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Updated: September 28th, 2021 07:44 PM IST

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Prepped and ready for a big game tomorrow night in Porto 👊🔴 #YNWA

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UNSEALED BTS ALBUMS 230 each~ ETA: Late October or early November Inclusions~ Butter:All except RPC,RMC,and Poster Skool Luv Affair: All except RPC YNWA:All except RPC and Poster DOP: October 1

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@ynwa_20130613 @YouTube 오~~ 소름~~ 우리 지금 만나 당장 만나! 내가 날 버린 이유!!!!! 베이시스 정말 좋아했어요!!!!😭😭🌸🌸🌼🌼

YNWAさんとの定期戦熱かった! 次こそは勝たせていただきます😄

@YNWA_Yushi_66 多分油かな。油も相当いいチームだけど結果油が勝ちそう

@ynwa_20130613 앜ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ저 지금 배꼽 잡았어여🤣진짜 ‘미쳤네..세상에..’ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ저였음 울었어여 진짜

📊 الفارق بين المركز الاول والثاني في الدوريات الخمس الكبرى: 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 ليفربول - 1 نقطة 🇫🇷 باريس سان جيرمان - 9 نقاط 🇩🇪 بايرن ميونيخ - 3 نقاط 🇮🇹 نابولي - 2 نقطة 🇪🇸 ريال مدريد - 1 نقطة

Very sad to hear of the passing of Sir Roger Hunt, someone I would always look up to. He was a fantastic goal scorer and a true gentleman on and off the pitch. My thoughts are with his family. May he rest in peace ❤️ #YNWA

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I’m absolutely gutted to hear of the passing away of one,if not THE BEST Lfc strikers SIR ROGER a striker and a true Gentlemen,I had the great pleasure of being with him on many My Nu 1 Legend and Hero.🙏YNWA

Prepped and ready for a big game tomorrow night in Porto 👊🔴 #YNWA

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From Spurs Web: ‘Get him’ – Some Spurs fans urge club to make move for ex-Liverpool player #lfc #ynwa

@VirgilVanDijjk عادي احنا مو اول فريق نتعادل لو يخسر ، السيتي و اليونايتد و تشلسي راح تجي جولات صعبة عليهم ، المهم قدمنا اداء عالي بالهجوم رغم ضياع الفرص القادم افضل YNWA ❤️❤️

فوتبال امروز، جنگ میانهٔ میدانه، وقتی هافبک هات خلاقیتی ندارن و سمت چپ تیمت کلا فلجه، شاید هفتهٔ ۶ صدرنشین باشی ولی آخر فصل برای سهمیه راضی میشی. #YNWA

Gutted about tonight’s results. The team could’ve won the game in the 77th mins, but squandered the opportunity. In the end, a point is what we’re left with. Hopefully a win against Porto on Tuesday would make things better! Never Give Up, Mentality Monsters. #YNWA #BRELIV

Congrats, Mo. 👏👏 💯 goals for Liverpool. #YNWA @MoSalah

We were wasteful of our chances and our defence played like pre Klopp era so Brentford rightly deserved the point for their performance! We need to introspect and solve this issue ASAP coz other teams will surely take note of this! Nevertheless we march on and bounce back! YNWA❤️


Dan mag eindelijk weer iedereen naar binnen en dan produceer je de eerste 5 minuten 0 geluid. Ik snap dat niet. De term “kolkende Kuip” ligt ook al een tijdje ergens diep in een ondergronds container. Of telt het alleen als ze in de 88e minuut dat vreselijke YNWA zingen? #FEYNEC

@babifrown و البته بازی خوب تونی رو توپ های هوایی حاجی تیم خوبی بودن واقعا و فرانک مربی خوبیه

Frustrating to drop points especially going ahead twice but Brentford where fantastic and could’ve easily won so could’ve been a lot worse. The entire time Klopp’s been manager we always have a random game where we forgot how defend hopefully that’s it for the season #LFC #YNWA

🙏 De 21-jarige supporter Dani is terminaal ziek en zal vanavond de wedstrijd bijwonen. Daarom zal de selectie bij het warmlopen speciale shirts dragen en zullen we, middels een groot applaus in de 21e minuut, een groet brengen uit ons ADO Den Haag hart! 💛💚 #Familie #YNWA

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eu nem tenho mais força pra comentar caso de racismo, só espero que o Rhys esteja bem. YNWA, @rhyswilliams01

Rhys Williams was the victim of racial abuse today during Swansea’s game with Luton by a Luton supporter. It’s 2021. When is this abhorrent, vile, ignorant behaviour going to end? We’ve all got your back @rhyswilliams01 YNWA ❤️

ミルおじ今日はいい感じで良かった てか今日のうちで1番いいか()

Salah is so good that every time commentators see him on the ball the anticipate something special. #YNWA #LFC

100 goals for him and became 18th palyer for LFC to score 100 #YNWA

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I am disappointed in our lead this game was supposed to be done and dusted long time ago. #YNWA #LFC


最初は身体固かったけど、徐々にコナテも試合の流れと相手のスピードに順応出来て持ち味のフィジカル発揮出来てる印象 なんだかんだ55億円の期待背負わされた22歳のデビュー戦だからね

Pretty cool watching the match in Reykjavik! The Icelanders do love Liverpool! #YNWA #LIVCRY

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Il y a quelques jours Salah a atteint les 100 buts en PL Aujourd’hui c’est au tour de Sadio Mané qui a 100 buts en PL well boys Liverpool est magnifique 🔴 #YNWA

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