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Yesterday after the UN Human Rights Commission meet, where India against abstained from voting on setting up Inquiry Commission, Palestinian Foreign Minister criticized India for failing to vote with Arabs against Israel. Modi government has become the Bat of Panchatantra.

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مريم البرغوثي
مريم البرغوثي ()

Mohammad Hamayel. 15 years old. Shot and killed by Israeli forces. “Death to Arabs” —Israel’s national anthem.

سلطان سعود القاسمي
سلطان سعود القاسمي ()

Between 1880 & 1929, there were 82 Arabic newspapers & magazines published in Palestine, whereas the number reached 95 in Brazil. By 1944, Arabs in Brazil & their descendants—mostly Lebanese—had published at least 156 books in Arabic. —@DiogoBercito

𝚁𝚊𝚗𝚊 𝙽𝚊𝚜𝚒𝚛
𝚁𝚊𝚗𝚊 𝙽𝚊𝚜𝚒𝚛 ()

Actually Merhaba is taken from the Arabic word Marhaba. Credit to Arabs

James J. Zogby
James J. Zogby ()

Israeli police announced that they completed arresting those involved in recent urban unrest that rocked many cities. 2,142 were arrested, of whom 1,951 were Palestinian citizens of Israel - 91%! Is it any wonder that Arabs complain of inequities born of racism in law enforcement

مريم البرغوثي
مريم البرغوثي ()

Israeli special ops raided Jenin, started firing live ammunition, killed two Palestinians (Adham and Tayseer) in Jenin. The violence we are experiencing is not just settlers saying ‘Death to Arabs’ it’s undercover trigger happy army shooting us dead.

Juan Lorenzo de Valnegre
Juan Lorenzo de Valnegre ()

Did you just coon for arabs? Those goat fuckers hate Black People more than whites lol how you cape for them?

MyWorldOfficial ()

When Israel attacked Gaza and the Al-Aqsa Mosque, all Arabs inside occupied Palestine, including those with Israeli passports, stood with their brethren, and when Kenya attacked our people in Gedo, Somalia, unfortunately some Somalis from the “opposition” to Somalis….

Shimon Levit
Shimon Levit ()

Please read - statement made by Arab representative during the meetings of the Peel Commission (1937) which proposed the 1st partition plan. Accepted by Jews and (of course) rejected by Arabs. Who viewed even the name Palestine as .... well, read ...

Arabs תמונה ,Arabs Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Uri Pilichowski
Uri Pilichowski ()

Visit the Arabs in #SheikhJarrah. For decades many have squatted knowingly with the threat of being evicted from their homes. Jews reclaiming their ancestral homes demonstrate the illegality of Arab squatters & undermine prospects for peace.

Leila ()

really want to see a compilation of stories of arabs & africans who traveled to palestine for the 1936 revolt

مريم البرغوثي
مريم البرغوثي ()

Not infrequently the ghosting is internalized by Anglophone Arabs and Muslims who simply stop trying to keep Palestine visible, expressible. When politics collide with everything that makes us who we are. Thank you for this piece @FadyJoudah #Palestine

Khaled Beydoun
Khaled Beydoun ()

It’s probable that biased coverage on Palestine/Israel is inciting Islamophobia in distant places Including the murders of 4 Muslims in London, Ontario — run over by an Islamophobic bigot Violent news (mis)representations of Arabs/Muslims has always sparked anti-Muslim violence

Ubaid Bin Riyaz
Ubaid Bin Riyaz ()

@Hadithoftheday 8. In his voice was raspiness/crackle 9. His neck was long 10. The white of his eyes was extremely white, and the black of his eyes was extremely black as it was was as if he had kohl (eyeliner the Arabs used) on naturally 11. Natural arching of his eyebrows +

Ussama Makdisi
Ussama Makdisi ()

1. Are Arabs the only ones who can write about Arab history? 2. Answer is *no* of course. 3. Question is one of empathy, understanding, imagination, competence in addition to access to archives and resources. 4. And research agenda and audience. For whom do we write?

