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Yang Hyun Suk Resigns From YG Entertainment After Scandals.

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@Koreaboo I dont believe that yang hyun suk will resigned as the CEO of YG, i believe that this is just a strategy to told everyone that he will resign as ceo of yg, so that the allegations abt him and to his company will be gone asap when everyone knows that the devil ceo will resign.

@yeowooldreamin @RmrClarisse Stfu acting like u know shit. Who groomed Jennie? Wanted 2NE1 to fail?? People like u ruining yg reputation where are ur proofs stop with the bandwagon yg hate idk if ur a new stan but og yg stans like Yang Hyun sUk and hate the fact he’s leaving.

I barely stan kpop anymore what have I missed I hope my favourite member of YG entertainment is still there I miss my babie boy Yang Hyun Suk.

Babe Yang Hyun Suk resign. Terus kabar idol nya dimana? Treasure13 aja belum debut. Ngerasa kasus Hanbin belum sepenuhnya clear, masih ada setetes harapan. Walau pun sebenarnya itu nonsense. Turut sedih sih bagaimana pun perusahaan itu babe yang diriin. Auah #YGEntertainment.

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No matter how hard we all criticizes Yang Hyun Suk, lets agree that he really had eyes for talent and music. There’ll be different standard in creating new group or new music in future with a new ceo. Lets just hope it wont effect all yg artist, thats the least we can do..

Liat headline line today: Yang Hyun Suk Mengundurkan Diri Aku: YASSSSSSS *3 detik kemudian* Aku: wait ini dia bukan mau kabur kan anjir?.

Thank you for debuting good and amazing Talents girlgroup BLACKPINK and thank you for managing BLACKPINK to successful girlgroup in Kpop History! You created our Queens BLACKPINK and we Blinks will always thankyou Yang Hyun Suk(YG) and Love you Forever!!! We Are YG Family.

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been into kpop since 2011-12 i cant believe im now in an era where i witnessed yang hyun suk’s downfall.

yang hyun suk seemed to be more concerned with saving his own ass/ego/pride rather than protect any of his artists..

If Yang Hyun Suk gonna leave YG let Bighit take care of #BLACKPINK plsss or G-dragon😍😭😭.

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Yang Hyun Suk resigns from YG Entertainment.

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@rockthekazb0t i mean it may be hard for yang hyun suk to own a company from a cell so yeah 😂 seriously tho this year is inSANE.

@RealBlinking @Koreaboo Yang Hyun Suk resigning actually doesn’t create any changes at how YGE works since his brother is still the CEO and pf course he hasn’t completely loss all the shares..

BREAKING: #YangHyunSuk Announces Plans To Step Down From #YG Entertainment.

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Yang Hyun Suk Resigns From YG Entertainment After Scandals.

Han Seo Hee Admits Yang Hyun Suk Threatened Her If She Revealed Details About.

The one who should be leaving is Yang Hyun Suk. BRING HANBIN BACK.

Haaa lsd je pun its not THAT harmless yg gave up on him too quickly, lets see how well you’re gonna do now yang hyun suk.

I hate to tell you guys the truth but we might gonna see YG entertainment downfall very very soon. I think Yang Hyun Suk messed with a wrong person earlier until it become like this..

#YangHyunSuk Under Suspicions Of Tax Evasion And Destroying Evidence.

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Media outlets raise suspicions of tax evasion against Yang Hyun Suk-owned night clubs.

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