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To the millions of people who get up every single day and make this country run: I see you, and I promise I will never stop fighting for you. You are the backbone of America.


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sushmita bhaskaran
Sushmita bhaskaran ()

@ReallySwara No one is demeaning mental health more than people like you who pretend it cannot be triggerred by bullying and isolation. Some are genetically predisposed to mental health issues while others are driven to it by bullying, manipulation, gaslighting and isolation. @itsSSR

MHB (new Trash Talk next week)
MHB (new Trash Talk next week) ()

@MyMollyMcButter if you’re single and into guys who can afford multiple bedroom and multiple bathroom apartments, my DM’s are open.


This is exactly why we say black lives matter. Y’all are literally choosing not to see us. We are black. SEE US! WE ARE RIGHT HERE! “Don’t see color”= idc enough about who you are to hear about your issues. We’re not saying all lives don’t matter but they won’t until ours do!

Cindy Anne
Cindy Anne ()

@therealsuzn God bless you. May he hear our prayers for your healing and all of those who are fighting this virus! Stay strong!

YourRight2Speak 💧
YourRight2Speak 💧 ()

@Autumn___Rose My point: The police in Brixton yesterday who were sent to police the black militia were dressed as beat officers. Now why the hell would you do that? other than to send the message that these protesters are harmless? to score points for their leftist agenda.

Rey.ad ()

new tracks I mentioned a few days ago are out now on all platforms. Thank you to everyone who has already checked them out, Thank you to those added it to their playlists, and Thank you to all those who ignore or doubt me, I wouldn’t do this without you.

The Brofucius
The Brofucius ()

@mistrustme1 Because I don’t have ulterior motives. I stop replying on Your tweets because of the Men who throw BS at You I thinking they are the one to get into your pants, and don’t actually see who You are. Plus 75% of them are stone cold fucking idiots. But that’s Me. Ain’t got a filter.

키 ()

the way straights who are qrting this are offended. Why the fuck should y’all care? you’re not dealing with homophobia, you’re not one to speak on this.

victoria • 20 𝑓𝑜𝑙𝑘𝑙𝑜𝑟𝑒
Victoria • 20 𝑓𝑜𝑙𝑘𝑙𝑜𝑟𝑒 ()

stolen- how do you guys recognize me on your timeline? 🥺 = display name ✨ = username 🤩 = tweets 💅 = Pic 🤍 = all 🤓 = who are you??

Michael Thomas
Michael Thomas ()

@Nigel_Farage Cmon Nigel - this mess needs to be sorted! Run another political party - you are the only one who the Establishment are frightened of


@2020RedKAGIRL My God gives me choices, I choose to not take a chance by infecting others or myself ! I have no fear of dying, my faith! You can gather, in your living room, backyard or zoom! I make choices everyday, including not walking in front of a bus! Who are you to judge me?

Roger Hawley
Roger Hawley ()

@SenDuckworth-it matters not if you served when you now betray your oath to defend our constitution and you open the door to anarchists who hate our country and Founders. I appreciate your sacrifice but it now seems you now blame America, so you are disqualified as VP. Shameful!


If you not saved in my phone bra do not FaceTime without saying who you are, I WILL NOT ANSWER TF 😒

Vote Blue No Matter Who
Vote Blue No Matter Who ()

@chuckwoolery LMAO You sick bastards who are turned on by the destruction of the country are going to be freaking the fuck out.

Bass Playin’ Leaf Fan! 🇨🇦 🎃
Bass Playin’ Leaf Fan! 🇨🇦 🎃 ()

@HKrassenstein @MacBitseach I don’t care who you are, how much charity work you do or what political party you belong to, if you are guilty you deserve to be punished.

Jdevans14 ()

@MikeGal041 @Anshul__K I think it’s because in England they stop counting you as a Covid hospital patient if you’ve been there for 14 days and are on the road to recovery whereas in Scotland every person who is in hospital having been admitted for Covid is included.

Ya Boi Knows Black Lives Matter
Ya Boi Knows Black Lives Matter ()

@FlamingClaw Its a good thing you and Lewis are two of the 5 people who interact with my fuckin tweets

Bellsy ()

In my humble opinion I think all of you who voted goku are wrong

meaty ochre
Meaty ochre ()

@Anarchomancer @K84UnitedLeft Also why are you so determined to defend soldiers? Would you spend this much energy defending ICE agents and cops? Who do you know who enlisted? Because I get the knee-jerk response, I’ve had to confront this in my own family. But it’s time to get over it

ADOS Y Cubano
ADOS Y Cubano ()

@Dxddythedon Me and you both, but it seems that the only other people who know that the black and brown shit is a farce are dudes in the California prison system and certain LA gangs. Everybody else is clueless.

Michael✝️🏳️‍🌈✨(they/them) ()

y’all ever log onto twitter and are confused about the drama in your twitter circles so you frantically scroll through trying to deduce what is going on? cuz that’s how i feel right now with the WAT posts about the Episcopal priest who left us for the RCC

HomeFarm FC Official
HomeFarm FC Official ()

Mobhi Road & our main pitch in Whitehall, many of our players play on both and can tell you they are like a carpet to play on Thank you to our volunteers who work tirelessly to keep the carpet looking good 👏🏻⚽️👌🏻

Adatmat ()

@SuccessRohan @republic Woh choooo hai uska ka handle de. He is saying why are you demonising bollywood Chu saala. Rizwan bhi maa la sun nahi raha. Barrage of sandas from his mouth. Phi woh chokri. Tell me one person who doesnt believe that politician is involved in Murder

🇺🇸❤️mandy❤️🇺🇸 ()

@celestem21 @chefsymon Who are you even to comment on the appearance of anyone? And why do you think Chef Symon or his wonderful wife even care what you think?

EB Morgan
EB Morgan ()

You mean “to fans and users of democracy and those who would be upset to see American government using fascist pathways of objective-accomplishment that are the modern-day equivalents to the burning of burning books?”

Jerry Snyder
Jerry Snyder ()

@BarackObama Agree with Mark Levin. You are a pathological LIAR who will use every fraudulent dishonest tactic to win an election. Sad - but you are One Pathetic Racist Person who has attempted to increase racial division for political purposes. That dog won’t hunt anymore.

Joe Biden
Joe Biden ()

To the millions of people who get up every single day and make this country run: I see you, and I promise I will never stop fighting for you. You are the backbone of America.

Gideon Lasco
Gideon Lasco ()

How dare you dismiss the sacrifices of health care workers, Cynthia Villar? How dare you tell people who are already risking their lives to work harder and do a better job? Stop inflicting yourself and your sickening statements on the Filipino people.

☚ #FORZAINTER #dynamiteiscoming ☛
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