مريم البرغوثي
مريم البرغوثي ()

Mohammad El Kurd is still being detained by Israeli police. He is still being held by the very authority that helped Israeli settlers shoot Palestinians as they yelled “Death to Arabs” #freeMohammedAlkurd

مريم البرغوثي
مريم البرغوثي ()

Israeli courts are trying to arrest @kurd_muna and @m7mdkurd for disturbing public safety, for nationalism (in other words for saying they refuse their ethnic cleansing as Palestinians). This is a repulsive state of violence with settlers chasing us with “death to Arabs”

Mitchell Prothero
Mitchell Prothero ()

I’ve never seen domestic Israeli security services so freaked out. I’ll have a story Monday but one guy told me the entire system is obviously designed to look outward at Arabs and not inward at Jews and the blind spots are big and worrisome.

Roger Cohen
Roger Cohen ()

“Did I want Netanyahu out? Yes. To the extent of wanting Bennett as Prime Minister? No.” A Historic Moment for Israeli Arabs, but With a Question Mark ()

Had David Ben-Gurion so wished, the looting could have been stopped

Rania Khalek
Rania Khalek ()

Israel’s incoming prime minister Naftali Bennett openly boasted about killing lots of Arabs and seeks permanent apartheid and occupation. And the west is just gonna pretend that Israel is a normal country and everything is great now that Netanyahu is out?

Arabs תמונה ,Arabs Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Rajputs defeated Arabs and Caliphate armies, where were u? Oh yeah, u were saving ur ASSES.

Subramanian Swamy
Subramanian Swamy ()

Yesterday after the UN Human Rights Commission meet, where India against abstained from voting on setting up Inquiry Commission, Palestinian Foreign Minister criticized India for failing to vote with Arabs against Israel. Modi government has become the Bat of Panchatantra.

Double Down News
Double Down News ()

BREAKING: Israeli opposition parties reach agreement to form new government. Under agreement, Israel’s new Prime Minister would be Naftali I killed lots of Arabs in my life and there is absolutely no problem with that There is not going to be a Palestinian state

Noura Erakat
Noura Erakat ()

#NaftaliBennett came to power on shoulders of right-wing settler mvmt that considers a Palestinian state suicide,has led annexation effort, & boasts about killing Arabs. The fact that he gets airtime as a political actor & not an extremist racist says a lot re US media #Netanyahu

AltNewsMedia 🌍
AltNewsMedia 🌍 ()

Fiona clearly doesn’t understand the meaning of the word ‘apartheid’. Arabs have more rights and opportunity in Israel than surrounding countries. Thick as mince.

The Nation
The Nation ()

Seeing Israeli settlers, the extremist right wing with extremist ideology, coming by buses and taxis to my city and marching the streets at night while the Palestinian Arabs are under that [creates] the feeling that you are not an equal citizen

مريم البرغوثي
مريم البرغوثي ()

Most warnings Palestinians gave have become a reality. We’ve been warning for years that Israeli settlers are only going to be more emboldened. Now #Israel is no longer afraid to show its true face that Bennet, the new Israeli PM, takes pride in killing “Arabs. ” This is erasure.

AV/AZ Nuxium? 💫
AV/AZ Nuxium? 💫 ()

Wtf? Joe Biden donated more than 3B$ to kill children and broke the deal with us arabs? Hey trump we were just joking my friend hahaha, now come back

Sarah ()

@cjwerleman This is Zionist education They are raised on the hatred and death of Arabs This is in an educational institution.

Hen Mazzig
Hen Mazzig ()

Jews and Arabs did not live in peace and harmony in the Middle East before 1948. It was more like the Jim Crow south, with occasional lynching of Jews (including my own great grandpa.) “The good old days” weren’t good for us.

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