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On the SAME day, Republicans both held a press conference blaming Biden for the baby formula shortage *AND* voted against a bill that would ensure access to baby formula amid a shortage..

NEW: US Marine Trevor Reed, who Biden got released from Russian prison, just called out Marjorie Taylor Greene & other Republicans for delaying & voting against his release: “How do you justify that? It’s embarrassing. [Russians] are big fans of all of those congressmen.”.

Biden just told 18 families of murdered children that they are gonna need a lotta help then left the podium offering none..

BREAKING: The Russian Foreign Ministry has sanctioned President Biden by BANNING him from visiting Russia. Who else thinks this is HILARIOUS? 😜.

PSA: Biden’s Postal Service nominees have now been confirmed. That means they officially have the power to fire Louis DeJoy. They should do it today..

Wow. After Republicans spent every waking hour over the last week blaming Biden for no baby formula, only 12 Republicans voted YES on $28M for baby formula. 192 Republicans voted NO.😳 Making babies starve is apparently “pro life” now. Horrific..

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JUST IN: The first flight from President Biden’s Operation Fly Formula has brought 70,000 pounds of baby formula to the United States. More flights are coming by Biden’s order..

“For all you knuckleheads on Fox who say that Biden can’t put two sentences together, here’s a news flash: He just put NATO together, Europe together and the whole Western alliance together — stretching from Canada up to Finland and all the way to Japan”.

@POTUS @USWNT Thank you President Biden! You are the embodiment of justice! You are a light of hope for women and underprivileged groups in America! We all have your back!.

O Pres. Biden começou hj a sua visita oficial ao Japão, parte da sua viagem à Ásia c/a missão de reforçar as alianças políticas, económicas e militares. Amanhã será realizada no Japão uma reunião do QUAD, uma espécie de proto-aliança militar entre 🇺🇸🇯🇵🇮🇳🇦🇺..


The Hill
The Hill

Bill Clinton: Biden cares more about the people than the polls.

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Biden can’t come home until Air Force one is electric. How bout that. #PutThatInYourPipe.

Silly poors, you’re fine! Paul Krugman does his SMUG best lecturing Americans about how they’re not REALLY struggling under Biden via @twitchyteam.

GOP Florida State Rep. THREATENS Biden after Texas school massacre via @MailOnline.

How many Cuban agents are in the Democratic Party and in the Biden administration?.

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@BreezieLT Because somehow this will be Bidens fault. Not only that, if they cannot take care of the agricultural fields that will mean less food around the world, again the uneducated trump lovers will blame Biden..

@stony2point0 You forgot the reports of Biden sending troops to Somalia 🤦🏻‍♀️.

@Mark_Compton94 @toddschnitt Hmm…so obviously Biden isn’t running the country, but you believe the people that are…and are purposely running this country into the ground, love this country? Serious question.

New White House Flack Grilled Over Biden Skipping Waukesha Massacre Visit But is Now Going to Buffalo.

The senator from Florida claims to love the Cuban people, yet is against policy that makes it easier for them to visit one another? Biden is restoring policy that helps the Cuban people, he’s not rescinding sanctions against the Cuban government. Marco is blowing smoke..

@Hellvoisin @RabbitskinV Les conversations entre elle et Biden doivent être étoffées😂.

@JoeConchaTV She reminds me of Biden: parrots words but has no idea what she is saying..

@Royals905 No cupcake, you’re the one who keeps coming back. Now answer my simple question, how is Biden going to be convicted and removed from office? You said it was going to happen. 😂.

@Oldglorycries @PhilMurphy Tammy and I will be accompanying President Biden on his historic trip to Buffalo as we meet with the families who are suffering the unimaginable loss of life at the hands of another extreme, right wing, white supremacist, and we will introduce more common sense gun.


@thebradfordfile I’m pretty sure Biden lied to our whole country when he said if you get vaccinated you will not get Covid. I think we found out the result of that right.

Biden envía cientos de soldados a Somalia para enfrentar a grupo terrorista.

@dumbmoney77 Biden just nixed more drilling contracts too. Thinks will remain bad for the rest of his Administration.

This is how a real president handles these senseless shootings by white supremacists. #Biden.

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