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  • Trump’s Cabinet is flying on private jets and paying $30k for kitchen tables but they don’t think workers should get to keep all of their tips.

  • Baseball season is only ten days away, which means we’ll soon be able to measure the longevity of Trump’s cabinet members in innings..

  • Sonia and Rahul are not responsible for loot by their cabinet members: coalition pressures. NaMo is responsible for all crimes committed by people with the surname Modi..

  • No elected first-term president in the past 100 years has had this much Cabinet turnover this early in his presidency.

  • Losing track of all of wasteful expenditures by Trump’s Cabinet? Here are some of the highlights.

  • Current and former Cabinet members have spent millions in taxpayer money on unusually costly items like office decor and lavish trips. 5 of the 21 Senate-confirmed Cabinet members are currently facing or have faced ethics probes over their travel expenses.

  • @nunumimi_ 我看成好想含光頭史奴比………….

  • #AmericanIdol Stormy Daniels Finals Cabinet Marshall Mueller #MondayMotivation Cambridge Analytica Andrew McCabe Parkland Davidson Xavier County Sweet 16 #AustinBombings Cynthia Nixon Miranda Uber Tempe #SDLive Bucks #WithoutMyGlasses #UltimateDELETION

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  • Warm Birthday Greetings to Former Cabinet Minister of Haryana & Chairperson Emeritus @JSPLCorporate Smt. @SavitriJindal Ji 🎂🎂 May almighty bless you with a Happy & Healthy Long Life. 🎉🎊🎈 @MPNaveenJindal

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  • Cabinet minister of #UttarPradesh Omprakash Rajbhar says that #Yogi #Government has failed on all fronts , not only this he says that his party may not vote for #BJP candidates in the #RajyaSabha polls..

  • @NickyBluewater @old_osc @BeeotchGoddess @SpeakerRyan @SenateMajLdr @GOPLeader @HouseGOP @SenateGOP @Cabinet Just that apply to everyone?.

  • "And I wish a nigga would/wood like a kitchen cabinet!" - 2 Chainz.

  • Kitchen Cabinet 20-03-2018 Puthiya Thalaimurai TV....

  • KP:Subai Cabinet Ka ijlas Ek Bar Pir Multavi Aj 20 March ki Bajaye Ab 26 March ko hoga.Asateza kaMasala Kashmir TIMESCALE ki Manzuri Ka Imkan.

  • @JanzforCongress @DaunCrowe David N, you may have overstayed your welcome by a year or so. You could have retired in the bliss of anonymity. But NOooo, you found a coat tail to grab onto. Did he promise you a big cabinet job? You could be home watching the real #MarchMadness Good Luck. #BlueWaveIsComing.

  • @nunumimi_ 史奴比卡哇伊 光光大人ㄝ是 卡娃.

  • Controversy dogged Jacquie Petrusma dumped from Tasmanian Cabinet

  • @LouDobbs @KarenRenePryor @SebGorka @realDonaldTrump that same arrogance exists in virtually every member of his "above the law" cabinet. it fucking stinks and this country is starting to get a whiff of that "STINK" just watch what happens if they try anything to destroy Trump..

  • Delicate melamine kitchen cabinet, bright color, durable, good hardness. via @VK_Kitchens

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  • @ApoTerry Mahirap po kasing masundan ng mga babaeng cabinet members ang standard na na-set ni Mocha bilang role model ng kababaihan..

  • 【文具】取り寄せ開始!  RNセミB5 7mm罫紺  /

  • @chidohappy

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  • @chidohappy 沒ㄚ 肥宅.

  • @elmocanuck @chevymo I would like to see liberal cabinet ministers all go on this suicide mission.

  • @colbertlateshow idea for a new segment for you all. Do a bracket like #MarchMadness and see who will last in the @realDonaldTrump cabinet for firings..

  • My parents would put the clean plates in the dishwasher after being hand washed and use it as storage just to free up cabinet space

  • @resota99 謝謝哭拉!! 小檸檬生日剛好最近(ㄅ能交差了事 女角都好可愛😭😭😭.

  • The board voted 5-4 to approve four new cabinet members. Statements/Medium posts starting to trickle out. Here’s Liz Doerr, who voted in favor:

  • @nrlulz @BRB_YOB I was tempted but im making an arcade cabinet for it and thats a little bulky. Lol.

  • Watch Video||Cabinet Minister Sadhu Singh Donated Rs.1.5 Crore||: via @YouTube.

  • @SofieHagen 4. Aliens and space in general. I remember looking up at the moon and imagining something on it was looking back at me and just freaking the fuck out. I used to turn the E.T. VHS box backwards in the cabinet cuz he terrified me..

  • Kakabili ko palang ng footsock wala na naman, nangangain talaga ata tong cabinet ko ng footsock.

  • @mjdawar @mazdaki @mjdawar dear hounrable mohsin dawar pls explain anp leadership decision about cabinet termination and worker restriction to avoid PTM gatherings?????.

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