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There’s usually a tipping point where citizens completely lose their patience with bad government. Why on earth is this still not happening in Britain? What point do we have to reach to get to a tipping point in Britain?.

Brexit. A Con. Levelling Up. A Con. Global Britain. A Con … vote Conservative and you get conned, then you get poorer and your country falls to bits. Might be an idea not to vote Con again ….

Without a shadow of a doubt Andy Murray is one of the greatest sportsmen Britain has every produced #AusOpen.

I’ve signed. Whatever your view on abortion, your view on buffer zones to prevent activity outside of them, or your view on Christianity, it surely can never be right that Britain becomes a nation that polices prayer, with officers asking you to state the nature of your prayer?!.

Wow!!! Best Writing in a Video Game - Immortality by Sam Barlow, Barry Gifford, Amelia Gray and Allan Scott !!! So excited to play a role of Natassia in it!!!🎬 @mrsambarlow #immortalitygame.


@1989Dayle There we go then, fucking mental honestly them lot have no idea how Britain is for 99% of us.

Great news 👉Overwhelming North East vote for future built around green energy.

Not sure if Murray got more metal on the hip or in the mindset. What an exceptional show we’ve got here. Bow down to his majesty, the king of the kings, Sir Andy Murray of the Great Britain. #AusOpen2023.

If BBC wants to make documentry there are many Important topics like- (1) British bloody colonial era (2) How britain push Africa in rouge state (3) How Winston churchill polices kill millions of peoples in south Asia #BBCDocumentary @BBCNews @BBCHindi #BBC.

Tickets to watch the USA, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, and Great Britain in the World Baseball Classic at Chase Field are now on sale! #abc15.

This is a very misleading headline. Claims 1,000 millionaires left Britain last year. For context, 12,000 left France 4 years ago and many came to London and more millionaires left the US….

@Jacob_Rees_Mogg All - and by all I mean EVERY SINGLE ONE - of these laws were approved by UK governments and passed into UK law by UK governments. Furthermore, a huge number of these laws only exist because they were originally proposed by Britain..

Surrey > Gloucestershire > Countries of the United Kingdom > Wales Act 2014 > List of Acts of the Parliament of Northern Ireland > Habeas Corpus Act 1679 > List of Acts of the Parliament of Great Britain, 1760–1779 > Acts of Parliament (Commencement) Act 1793 > United Kingdom.

It is the job of history—and therefore of galleries and museums—to make you think. To make you wonder, of any moment in the past: what was the right thing to do? What was the wrong one? .

.@chakrabortty: For the Tories, racism is a fire that they just love to play with. The heat it throws off can be electorally useful. But it is always someone else who gets burned. #Britain.

@KimDotcom *The American people that is. The Wilson Admin created a literal PROPAGANDA agency to manipulate public opinion regarding WWI. The propaganda hasn’t stopped since. Anyone focusing exclusively on the US but not Britain is an obvious tool..

@cmcateer3 @checkmatestate In Britain 40 people dies from guns. In America 42500 die as a result of guns . The end ..

Carbon capture: Britain out front in removing CO2 from atmosphere @geoengineering1.

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Seems Brexiteers are leaving no stone unturned in their efforts to further damage Britain. Vladimir Putin reportedly considering striking a special medal for his Brexit champions: their place in Russian history is assured..

@JamesMelville @steve_reed2021 The problem is Britain and the British any many can not separate this from being English ,Scottish Irish and Welch . They cannot see that there English heritage ,culture,constitution is being taken away for a British culture and constitution they dont see.

@AngelaRayner Not surprised!! This need to get sorted out this country is slowly becoming embarrassing what happened to great Britain 🇬🇧 ? Corruption etc other countries watching Parliament are laughing , please tell house speaker stop mps chatting during people asking questions/answering.

A piece of mine about the supposed history of black people in Roman Britain via @YouTube.

@Femi_Sorry @Jacob_Rees_Mogg My word Femi, full marks for trying. It’s nearly over for you and the rejoin cult. NI protocol and then CPTPP and watch your toes as the door closes forever. Anti-democrats 0 / democrats 1. Come on Femi, time to get behind brexit Britain! Rejoice, not rejoin. Onwards UK!.

@bepropalestine @gomiriam63 Correction, madam, Palestine has suffered since 1917 when Britain occupied it, and in 1948 Britain handed Palestine over to the Zionist gangs that committed massacres among the Palestinian people. The most famous of these massacres was the Deir Yassin massacre..

Britain is well-placed to cope with a downturn in the housing market.

The more people I speak to who are involved with trying to build anything in Britain, the more I wonder why anyone would bother. If you bump into these people, ask them about bats! Good column from @ChrisGiles_.

@khanumarfa BBC is british propaganda atbits best .. they just want to defame all growing countries and BRITAIN don’t decided or do any thing .. gone are those days .. now they can discuss and blame ….

Shit Lensky in the vastness of London Polish artists have decorated the capital of Great Britain with political street art, conveying sound thoughts about the Kiev regime..

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Check out this product 📚 Battle of Britain 80th Anniversary Pictorial Edition Newspaper Book 📚 by Signature Deluxe Pictorial Books starting at £ Shop now 👉👉.

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@Justice_forum The people fleeing to Britain are seeking safety and security and we should be offering that to them. People should not be treated as commodities to be disposed of when it suits other countries. We should be looking for a more compassionate solution. #HelpTheRefugees.

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