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Updated: November 27th, 2021 09:37 PM IST

Why when Jesus talks about feeding the poor, it’s Christianity. But when a politician talks about feeding the poor, it’s socialism?

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ఒకప్పుడు తూర్పు గోదావరి జిల్లా రంపచోడవరం తెలుగుదేశం కంచుకోట గిరిజనులలో వచ్చిన converted Christianity చావు దెబ్బ తీస్తుంది. దీనిని TDP ఎలా అధిగమిస్తుందో? Ex. ఈ సర్వే ప్రకారం విశాఖ జిల్లా అరకు వాలీ అసెంబ్లీ లో MLA మీద తీవ్ర వ్యతిరేకత ఉంది. కానీ తెలుగుదేశం గెలిచే స్థితిలో లేదు.

having grown up with particularly strict and shitty christianity i was doomed to obsess over torturing men to a bone rattling final breath then bringing them back for a round 2. simply blame god if u dont like it lmao

Yes, there are Muslim Americans who are politicians. News flash, Christianity isnt the only religion in the USA. The only reason that bothers you is because you dont want them to force religion on you the way Christianity is already trying to.

honestly the thing that offends me the most about christianity is that the devil is just doing what he’s, like supposed to do. like the devil reports back to God, regularly. it’s in the Bible. and so… we… what the fuck is this even for

Should Christians really wear religious jewelry?

Christianity תמונה ,Christianity : Most Popular Tweets

Christianity knows no boundaries beyond those which God himself has in his good pleasure established; no boundaries of race or age, class, or status, nationality, or language. Sin has corrupted much; in fact, everything.

A thread about Eutychus, Long Sermons, and why you cant do Christianity one leg in one leg out

Today on Pathway to Victory, I discuss the question, Is Christianity The Only Right Religion? Tune in on CTN at 6am, TBN & The Cowboy Channel at 7am, and TCT & the Hillsong Channel at 7:30am CT.

Christianity תמונה ,Christianity : Most Popular Tweets

Some cultural practices need to be confined to the dustbins of our history. We must protect and dignify our pastoralist women. It is shocking that communities that profess faith, whether Islam or Christianity, still perpetuate these dehumanizing practices. We must #KomeshaFGM!

Christianity תמונה ,Christianity : Most Popular Tweets

Let us be real, honest and sincere in our Christianity. We cannot deceive an all-seeing God.

@MeghBulletin Lot more religious organisations become super rich ,accumulated wealth, in the name of trust and converting the poor people into Christianity . Christians on record is just about 2% , fact is more than 20% , almost all our SC political leaders & are Christians

Actually the other way around bro. Where would Christianity be without Europe. Would Africans have built Cathedrals like we did? Would they have crossed the ocean to the Americas? Does Christianity magically grant you the ability to form Empires and complex cultures?

You realize that Europe could never of accomplished any where close to what it had without Christianity. The greatest aspect of Christianity is that it is objectively and fully true.

基督教与其它宗教有何不同?很难成为合格的基督徒,但是很容易成为合格的异教徒。上帝对每个基督徒都很严格。 What’s the difference between Christianity and other religions? It’s hard to be a qualified Christian but it’s easy to be a qualified pagan. God is strict with every Christian.

“Those forces [Communism and Naziism] hate democracy and Christianity as two phases of the same civilization.” — Famous Christo-fascist Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Christianity תמונה ,Christianity : Most Popular Tweets

Many experts and teachers attempting to convince St Catherine of Alexandria of the errors of Christianity Ended up converting to Christ themselves through her holiness and intelligence, leading to her martyrdom. Holy & wise Virgin & Martyr, pray for us!

Christianity תמונה ,Christianity : Most Popular Tweets

Without radical theory I would have had to accept the religious lies used to explain my suffering. When ur hyperaware of the shit you face, victim blaming is easy to come to. And Christianity is big on doing so. Material analysis was as much clarifying for me as it was healing.

Does Morrison’s religious bill, protect from this discrimination? Or fuel more, because religion wants it legal to destroy people & sow religious bigotry, legally guilt free? I fear the latter, because of this American imported Qanon version Christianity

If there is no sacrifice in your walk with God, your walk with God is not genuine. Your Christianity must cost you something.#BTF2021

@Powerfm987 #ChairmansConversation2021 on the Christianity part, Doc nailed it🙌🏽🙌🏽… We really need to look at Christianity as Africans…

Why when Jesus talks about feeding the poor, it’s christianity. But when a politician talks about feeding the poor, it’s socialism?

Episode 844 | Pastor Adriel Sanchez and Dr. Bill Maier answer questions about conspiracy theories, fundamentalist Christianity, the origins of evil, and evangelism.

@Nektarios01_ what exactly does do not even speak of Christianity to those infected mean? how do we evangelize then?

The progression of Abrahamic religions: 1. Judaism ( Tribalism ) 2. Christianity ( Anti Tribalism ) 3. Islam ( Tribalism )

classic treatment of pride is his chapter The Great Sin in Mere. Christianity. That chapter and the chapter on Hope are astonishingly good and helpful. Basically, Lewis is channeling Augustine--though he makes that more explicit in The Four Loves.

@Chappell_Daniel @JoLuehmann Atheism and Christianity are fundamentally different concepts, not, like, opposites of equivalent weight

I have just found out schools cannot do a typical “ Mary & Joseph “ Xmas naivety play due to other religions. Makes sense in that we don’t act like a Christian nation that we are. I respect all religions so why can’t the respect Christianity 🙄

Now this is not a communal thing in our so called secular country. #Christianity

Christianity תמונה ,Christianity : Most Popular Tweets

“Let’s go together to paraiso”, a horrifying sentence to anyone who knows about Christianity,

The invitation card has attracted sharp criticism on social media as Bajinder Singh has been accused of converting people to Christianity on the pretext of false and misleading promises

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