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Updated: January 19th, 2022 12:37 AM IST

⚠️ @CISAgov recommends network defenders review the Microsoft blog on destructive malware targeting Ukrainian organizations. #cybersecurity #InfoSec

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Cybercrime and cybersecurity landscapes are changing rapidly and boosting AI developments for enhancing cybersecurity will be a major gamechanger to protect against cyber-attacks.

TTP podcast, Ep. 166—This week Noam Maital, CEO and Co-founder of Waycare Technologies (@WaycareTech), joins us to share insights on autonomous driving and the future of city mobility. #cybersecurity #ai

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⚠️ @CISAgov recommends network defenders review the Microsoft blog on destructive malware targeting Ukrainian organizations. #Cybersecurity #InfoSec

VCs still push private Fintech valuations to new high: @Klarna @Checkout. Cybersecurity is also white-hot.

@Maekshyft Hey! I am Abhay, I moved to a new country about a year back to pursue cybersecurity which I really seem to like. Although, the ride has been fun till now, it has always been a battle! Fighting depression, the feeling of being alone have always been there.

Rethink the ‘pay by the drink’ approach (such as pay per log) to volume-based pricing models. Such payment mechanisms are unsustainable at scale for enterprises,

The 10 worst password snafus of 2021 #CyberSecurity #CyberAttack

.@Kaspersky asked 600 IT staff employees what their cybersecurity budgets would look like in 2022. @DarkReading shares the results:

.@Kaspersky asked 600 IT staff employees what their cybersecurity budgets would look like in 2022. @DarkReading shares the results:

What is Layer 7 DDoS attack and how to prevent it? - The Security Buddy #cybersecurity #cyberattacks

Cybersecurity labels for consumer products could be on the way

Penetration Testing With penetration testing, we identify any vulnerabilities in your system, network, or infrastructure by simulating a cyber-attack. When vulnerabilities are identified, we suggest countermeasures so as to reduce the risk. Learn more:

2022 Global Digital Trust Insights Survey PwC’s 2022 Global Digital Trust Insights reflects the perspectives of business and technology executives on simplifying cyber.

Watch below as Adrian Bradley, Partner and Head of Cloud Transformation at @KPMG UK, outlines the power of connected technology in aerospace, defence and other industries. Read more here: #Defence #Aerospace

Here’s a summary of one of the most popular episodes from 2021: A riveting discussion with Dmitri Alperovitch (@DAlperovitch), Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of the @SilveradoPolicy Accelerator. #cybersecurity #ransomware

#cybersecurity תמונה ,#cybersecurity : Most Popular Tweets

Five tips on how to stay (cyber)secure in a hybrid work world #technocrime #CyberSecurity

#cybersecurity תמונה ,#cybersecurity : Most Popular Tweets

Praise for our Digital Skills Bootcamp🙌 Our #CyberSecurity & #ITNetworking Bootcamp commences next Wednesday 19th January- covering types of security threats, malware, disaster recovery and more!🚀 DM us for more info or contact talent@ to apply!

#cybersecurity תמונה ,#cybersecurity : Most Popular Tweets

Microsoft RDP Bug Enables Data Theft, Smart-Card Hijacking #cybersecurity

Los 10 peores hábitos de ciberseguridad para dejar atrás en 2022 #CyberSecurity

In Italia mancano esperti di #cybersecurity. Talent Garden e Var Group lanciano un bootcamp per la #formazione. «C’è un gap di professionalità che mette a rischio aziende, PA e l’intero Paese. Noi abbiamo colto questa sfida» dice Davide Dattoli

Across the globe, businesses, including manufacturers, face growing pressure to implement effective cybersecurity with fewer resources. Check out the biggest anticipated cybersecurity threats for 2022 and how manufacturers can mitigate them. #CyberSecurity

~ 2021/2022 Cyber Security Jobs: If you’re looking for a rewarding career, cyber security might be your ideal choice. Qualified professionals are in high demand and the pay is good. #cybersecurity

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~ The Cyber Skills Shortage & Training Gap - What Is The Solution? Oganisations must understand the importance of cyber security technologies & professionals before they suffer an attack. #cybersecurity @TrustedComputin

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White House will meet execs from #Apple, Amazon, IBM to discuss software security @ReutersTech #cybersecurity

While moving to a zero trust architecture may seem like a lot of hassle, using this framework and considering other #cybersecurity flaws now will prevent many potentially disruptive and damaging cyberattacks in the future. Read more here:

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Without the right policies, access control, and monitoring, even the best information security systems can be taken advantage of. Let us help you make your systems more secure and resilient! Learn more -> #education #cybersecurity

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What guidance do #cybersecurity thought leaders have to offer heading into 2022? Secureworks SVP @BRHensley joined a roundtable with @byronacohido to offer insight into the year ahead and reflect on lessons learned in 2021:

Lydia Payne-Johnson is the Director of IT Security, Identity Management and Cybersecurity Risk at The George Washington University. Join Lydia on the 8th February 2022 for our MIM Europe conference. Register now:

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Check out this article in ⁦@PromotionTrade⁩ featuring client Dennis Smith. Founder and managing partner of ⁦@EvolutionEquity⁩, a leading #cybersecurity #venturecapital firm.


Combating #cyber threats is a national priority. Assistant Director Bryan Vorndran of the #FBI’s Cyber Division will join legislative and executive branch leaders tomorrow to discuss 2022 cybersecurity goals. You can register for the webinar at

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