica.

これだよ、この深みと危うさのバランス。緩さの中に尤もらしさ溢れる開幕6話。夢と心を映す鏡。提供絵の時点で既に泣いてた。5話が音響ミスって演出も滑ってたから不安だったんだけど、完全に持ち直したね。構成も完璧で、個と関係性、距離の表現において究極の話数の一つ #まちカドまぞく #machikado.

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SEと加工、構図とカメラワークから6話ラストへ一瞬で受け手の心と感覚を戻す開幕7話。当然の疑問を埋めながらの情報の開示も、慎重に言葉を選びながらの掛け合いに世界観が崩れない。このくらい尤もらしく描けると何が嘘でも面白いね。来るべき場面と言葉が来るしいいよ #彼方のアストラ #astra_anime.

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@HolyGustkung @2003theAomMic ไปกันพริต่วม วันไหนไม่มีเรียนบ่าย.

~chubby bunny ~don’t judge ~say anything ~whisper ~diet coke and Mentos ~egg roulette ~what’s in my mouth ~don’t laugh.

Chinese-born Australians should of course be welcomed if they have received a liberal education outside of China. The way white security hawks have no qualms insisting on the conditionality/inferiority of citizenship for poc. Not a whisper about white supremacists. Funny that..

책 아직 돌려드리지 못했는데. 죄송합니다. ㅡJerry James Windsor.

“‘Cal,’ I whisper in his ear, lips brushing flesh. He smells like smoke and blood, heat and sweat. My head fits perfectly in the space between his neck and shoulder. He trembles in my arms, shaking. Even his breath hitches. He’s thinking the same thing I am. This can’t be real.”.

두개의 검을 사용하는 사람을 보자면 옛날 생각이 조금 나네요. ( 흥미로운지 검신의 끝부분을 손가락으로 꾹 누른다. 핏방울이 희미하게 맺혔다. ) 관리도 두 배로 해야 할텐데..

But I have found that the momentary sound very shortly becomes a whisper and the timely fury is forgotten, while the soft verities persist year after year. We have not survived on great things, but on little ones, like a little story I have here..

@q8DanTe @ii_whisper اقول حدك عاااد اذا ما عجبك هالانمي ماعندك ذوق 😒 شكرااا امون الحب عالفزعه 💃🏻🤘🏻.

The natives whisper that one should murder in the presence of a Caesar constantly..

What if you have no one to talk to? What if no one want to listen? What if you dont have the guts to say it out loud? Or even whisper your story to others?.

変わりゆく故郷、いまだけの風景。 島根県オールロケ、映画「クレマチスの窓辺」クラウドファンディング、今日からです。 永岡俊幸監督@Route_Nine_r をはじめとして素晴らしい仲間が集まりました! ご支援ご協力のほどよろしくお願い致します。.

@kaorin_whisper ついにみさこを殺める時が来たようです🙄🙄🙄w.

The role you play here on earth is only a whisper of something far more grand that lives in the eternal spaces of….

if you’re gonna talk while other people are talking at least be good at it and whisper.

@RansackedBrute — to him so quickly, Sorry about getting She said in a whisper..

@Whisper_Azrael @nopartyforcui 不好意思纠正一下,是插屁眼不是戳(不知道我在严谨个啥…….

@weirdyunaverse that would be dope tbh. I would love it, if source sent them to past locations like the memoria and love whisper sets, but shot them at those places with a darker tone..

@semestamiliku Gua pernah diajakin ribut sama cowok karena dianggap ganggu ceweknya , padahal di aplikasi whisper ceweknya nangis nangis curhat kebobrokan Terus gua yg salah? Hahaha.

아직도 잠들지 않은 부엉이들이 꽤 보이네. 호그와트에 뱀과, 오소리, 독수리, 사자 외에도 부엉이를 위한 기숙사를 만들어야 할까봐..

@kaorin_whisper 本当にですね✌️ 来週聴けるかな? 学校始まる😅😭.

Insiden yang menakutkan dan kisah berhantu berlaku tanpa henti selepas tiga pelajar memaksa Alex membuat suatu ritual untuk memanggil roh. Sekolah kegemaran semua orang menjadi menakutkan, menyeramkan dan membawa 🎥 Death Whisper 🎬 22 Ogos.

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Whisper Challenge Ft. Surbhi Chandna & Namit Khanna |Sanjivani 2| |Exclusive|.

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