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The white establishment & their media representatives always blame Zuma for their own economic stagnation & failures of the current administration. Believing this kind of skewed & embedded analysis is gullible. They’re desperate to implicate everyone else expect themselves.

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Mmathapelo_Thapi_Tleane ♥️🖤💚 ()

You think Zuma was the worst president we’ve had, we are truly going to understand what it means to have the worst president especially for the Black body. This man will sell you out fast all in name WMC!

̅Zυ̅м̅α....™️〽️.💯 ()

#زعيم_تويتر_فلورز_السبت zuma 💨 follow everyone like my tweet 👉❤

̅Zυ̅м̅α....™️〽️.💯 ()

#زعيم_تويتر_فلورز_السبت لايك 💕 او رتويت 🌀 اللي يعجبك 😂💔 وتابعوا بعض منهم 💜⁦☀️⁩ وتابعوني برد الباك 💕😍🚶 #زعيم_تويتر_فلورز_السبت

̅Zυ̅м̅α....™️〽️.💯 ()

#زعيم_تويتر_فلورز_السبت لا شيء يستحق أن ترهق نفسك من أجله ، تجاهل من يتجاهلك ، واهتم بمن يهتم بك ، وسلامًا على من رحل من حياتك.

Zu_suke ()


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Ntsimbi ()

@mickeydedrinker Zuma is more powerful in the eyes of the people than ever before. He has been scrutinised from all angles in front of the eyes of the people and passed with flying colours.

Nkosazana ()

@ali_naka U Trevor Noah ngambona kudala ukuthi i-agent using his platform to push i-agenda yakhe ebolile. The time I saw him air that Zuma video with the aim of international humiliation ngamane ngazi. Igazi elino X ixoki.

Ayanda ()

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UMhlaba Ngoku ✊🏾✋🏾 ()

@nickhedley @PruMaseko Lies, You fabricating things to perpetuate a narrative. But here are the facts,since the day Ramaphosa took power the rand has depleted its value against the dollar by well over 60%. 14 February 2018 Zuma resigns 15 February 2018 Ramaphosa takes office. That Ramaphosa is inept!

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Roger VD Westhuizen ()

@simphiwesisipho @mickeydedrinker Yes Zuma for sure - he’s the reason South Africa is so highly geared - Zuma = Corruption

Mark Yoko ()

@FloydShivambu You are correct, Zuma is the face, the ANC and your lot looted the country of every asset possible and now there’s nothing left.

Peter Moyo ()

@mickeydedrinker The Rand has sunk from R13 when Zuma was there to R19 to the US$ under your #thumamina, load shedding has become our daily bread since Zuma left, Eskom has made a loss of R40bn under your favourites, SAA is dead, and 3 recessions under 3 Ramamphods Sonas! The Liver!

∆~ М и р у н ~∆ ㅣ❤41❤ㅣ ()

Знаете чего я не понимаю, почему когда продлили карантин, больше предприятий возобновили работу, тем самым больше людей выходят на улицу. Хотя страна добивается того, чтобы меньше людей выходило на улицы и контактировали с другими

Zulu_ ()

@zmobilefashion It had to happen, Zuma was eating with Indians, he ddnt give a damn abt Empowering black ppl, he was against Free Education, he voted against land expropriation TWICE when EFF brought it to parliament. In DBN all multimillion rand contracts went go to indians.

#marketinggenius ()

9years is too day Zuma was pushed out the rand was at

Ndlebende ()

@PresidencyZA Ramaphosa ,you never elected by Malema and Zuma factions then you cannot carry on like this allow them keep on preventing you in coming with strategy can serve us from crises no if you scared for them then why dont you step down because you are very soft .

Bestyb ()

Zuma please we know how dangerous you are, we know corona is your creation forgive us please. Also the rand Eish it’s at 19 please forgive us for removing you. Prime minister Pravin is no where to be seen please come help with the rand

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Mpangazitha ()

At some point you need to do the honorable thing and admit that you were wrong about Zuma. But instead u keep shifting the goal posts.

Glenn ()

@joguttu @mickeydedrinker They understand 100%. They want Zuma and his cronies back so they can loot the country into even more trouble.

Zulu_ ()

@zmobilefashion Black ppl are divided, lost, wudnt see a solution if it was staring at them right in the tell me abt Zuma/Ramaphosa, the whole ANC is rotten, if you want black economic empowerment vote must be decisive like why ppl, they ddnt think twice abt voting for apartheid

Ndlebende ()

@PresidencyZA if you are not change of keep on entertaining Malama and Zuma criminals then you going to be force to step down because we cant have president keep on let opposition parties and factions groip prevent him in turning around economy no that too much now.

Tofolux3 ()

@somadodafikeni New World Order is loading and with all the insults and disgust shown to Jacob Zuma maybe someone should by now realise what BRICS was going to do for our Country. Realisation today is that we are a nation of shoot-ourselves-in-the-foot and that apartheid did a good job on us

Zidane ()

@nickhedley @PruMaseko Now asshole the rand is 18 to the dollar. Your beloved Maria Ramos admitted to acts of currency manipulation and apologies and your media notoriously attributed it to Zuma. Your fucking puppet Ramapussy is failing dismally and you will defend him with your buttocks if need be

Richard ()

@Julius_S_Malema She multiplied like the virus bringing death and destruction, look in the mirror to see a prime example. SA in junk status you are to blame!!!! Remember we will die for zuma He brought this economic collapse and you helped him big time. No reason for pride here.

Gert Van Wyk ()

@LandNoli They got no choice but to contradict Numbers are there for all to see .... Things were better under President

SanDiesel ()

@FloydShivambu Dont be Hypocrites Floyd u and Mr Malema said to the whole nation if Zuma is re removed all will be well under CR! What now?! White people sent you to go March against a black man and u did ....!

Herman Mashaba ()

Totally unfair to solely blame Zuma for the economic mess we find ourselves in. His entire crew is still running the Party, Cabinet and Parliament

Floyd Shivambu ()

The white establishment & their media representatives always blame Zuma for their own economic stagnation & failures of the current administration. Believing this kind of skewed & embedded analysis is gullible. They’re desperate to implicate everyone else expect themselves.

Admiral Sihle Mlambo 🇿🇦✍🏿️ ()

There is no province that has a special dispensation out of the regulations that have been signed by the minister (Dlamini Zuma). If it is not in the national regulations, it is not allowed to happen. For now, cigarettes are not sold. That includes the Western Cape - Bheki Cele


Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma outlines people that are allowed to travel between provinces for funerals. This includes close relatives such as children, parents, grandparents, siblings and people that are closely affiliated to the deceased. #21daysLockdownSouthAfrica #Day7OfLockdown

☚ #bestronglola andy cole ☛
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