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Progressives have been warning for years that Bibi’s far right lurch, embrace of settlements, incendiary rhetoric, renouncing of a two state solution, and full embrace of Trump and Trumpism was increasingly untenable.

Bibi תמונה ,Bibi Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

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lebaran kali ini Mia dan Raka pulang ke kampung untuk bersua dengan aki dan bibi. Selagi berjemur di pagi hari, Mia tak lupa melayani kebutuhan si aki. Raka juga menempel terus sama bibinya, bahkan selagi beli sayur. Semuanya baik2 saja di rumah aki.

Bibi תמונה ,Bibi Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Michael McFaul
Michael McFaul ()

You can criticize Biden without being anti-American. You can criticize Putin without being a Russophobe. You can criticize Xi without being anti-Chinese. You can criticize Hamas without being anti-Muslim. & you can criticize Bibi without being anti-Semitic.

Ben Rhodes
Ben Rhodes ()

Progressives have been warning for years that Bibi’s far right lurch, embrace of settlements, incendiary rhetoric, renouncing of a two state solution, and full embrace of Trump and Trumpism was increasingly untenable.

Ady Barkan
Ady Barkan ()

This is disgusting. Bibi created this crisis because he was days away from losing power. Everyone in Israel knows this. Bibi is committing war crimes. And President Biden is cheering him on. Unconscionable.

jeremy scahill
Jeremy scahill ()

Joe Biden is openly aiding, abetting and offering justifications for ongoing war crimes by his “great, great friend” Bibi Netanyahu. They just tweet it out.

Paulette Feeney
Paulette Feeney ()

Years ago, all of my Republican friends complained about the money we send Israel. Today they are all in with the criminal, Bibi.

Tvlizando | #PowerCoupleBrasil
Tvlizando | #PowerCoupleBrasil ()

🚨 Placar PROVA DAS MULHERES: Renata: 62 mil Carol: 60 mil Bruno: 59 mil Márcia: 57 mil Bibi: 51 mil Li Martins: 50 mil Geórgia: 49 mil Mirela: 48 mil Mari: - 16mil (NÃO CUMPRIU) #PowerCouple #PowerCoupleBrasil

Ane Irazabal
Ane Irazabal ()

Un amigo israelí q trabaja en Europa nos llama enfadadísimo: “Esta es una estrategia de Bibi (Netanyahu) para permanecer en el poder. ¿Pero qué imagen estamos dando con milicias judías atacando a conciudadanos árabes? El ultranacionalismo religioso nos va ha destruir por dentro”

Noga Tarnopolsky
Noga Tarnopolsky ()

My story: How Bibi Empowered the Supremacist Movement Fueling This Conflict

Patrick Howley
Patrick Howley ()

Bibi was the first relevant world leader to recognize Biden during overtime and Kushner fought to not have a border wall. Give me a break



Bibi תמונה ,Bibi Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Mairav Zonszein מרב זונשיין
Mairav Zonszein מרב זונשיין ()

Whether or not Bibi directed this moment for his political gain, Israeli policy has been to maintain a low boiling war with Hamas because with Hamas, there is no negotiating, while at the same time eliminating the PA. This status quo serves his agenda of never reaching a solution

Rula Jebreal
Rula Jebreal ()

Democracy dies in darkness. Many Tv hosts & executives are terrified to challenge Netanyahu’s dominant narrative. Bibi’s lobbyists are waging a campaign of intimidation/coercion: Bombard networks w complaints Demand purging of independent voices Kudos to those telling the truth.

?¿ ()

plus na poczatku jak przyszedl simon w kamerce byla sama bibi #hotelparadise

Gabrylka ()

Bibi po prostu tęskniła… Gdybym była tam na ich miejscu zrobiłabym wszystko, żeby to Krzysiu mógł zadzwonić i zapytać jak się czuje jego mama po operacji #hotelparadise

Anthony Eden hate account
Anthony Eden hate account ()

@dylm46 @RyRousseau As close to good news as you can get out of this conflict. Hopefully Lebanon and Hezbollah stay out of this. Now if only the anti-Bibi coalition can come back

RBDeep ()

#ShowAnnounce - Got the fire coming to Shady Park Tempe as @MichaelBibi1 brings the UK party to TreeHouse Sundays next weekend on May 23 🔥💃 Tickets on sale Friday, May 14 at 12pm PT --

Bibi תמונה ,Bibi Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Bárbara Saryne
Bárbara Saryne ()

Pelo menos Pimpolho e Bibi usaram um motivo além da afinidade para votar #DRPowerCouple

Jacob Magid
Jacob Magid ()

BREAKING: Biden at a presser says he had a conversation with Bibi Netanyahu not too long My expectation and hope is that this will be closing down sooner rather than later, but Israel has a right to defend itself against thousands of rockets flying into their territory

Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga
Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga ()

Hlle te tu pella apna intjaam kr, fer saanu dssi. Bibi Veer nu kh ke tenu rkh ke 2 chapeda pwaniya, tu tweet karan layak Ni rhna khote da puttar

Be the Change👊🏻
Be the Change👊🏻 ()

Sounds FAMILIAR The Israeli PM is known for his thirst for power. He’s run Israel into the ground, but mostly, he is known for his idiocy. In order to survive, and not to lose control and not to lose his seat as prime minister … he is ready to do anything

Patrick Howley
Patrick Howley ()

Even the ultra nationalist Likud Party leader Bibi backed Biden when we were still very early in overtime. Why do we not demand Quid pro quo from our allies as our beautiful nation gets destroyed?

Leví Kaique Ferreira
Leví Kaique Ferreira ()

A Angélica é tipo uma mistura de Karol Conká com Dora Milaje com Bibi Perigosa e Paola Bracho

Erielle Davidson
Erielle Davidson ()

600+ rockets fired by Hamas at Israeli CIVILIANS. Not one peep from this worthless senator. Just more anti-Bibi nonsense. Do you blame Bibi for the Grand Mufti’s antisemitism, too?

(((Michael Koplow)))
(((Michael Koplow))) ()

A reminder that Hamas shooting rockets at Jerusalem is not because of Bibi and not because it is trying to defend al Aqsa. It is because Hamas is a terrorist organization that tries to capitalize on crises to improve its standing within Palestinian politics and society.

Guizinho 🖤
Guizinho 🖤 ()

Em um dia de #PowerCoupleBrasil Medrado brigando com várias pessoas De aliança pra rivalidade entre Medrado e Deborah Mirella soltando faíscas Bibi e Pimpolho encenando pra dormir Deborah querendo namorar e Bruno não

방탄💜태구 ()

@hanibi_bibi @TAEKU91535803 Army follow me I will follow you back🥺💗I really need your help 🙏

🔞MÅKØ🔞~Comisiónes Abiertas
🔞MÅKØ🔞~Comisiónes Abiertas ()

Sala verga hace mucho que no público xD Weno aquí les dejo un Bibi x Bull disfrútenlo ;) #brawlstarshentai #brawlrule34

Bibi תמונה ,Bibi Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
아빠 최고 VITAMIN D ()

Hello friends ! BiBi’s “life is a ” MV hit a million view on our feelghood channel. Thank you for supporting ❤️😭

Hilda Newton
Hilda Newton ()

Hivi Jobo Ndugai anajua kuwa enzi hizo wakat hayati Baba wa Taifa Mwl. Nyerere na akina Bibi Titi wakitafuta Uhuru wa Tanganyika Baba ake @freemanmbowetz Mzee Aikaeli Mbowe alikuwa ni miongoni sponsors wa harakati za kutafuta 😂😂😂

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