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Most people have strong convictions on their confusions on what’s tulip, fake money and real money. I have mine, so I only hold #crypto. Not financial advice.

Crypto תמונה ,Crypto Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

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David Gokhshtein
David Gokhshtein ()

It’s hard for people to swallow the fact that $DOGE is becoming a legitimate asset in the #crypto space.

Dianaaa ()

I been on crypto since 2016 but didn’t put much action to it. This year @iJaadee helped me put a pep in my crypto investment step and I’m happy 😌😉

LuiTo ()

Ethereum Is Suddenly Rocketing But Dogecoin Is Still The Crypto Price King

Non-Adjective (I’m SKANKING)
Non-Adjective (I’m SKANKING) ()

The more pertinent issues the crypto community ought to address are 1. The explicit, prolific racism among many top crypto influencers 2. How schemes like Proof of Stake may accelerate wealth inequality 3. Building a blockchain to be proud of, writing your own fiscal history

Margot_Aces ()

@Crypto_Emhyr @Cicada_Capital He would definitely see something better than that you loser 🙄

₿ 全部パクる草コイン投資家 Gの住人 ₿ Cryptocurrency investor
₿ 全部パクる草コイン投資家 Gの住人 ₿ Cryptocurrency investor ()

@crypto___baby どっかのパンダとおんなじやないかっwww

Crypto תמונה ,Crypto Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Dan Bennett
Dan Bennett ()

@mcuban I’m an ER doc with 6 kids and battling COVID daily at work got my attention. I want to maximize what I leave behind. Converting my IRA fully into CRYPTO. Which do you recommend besides $ETH, $BTC ? Thanks

Primetech Management
Primetech Management ()

XRP Now Accounts for 3% of the Total Crypto Market Cap The world’s 4th largest cryptocurrency now has a market cap of nearly $75 billion.

John ()

Cobie is the worlds greatest crypto benefactor. 42 minutes - $200k raised 💪🏼💪🏼

Mike Abundo
Mike Abundo ()

As of this writing, music streamer @MelaBeeOfficial has received $193, worth of crypto donations from a @CryptoCobain raid. To receive the donations, she created her first crypto wallet live on-stream with help from her new viewers.

Harsh Sachdeva
Harsh Sachdeva ()

@mindsethabits Oh. This is how I do it: Direct stocks- 30% Portfolio stocks- 40% Gold(bonds only)- 20% Crypto- 10%

trap game aubrey plaza 🧃😎
Trap game aubrey plaza 🧃😎 ()

@karanbendigiri @mbsjq i spy with my little eye, the safest practice for newcomer crypto investors

Chris Crawford
Chris Crawford ()

@BlockLine_en @AliumSwap As you know Covid-19 has a large impact in the crypto Market, So How can your company maintain its project and also the team that are working hard during this pandemic?

Tropics◎☀️ ()

God I love the Crypto community. It literally gives me shivers every time @CryptoCobain changes a streaming musicians life. Nothing but respect.

Robert E. P. Levy (
Robert E. P. Levy ( ()

If there was a crypto currency that was stable in price somehow, we could have paper money without a state and without need for anti-counterfeiting measures. It would also be more secure because if someone found your paper money they would not be able to spend without a password.

Ben Ticker
Ben Ticker ()

Bitcoin Cash SV (), Cardano’s ADA () and Crypto .com Coin (), and Litecoin () also struggled. In the week, the crypto total market fell to a Monday low $1,778bn before rising to a Saturday high $2,229bn.

Daniel Doll-Steinberg
Daniel Doll-Steinberg ()

I know Warren Buffet not the man of the moment on the twittersphere & everyone who randomly made money - errr did the research - in tech or crypto is much more of a genius (inc me obv). But he’s absolutely right again - inflation already here just hidden

Marie ()

@Cpcc15 The markets are overcooked in everything, especially Crypto. so I am risk off this week. No to crypto.

LLAMA the GOAT ✪ ()

BREAKING #YERR: #HOTBIT crypto exchange was under cyber attack a few days back. They temporary shut down all of their services for approx 7-14 days.

Matthew Graham
Matthew Graham ()

wow this is even worse than some of the crap I see on crypto Discord

CryptoRooster ()

@mauge2497 @NanaTorres27 A esa plaga no le importa, lo más seguro es que tiene su guardado.

Crypto Ignite
Crypto Ignite ()

@PassLikeThiago Liverpool fans attacked Real madrid bus a few weeks back bruh🥲🥲🥲🥲

ZNN Unchained-One-Awoken
ZNN Unchained-One-Awoken ()

@Zenon_Network devs need a massive amount of applause for the scope of this project. It has everything set up for it be the penultimate layer 1 solution in the cryptosphere. Once alphanet is here it will be exposed to so many more investors I cannot wait :) #moon #crypto $ZNN

Pwolf ()

@Cryptodidacte Comme ça, le jour où la crypto sera devenue une activité interdite, clandestine et poursuivie par la police de la FedBCE, tu pourras toujours dire que tu es un simple amateur des Chiffres et des 😄

Cheddar News 🧀
Cheddar News 🧀 ()

Most crypto-investors are white, male, and make six-figures, but a new survey shows that could be changing.

Nick ()

it makes everything else look pointless. Why wait a month to get 5% move in traditional investing when you can get 20%, 30% or more in a day in #crypto

JP.₿icalho ()



CRYPTO-DREAM - Double your money in just 24 hours, guaranteed and reliable DOUBLE YOUR MONEY IN 24 HOURS! @coinkit_ give 20 10 btc

Crypto תמונה ,Crypto Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
IsabelleCrypto ()

@FibonaccLi @1ARK_Crypto Have a great time in Capetown you two! And say hello to Sheldon, Rudo and Ran 😀

CZ 🔶 Binance
CZ 🔶 Binance ()

Most people have strong convictions on their confusions on what’s tulip, fake money and real money. I have mine, so I only hold #crypto. Not financial advice.

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