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Story behind Tea We are in Dharamshala to attend BJYM went Tea shop for tea,tea was not good. I told him,bhai acchi chai bna lo nahi to hum khud bna lete hain. he replied, bnaa lo 😭 Fir hme chai khud bnani pdi and payment bhi deni pdi 😂😂.

Let me make some predictions on the on-going Somali Presidential elections: whoever btw Farmajo and Kheira goes to the next round will win against Hassan Sheikh or.

BREAKING: First round results: Said Abdullahi Deni: 65 Mohamed A. Farmaajo: 59 Hassan Sheikh Mohamud: 52 Hassan Ali Khaire: 47 Sharif Sheikh Ahmed: 39 Abdirahman A. Warsame: 15 Abdulkadir Osoble: 12 Addow Ali Gees: 8 328 MPs voted. Top 4 progress to 2nd round.

BREAKING: These four candidates progress to the 2nd round after first round vote counting. Said Abdullahi Deni Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo Hassan Sheikh Mohamud Hassan Ali Khaire This is preliminary count #SomaliElections2022.

Mtu yeyote anayechukua deni na akaweka dhamira hawezi kulipa, mtu huyo mbele ya Mwenyezi Mungu siku ya kiyama atahesabiwa kama mwizi..

The second round will be a showdown between Damul Jadiid (HSM & Deni) & Nabad iyo Nolol (Farmaajo & Kheyre). Sharif’s age old rivalry with Damul Jadiid will ensures his votes go to NN. I predict HSM to drop out for Deni and Kheyre to drop out for Farmaajo for the final round..

Farmaajo winning 59 votes in the first round alone without paying a single dollar in bribes is an impressive feat. Deni along with the other candidates have paid millions already while Farmaajo has promised to reward them handsomely after his re-election..

I got cooked but Deni still isn’t president, I take that as a W.

Oi Karaash is getting sent to prison soon as Deni returns to Garowe 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.

If Hassan becomes the president & Deni PM Allah yarxamhu Somalia 😭 Ya Allah 🤲🏽 😭😭😭😭 May Allah save the Somali Natio n and its people Amin ya Allah.

Deni תמונה ,Deni תמונה  by 🦋Dr.Karima Ayan ®️🇸🇴,🦋Dr.Karima Ayan ®️🇸🇴 on twitter tweets Deni תמונה

Deni & kheire have both teamed up with HSM who is projected to win with a landslide. @HassanSMohamud #SomaliaElections2022.

Deni תמונה ,Deni תמונה  by #Taxpayer,#Taxpayer on twitter tweets Deni תמונה

Ahahahah après ça va dans des forums pour pouvoir choisir quel théoricien imagine la plus digne des fin, le déni certes.

If Deni wins I’m going to ask for a Zanzibari citizenship @AviTheXoogster hit me up with someone in the Tanzanian government.

#Somalia 🇸🇴, dati definitivi del primo turno confermano ottimo risultato di S. Deni, ma la partita è ancora aperta: tornano in gioco gli esclusi, tra cui personalità importanti. Gli equilibri clanici hanno influito, però adesso potrebbero mutare le alleanze. #SomaliElections2022.

Monsta X y MAMAMOO en conciertos😭😭😭 dios como envidio a la gente😭 lloro en Latinoamérica.

@NasteexoBilan Deni is going to make a hard crash landing on Ahmed Karaash. I feel for the poor guy!.

@NamJin_Superior Suis , stupide ou ...le BBglobal .. C moi ??? La ... Le déni est plus que total des J ai la haine en 2sec.

@SimplyHussein you can never predict politics but big up deni even tho he lost he still got coupla cards to play😂🤣.

@deni_alecs cuando te marque te cuento todo. es que están pasando muchas cosas y no tengo cabeza.

Worrying about my adeer axmed karaash Deni coming home big mad 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭.

Add Deni’s 68 votes for Hassan Sheikh Mohamud. Thats gives him the majority..

@addi619x1 @azharjavaiduk Ye baat waqai Sahi hai ek bar hakoomat in sahafiyon ko bhi da deni chiya inke pass waise bhi har baat ka solution hai. Hakoomat ko ye kerna chiya tha hakoomat ko woo kerna chiya tha etc etc.

Hadafka u weyn ee aan leeyahay waa in uusan xilka sii joogi karin Farmaajo - Siciid Cabdulaahi Deni.    This is win for @HESaidDeni #SomaliaElections2022.

The second round of Somalia elections are as follows; Hassan Kheire 47 52 Farmajo 59 Sacid deni 65.

@mahmoud_hashi Even as pm. He is hell. Somali stooges have sang about dictators for years they will know a real one in Deni. 💀.

@hxji99 has been getting cooked soo much. He started to look like Deni.

Clearly this is a shit show now that @Deni & @kheyre made to 2nd phase..

@Mukky713 Waaba yaabanhay anu! Farmajo maso laabanyo siday ila tay se Deni ma an filayn!.

Hapa Kwa Ma3 Kuna mama msomali anaomba mungu eti Ilaahow Deni dabin u dhig 😂 #SomaliaElections2022.

Official results from 1st round of voting in #Somalia election; Said Abdullahi Deni, who is president of Puntland region, got 65 votes. Incumbent Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo, 59 votes. Former president of Somalia Hassan Sheikh Mohamud got 52 votes and former PM Hassan Ali Khayre 47.

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