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Updated: October 22nd, 2021 06:37 AM IST

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China launched a nuclear capable missile around the world in low orbit. Yet, the media is not covering it.

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Dr. Fauci was not honest with the American people. Your money went to China for gain-of-function research on viruses. Lots of questions for him to answer.

Proud of all these HEALTHY people for taking a stand against medical tyranny. Vaccination is a choice. @JoeBiden and Big Pharma are working with China to destroy America. Trust absolutely nothing that they want to mandate into your body.

China was in the final phases of their hypersonic missile development when Lloyd Austin stood down the military to search for “white supremacy”. Just want you to remember these things for when we lose a major war and most people are STUNNED.

Arms Race Heats Up: Just As China Reveals Space Nukes, America Responds With Trans Admiral

China tested a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile and North Korea has continued its drumbeat of missile tests. President Biden needs to step up and take these threats seriously, not do things like slash funding for missile defense.

@dayrinshi /тянет ручки для объятий./ вы справились! Вы молодец!🥺💙

Asia -Pacific Markets: China stocks rose Tuesday, led by consumer staples and agr stocks, while tech giants drove the Hang Seng benchmark to a 5-wk high The CSI300 index rose at 4, at the end of the morning session Shanghai Composite Index gained at 3,

Amiguitos, los quiero mucho, pero no apoyen el maltrato animal, ya sea Made in Colombia o importado desde China.

If you ever wondered why we needed a Space Force, just read the news out of China from over the weekend.

NEW - #Beijing records lowest mid-October temperature in half century amid stretched energy situation in China (Xinhua)

For now, financial markets show few signs that China Evergrande’s troubles will spiral into a 2008-like crisis

China launched a nuclear capable missile around the world in low orbit. Yet, the media is not covering it.

Hey, you guys hear about that nuclear-capable missile China launched that circled the entire planet in low orbit? This should be breaking news on every channel.

Disposable Dental Rubber Dam Instruments Manufacturer in China

BREAKINGGG Line Up and Order Of Play #ThomasCup2020 FINAL INDONESIA vs CHINA Starts 18:00 WIB DANIEL/KEVIN MD2 WOWWW The first seed vs the defending champion Most Thomas Cup title vs Second most Thomas Cup title Who will be the CHAMPION?

China תמונה ,China Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Se veía venir: empresa china Aisino se queda con la millonaria y controvertida licitación de carnés y pasaportes del Registro Civil

China תמונה ,China Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Apple takes down Koran app in China. Or, said another way, Apple helps the CCP stamp out religious freedom. Shameful.

6 months from now we’re in an all out war with China. Media “The Chapelle controversy refuses to die out.”

@ForumStrategic A gift from China after acting as Indian soldiers in China and making a propaganda pictures. Live in wet drems guys. In battle, you will be Fu$cked up for sure. Your master got fxked up in Tawang region. Your time soon.

China releases a video from last year which shows Chinese soldiers are taking Indian soldiers as hostages & blindfolded. Supposed to be from Galwan Valley.

President Putin spoke highly of his deep friendship with President Xi, and the outcomes in #China-#Russia practical cooperation. China highly appreciates his positive remarks.

China תמונה ,China Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

As COP 26 approaches: China orders coal mines to increase production by tens of millions of tonnes to counter national power crisis. Reducing Beijing’s dependence on fossil fuels shelved, at least temporarily. China gets 13% of electricity from renewables, 60% from coal.

Who doesn’t want to know the origins of #COVID19: -China -Fauci -Democrats Makes you wonder.

盔犀鸟的冠角近似象牙,在中国常被雕刻成装饰品销售,因其色泽而被名为“鹤顶红”。尽管中国反对象牙交易,但盔犀鸟这类物种较为不知名,容易遭到忽视,成为满足市场需求、容易到手的猎物。 …

China תמונה ,China Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

and btw his team doesnt even push him in China as they unexpectedly removed his albums from digital platforms despite the fact that justice was still selling a LOT, also he can’t even go perform there bc hes banned from entering the country

@OpIndia_com Why leaving your home?? And where will you go?? In Pakistan?? In Bangladesh ?? In china??. Make ecosystem exclusive for yourself.

Yet he was happy to go to China for the Olympics there. Tom Daley calls for boycott of Qatar World Cup 2022 via @MailOnline

Watch Could US troops pay the price in conflict between China-Taiwan? on YouTube

@andraydomise also seems like “tankies” are right again about China… can’t believe it 🙄

If the government was truly concerned about “climate change” they’d be pressuring China and India to shape up rather than pointless & inconveniencing measures like banning certain lightbulbs.

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